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Right And Wrong Is Not Political

August 29, 2011

   There has been much talk as of late about unity and compromise. It has been in relation to the differing factions of the GOP.

  The question seems to revolve around whether the more conservative faction of the GOP should be willing to compromise their conservative principles. The more liberal faction within the GOP would tell us that the only way to win elections, is to give in to the Democrats on key issues. Such as social issues.

  I have never made any apologies for my focus on social issues. I have stated time and time again that I feel that to ignore the pressing issues facing society, is to leave society to those who would see it ruined. That all issues are of equal importance. That all issues can be solved by applying conservative principles.

   Those within the GOP who state their fiscal conservative creds, but who are willing to allow the Democrats and fellow liberals to carry the day on social issues, will tell us to drop these issues, to not choose candidates based on their stand on these issues.

  The number one issue facing society in my view is abortion. If a society is willing to allow the murder of its most innocent, then what hope is there for the rest of us? If we will not protect those who cannot protect themselves, then who would protect us? If we make worthless these innocents, then we make ourselves worthless also.

  Many have asked me why I am so unwilling to make a political compromise on this issue. Because I do not see it as a political issue. Though many do. It should never have been one, but the Supreme Court of the United States decided to whore itself out, when it decided that the taking of life could be considered a constitutional right.

  Abortion  is not a question of politics, but a question of right and wrong. How as a society can we on the one hand have laws declaring that murder is a crime, and on the other hand give the power of life and death to women, who in many cases are not in their right minds due to the stresses of their situation.

  We are a society of laws. But those laws must have a sense of consistency. If the taking of life is wrong in any case, then it is wrong in all cases. And before someone ask the inevitable question, yes I consider myself pro capital punishment. But I would gladly ban capital punishment if it would save the life of even one of the innocent babies lost to abortion.

  We have seen monsters who prey on children, such as former doctor Bradley. Who among us would not say that he is sick. That he deserves the most severe of punishments. Though he has not killed, he has destroyed the lives of so many. Would anyone argue that he should be allowed to do such a thing again?

  All too often we have witnessed mothers who kill their young children after birth. In most cases the defense is some sort of mental illness. And of course how can anyone but think that any mother able to kill their child, is not suffering from some sickness?

  So how do we as  a society differentiate between a mother who kills her child after birth, from those mothers who kill their child before birth? In both cases the child is just as dead. In both cases the mother made the so called choice to kill the child. So what is it that determines whether a murdering mother will face a court of law for smothering her child, or simply going home to recover from having her child vacuumