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January 13, 2013

   Have you noticed the amount of fear in the world today? It seems that people are afraid of just about everything.

   Of course we have the usual fears of being killed in a car accident, or dying of some disease.

   We now add to these, the fear of wars and world destruction, and people are in a constant state of fear.

   There is also the fear of opposition. The fear, that to stand for something in the  face of opposition is just to trying for some. Even though some people tout their own great ability to stand for their principles, they seem incapable of actually defending their opinions, beyond stating them and then saying something smart like, “oh yeah!”.

   These people, when challenged, will without doubt first attack with insults, and when that has no effect, they will simply decide to terminate contact and state that they are above those they disagree with, and will not sully themselves by defending their so-called principles and ideas.

  This is most likely the most incapacitating fear of all, because it causes people to look inward, to ask themselves do they truly believe in what it is they say they believe, or are they simply repeating talking points from others.

 Personally I enjoy defending my principles and ideas, I welcome a debate, it allows me to demonstrate that I have more than a passing understanding of that which I am speaking of, rather than the person who reads an article and then professes to be expert on the topic.

  Instead of cowering from opposition, I would suggest that these people face their fear, they should actually take the time to learn about that which they profess to be expert upon, so that they can defend the positions they take on issues. Instead of fearing the people who oppose them, attempt to demonstrate that they are wrong or at least mis-informed. Instead of being afraid to tackle a debate, welcome it. It is through the free exchange of ideas that we are able to learn from others, even from those we most fear and disagree with.



Cragg For Chairman?

December 19, 2012

   There has been some quiet talk  about former Republican candidate for governor of Delaware,  Jeff Cragg, as a potential challenger for the GOP state chairmanship.

   It would seem as though many of the party’s members are less than happy with the current party chairman John Sigler, and also less than happy with state-wide election results in this past election cycle. Of course no matter how popular a person is when taking the office of party chairman, the person will soon be blamed for everything that goes wrong and little that goes right.

  That being said there are some who again feel it is time for a change at the top of the party’s leadership.

  One name that has been spoken of as a replacement for Chairman Sigler, is Jeff Cragg. Mr. Cragg ran against Jack Markell for governor of Delaware this year and though he was unsuccessful, he did manage to make Gov. Markell spend a fair amount of campaign funds that might have been used elsewhere.

 One recurring theme in Mr. Cragg’s campaign was that to win state-wide the party must learn to put aside its internal disagreements long enough to defeat the Democrats, because until we win a majority we do not get to govern.

  This is a message that Mr. Sigler may share, but one he has been unable to deliver on, maybe by no fault of his own, but non the less, the party is as fractured, if not more so, than when Mr. Sigler took the seat as chairman. The two main goals of a chairman in my opinion is to promote party unity and to raise money.

  I will leave this as an open thread for all to give their opinions of the idea of Jeff Cragg as state GOP chairman. Please as always be respectful.

Is Jane Hovington ready To Be Senator?

October 24, 2012

    Today Jane Hovington, the Democrat candidate for the 19th state senatorial district, was a guest on the Susan Monday Show, on Delaware 105.9.  She will now be facing the Republican, Brian Pettyjohn in the general election on Nov. 6th, Mr. Pettyjohn is running a write-in campaign, so Mrs. Hovington will be the only name on the ballot for the 19th district.

   The host, Susan Monday, allowed Mrs. Hovington to use the first break of the show to tell the audience a little about herself.

   She told of her small business experience which consisted of running a daycare named, Small Wonder Ones Child Care Center. She went on to tell of her community activism, her words not mine, in which she  has been a mentor with the Indian River School District’s Character Academic Motivation Program (CAMP), an intervention program for troubled teens at Sussex Central High School that she co-founded four years ago.

  She also serves as a volunteer program director for Shechinah Empowerment Center, a Georgetown-based community advocacy organization that helps county residents earn their GEDs, operates a food pantry and assists prisoners re-enter the community following their release, among other programs. The center is run by her husband. In addition, Hovington serves as the president of the Lower Sussex County chapter of the NAACP, chairwoman of the Georgetown Board of Adjustments and a member of the Ellendale Civic and Community Association, West Side New Beginnings Inc. in Rehoboth Beach and the Indian River School District’s education coalition.

   None of this is news, since this is the very same bio that has been printed in any number of local newspapers.

  When asked why she wanted to run for the state senate, she again repeated what seems to have become a patented answer, “There are serious issues in the community that I don’t feel are being adequately addressed,” she then said. “I can’t just stand back and see the things that are happening to people in Sussex County and not try to make a change.”

  However, neither in the printed reports of her reasons for running nor this interview did she actually say what those serious issue are that she feels are not being, “adequately addressed”.

  In describing herself  she referred to herself several times as a community activist, Susan Monday asked her directly, ” is that the same thing as a community organizer like Pres. Obama?”, to which Mrs. Hovington answered, “yes”.

  So what are Mrs. Hovington’s qualifications to be a state senator? Well she did run a small business in an industry that is heavily subsidized by the government.

   She has worked in many community organizations, which may also rely heavily on government funding.

   She speaks of making sure that our children get the very best education possible, I am sorry but this has become little more than a nod to the teachers union that if elected the candidate will see to it that more government funding will be poured into  the system.

  So we can see that Mrs. Hovington has experience in seeking government support, but is she ready to work on the other side of the table?

  She has said that, “If elected, her main priorities would be to improve public education, provide more services to senior citizens and veterans, work to create more jobs and find ways to help families stay in their homes.” All laudable goals, but all would increase the size and scope of government.

  Well let’s consider a question that was asked of her by a caller to the show.

  She was asked about the law suit currently being heard in Maryland, where it is being charged that a local chicken grower is responsible for the polluting of a nearby waterway. The caller pointed out that the outcome of that case will have far-reaching ramifications on the Delmarva Peninsula’s poultry and farming industries. She was asked how she would handle such an issue if elected here in Delaware.

   While she stated that she felt that the growers should be protected, she said that Perdue should be held responsible and should suffer the consequences.

  This shows a lack of knowledge of how things work. If Perdue is forced to make even more changes to how they operate, then Perdue will pass the cost of complying to new regulations on to the growers and the consumers.  When coupled with her opposition to lowering the corporate tax, another position that would add both cost and burden to our state’s number one industry, one has to wonder whether Mrs. Hovington has enough understanding of the agricultural community, a community that makes up a large portion of  the 19th district, to represent it successfully in Dover.

  There is more to governing than just handing out money, there is more to governing than just seeing to it that special interest groups are pandered to.

  Governing includes making sure that government does not get in the way of the individual’s right to succeed.

  I am not convinced that Mrs. Hovington understands this.

When In The Course Of Human Events,

July 4, 2012

  With these words a nation was born. But what had led to this desperate act of courage on the part of the colonist?

   This declaration was the result of years of tyranny under the British Crown. Taxes placed upon  the people who had no say in the governance of their lives, a total disregard for the Liberty of the people.

   At some point all oppressed people will rebel, be that rebellion armed or political, a people who are oppressed will seek Liberty. They will demand the freedom that is endowed upon them by their Creator.

  This great nation was built upon this desire for Liberty, it has lived upon this foundation for its entire time of existence. However, we as a nation, with such a rich heritage of Liberty, now stands on the threshold of another moment that well may decide the future of this nation and its people, possibly the very future of the entire world.

  We stand ready to make a political decision that will tell the world whether the United States of America still holds true to the notion, “That governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”.

   We are now under a political administration that seems to have the  view that the people have neither the knowledge nor the right to make decisions concerning their private lives, be it about something as simple as a light bulb, or as complicated and personal as choosing health insurance.

  Will the people stand silent as this administration continues to erode, nay, as this administration lays waste to the core values that have long been our national heritage. The freedom to choose, the freedom to fail or succeed. Or will the people choose to continue down this road towards a life of servitude to a king known as government?

  I believe that the American people still possess the God born thirst for Liberty that gave life to a nation that has for over two hundred years been the light of Liberty around the world. I believe that the we stand upon the verge of another revolution, however instead of the “shot heard round the world”, we shall cast the vote seen round the world, and instead of the first battle being on the Green of Lexington, we shall begin this revolution at the ballot box.


Mobley! Mobley! Mobley!

April 28, 2012

   Well I attended and survived my first Republican state convention today as a delegate.

    The event was held at the Rehoboth Convention Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

   I am still new enough to the process to have enjoyed the experience.

  Let me dispense with the one moment of drama, this came at the point when a vote was called to seat the delegates to the national convention. In the first voice vote the nays carried and a district by district vote was called in which those in favor of seating the selected delegates won the vote. Let me just say that I truly believe that those who voted aye in the first voice vote did not do so with much enthusiasm because they felt that surely no one would dare to vote against the list of delegates and so the nays were able to send up a louder cry. Clearly by the final district voting, the room was largely in favor of seating the delegates as proposed.

  Okay now let me get to the good stuff. Kevin Wade for U.S. Senator, Jeff Cragg for governor, Sher Valenzuela for lt. governor were un-opposed, and so, were endorsed by acclamation. 

  The endorsement for U.S. House of Representatives was sought by Rose Izzo and Tom Kovach, the endorsement went overwhelmingly to Mr. Kovach in all of the regions.

 Some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, well in my opinion the real rock star of this convention, the person who generated the most enthusiasm was Ben Mobley who along with Jim Van Houton were seeking the party endorsement for the office of insurance commissioner. During the nominating and seconding speeches for Mr. Mobley a chant of “Mobley! Mobley ! Mobley! was raised from around the room.  Again the vote was lopsided for Mr. Mobley.

  This is a young man who understands the great pressure placed upon the families of this state by the cost and concern of  purchasing the many kinds of insurance that have become a necessity of life in the modern world. Not because he is a career politician and that is what he is supposed to say, but because he is a family man, with a lovely wife and two adorable little girls. And as the father of a daughter myself, I say a special prayer for any father of daughters.

  Ben Mobley is a bright young man with a vision for the office of insurance commissioner, but also a young Republican with a vision for the future of the party and a way forward to grow the party. I have had the chance to speak with Mr. Mobley on several occasions and I am thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and his energy to work for the people of  Delaware to reduce not only the cost of buying insurance, but also to reduce the stress of the unknown in buying insurance in Delaware.

  I would also like to acknowledge Jeff Cragg for what can only be described as the  act of a true leader. During his portion of the event where he would normally give an acceptance speech, Mr. Cragg chose to call all candidates in the room to the stage in a show of party unity. I believe this is the type of selflessness and mission first attitude that is exactly what we need in the GOP, but more importantly, it is exactly what we need in Dover in the office of the governor.  Mr. Cragg is very approachable and I recommend that every voter find the chance to speak with him and ask the hard questions, I think most will be pleasantly surprised.

  Now, just because the convention is over does not mean that  the process is over. Mrs. Izzo and Mr. Van Houton may choose to continue to run a primary. And let me say,  if that is what they choose to do, then they should do so with all of the vigor they can muster. And when the primaries are over,  the person who fails to win the nomination should follow Mr. Cragg’s example, and pull back together within the party and support their former Republican opponent, so that we can then defeat the real opposition, the Democrats.

Our Last Line Of Defense Against Tyranny? Really?

April 17, 2012

  It seems as if  the issue over the office of the sheriff will simply not go away. This may be due in part to the fact that some have decided to ride the issue for all it is worth in hopes of furthering their own political careers.

  Others support the idea of empowering the office of the county sheriffs with arrest authority under some misconception of constitutionality.

  And some have gone as far as to describe an elected sheriff as our last line of defense against tyranny. They  believe that somehow an elected sheriff is above all forms of temptation and corruption, the very same types of temptation and corruption that they believe all other elected officials are destined to fall prey to. They believe that an elected sheriff is somehow more accountable than are other elected officials. They actually believe that an elected sheriff will replace the voters responsibility of holding other elected officials accountable.

  The following are links to stories about sheriffs who have run afoul of the very laws they swore an oath to uphold. My point here is to demonstrate the vacuousness of this idea that elected sheriffs are anymore accountable or anymore above temptation and corruption.

  These are but a few, there are many more examples of corruption within elected sheriff offices. Of course this does not mean that all sheriffs are corrupt, but it does put to lie the idea that an elected sheriff is somehow a defense against tyranny, that my friends is the job of the people, this is why the Founders believed in, “We The People”, not “they the sheriff” !

Jack Markell, Obama Puppet ?

February 27, 2012

  Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who is also the Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association, announced that he and several other Democrat governors had met with President Obama to discuss bypassing congress to in act the president’s policy agenda.

   Gov. Markell said, “There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell also said, “We’re going to do what we can do [now].”

  This would seem to mirror a statement that Pres. Obama made in October when he said, ” “Where Congress won’t act, I will,” .

   It would seem as if Gov. Markell is little more than a smaller version of Pres. Obama, one might say that Gov. Markell is but a puppet for the Obama, Biden administration.

   This statement is a bit troubling since it is vague in its meaning. One could say that he is saying that states will be taking more responsibility for their own needs and for passing legislation. This could be a good thing, that is as long as the legislation is not mandated by the federal government, or tied to federal dollars.

  However the history of the Obama and Markell administrations hold out little hope that we could be moving towards a more limited federal government. More likely we will see a push at the state level to implement more of the green energy and environmentalist mandates that have been the hallmark of both administrations.

  I am also troubled that Gov. Markell seems to have more allegiance to Pres. Obama then he does to the state of Delaware.

Who Can Beat Pete ?

February 22, 2012

   Down here in Sussex County, Delaware the new 6th state senatorial district has drawn quite a bit of attention, mostly due to the characters who are vying to be the winner of that seat.

  On the Democrat side it seems as if there will be at least a two-way primary between local realtor, Andy Staton and perennial candidate Mike Miller who just might hold a record for running for office. There has been talk that as many as two other people are considering a run for the Democrat nomination.

  However it is the GOP primary that is attracting the most attention. It has already seen many turns just on the question of endorsements.  Glen Urquhart, a retired Virginia developer and a former candidate for the U.S. congress. Mr. Urquhart  resigned on February 13th as the Sussex County GOP Chairman after announcing his intention to seek the seat in the sixth district.

  Mr. Urquhart has decided to primary native Delawarean, Ernie Lopez. Mr. Lopez is married and the father of two. He currently works for the University of Delaware.

  Now while the sixth senatorial district is interesting, Republicans need to not lose sight of another seat that is up for election this year as well. That would be the 14th representative district which is currently held by Rep. Pete Schwarzkopf (D). Mr. Schwartzkopf is also the Majority Leader for the state House of Representatives and so has been instrumental in pushing through the Democrat agenda, some of which has been an extremely radical liberal agenda.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf has been the leader on some very important and some might say socially destructive legislation. To list just a few, ” the needle exchange program which supplies needles to drug addicts”, “an attempt to expand casino gambling”, ” an attempt to put into place sports betting which resulted in NFL betting” , “putting into place table games such as blackjack and other games of chance”, “the homosexual antidiscrimination law which set homosexuals up as a separate class of citizens by bestowing special considerations upon them based on their sexual preference”, ” civil unions for homosexuals which in my opinion will lead to a push for homosexual marriage”.

  Now if you factor in all of these clearly social issues along with all of the budget increases, tax increases, fee hikes, all of the new regulations that have been walked through the house side by Mr. Schwartzkopf, you begin to see just how damaging Mr. Schwartzkopf’s time in office has been.

  So who on the Republican side can beat Pete?

  If only there were someone out there who had the campaign experience to take on such an entrenched politician. This person would need the financial resources to be able to mount an aggressive campaign, they would need to be able to devote an enormous amount of time for campaigning. This person would need to be willing, to possibly take one for the team, because in this case the race would be just as important as the win.

  The person who would be willing to step up and take on the most influential Democrat in the state of Delaware, more so than even the Democrat Governor, would earn an immense amount of political capital. The person who had the courage to take on Mr. Schwartzkopf would need to point out the damage that has been done to the traditional family values here in Delaware, they would need to point out the damage that has been done to the state’s economy by the over regulation that has been part and parcel of the Democrat agenda that Mr. Schwartzkopf has been responsible for steering through the House side of the General Assembly.

  The Republicans can only hope that this person will come forward, that they will not fall prey to political calculations. That this person is not out there thinking that it is just too big a job to take on Pete Schwartzkopf . This person will need a strong moral base, and they will need a background in the private sector. But mostly they will need courage.

  Does this person exist? I believe they do. But will they have the courage? That I am not so sure. So if you know this person, you should encourage them to take on the big dog on the street, instead of just being the so-called big dog in the yard.

Jeff Cragg

February 19, 2012

  This past Thursday night I had the chance to spend the evening with Jeff Cragg as he addressed a room full of supporters.

   Mr. Cragg will be challenging incumbent Jack Markell (D) in the upcoming election to be the next governor of Delaware as the Republican candidate.

  The following is a bio given to me  by Mr. Cragg’s campaign;

Jeff is a resident of Brandywine Hundred and married to his wife, Terry, for 21 years.  Jeff and Terry have 4 children, 4 dogs and a cat.


Jeff has 24 years of management experience in positions of increasing responsibility in the Life and Health Insurance industry.  Currently, Jeff is an Individual Investor and entrepeneur.  Jeff and Terry have been the co-owners of a Mail Boxes Etc. Store since 2000.


Jeff is a graduate of Carlton College in Northfield Minnesota earning an EA in Economics and is a Fellow , Life Management Institute (FLMI).


A former collegiate football player, Jeff often uses sports analogies for political discussions points and is a Conservative Republican who believes in smaller government and personal responsibility.  Jeff also believes in the 5 freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment.

  Okay, that is the official line from the campaign. Now here is my personal opinion of Mr. Cragg.

  I find him to be very comfortable speaking to a room full of people, he was willing to answer some hard questions and gave some answers that were honest, even though they may not have been what those who asked the questions wanted to hear. This to me shows integrity and honesty, something that we are surely missing at all levels of government.

  He seems to have a grasp of the issues facing the state and the nation. And while this meeting was more of a campaign strategy then it was a meet the candidate, I hope to have future opportunities to question Mr. Cragg at length. I would encourage everyone to seek out more information about Mr. Cragg. You can friend him on!/profile.php?id=1536936018 


Voters Beware !

August 16, 2011

   Does the election cycle ever really end anymore? It seems as if, as soon as one election is over, candidates begin the next one.

   So here we go again. We have begun the process of selecting who will fill any number of offices around the country, the states and the counties and your local governments as well.

   As we go through the process, we have to navigate through the copious amounts of bull crap. We have to sort through who knows what and how much. Everybody and their brother wants you to believe that they know the most. I guess that goes for yours truly as well.

  So who are we to believe? Do we listen to talk radio, be it a national name or a more local personality? Well, while both are often good sources of information, we must remember that talk show host are first and foremost entertainers. They must make the boring topic of politics seem exciting and new. But really is there anything new in politics? Not really. Politics has been and most likely always will be the same. It is populated by people who feel that they have the answers. They will tell you what they think you want to hear, just to get elected.

   We as voters are responsible for the vote we cast. We should show due diligence in sifting through the fodder of talking points. It is the voter that must be the keeper of the gate to elected office. If the voter is uninformed, then how can they make an intelligent decision of whom to vote for?

  Of course many voters rely upon party leadership to direct them to the correct candidates. Well, we saw how that worked out here in Delaware for the GOP in the past. Here in Delaware’s GOP we witnessed the party leadership attacking its own candidates. All in the name of retaining the little emperor status that they were clinging to. And what did it get the voters?

  So can we always trust our party leadership to do what is best for the rank and file voters? Will they always have the best interest of the nation and state at heart?

  We as voters must always be aware that party leadership usually has a dog in the fight. The leadership many times has made up its collective mind of just whose turn it is to run and for which office. Instead of listening to the voters, they want to lead the voters to the booth and make them vote.  I say no thank you.

  Here in Sussex County we have gone through some growing pains. We have  made some big changes in how we do things. Many people who were never involved have come out and joined in to take back control of the party for the rank and file. Again, yours truly included. Some are not so happy about it.

   I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was not representative of my views. Views that a great many share with me. I became more involved because I felt that the GOP was silent on many issues that are of great importance to many Delawareans and Americans. I became more involved because I felt the GOP was too much a closed club of elitist. I became more involved to do what I can, to move the GOP back to its conservative roots. I became more involved to help ensure that the party was not run by the few, but was responsive to the many. I became more involved to be a part of an open process and to be a part of an inclusive party with others who understand that the principles of conservatism are our best hope for solving the issues of the day.

  If the GOP is to survive in Delaware, then it must pull to its center. And its center is straight line conservatism. The center of conservatism. We must have candidates and leadership that understand that we can ill afford to alienate any conservative. By applying conservative principles to solving all issues, we can attract more people to the party. But by casting back and forth from the far left of the party to the far right of the party, we do nothing but empower the Democrats.

  We need a unified message. That message must be that, if you feel that conservatism works to solve the issues most important to you, then you need to understand that conservatism will solve the issues important to others as well.  Those who feel that the fiscal issues are of the greatest importance, must be willing to work for conservative solutions to the social issues as well.  By working to champion conservative solutions to all issues, we would become a more unified party.

  This pulling to the center of conservatism would give the GOP the best chance at attracting a wide range of independents and even conservative Democrats. But we cannot afford to compromise our principles. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that have been made in the past. We must demand open and honest leadership. We must demand candidates that will give us more than lip service in response to our concerns. We as voters must hold leadership of the party and candidates and elected officials accountable.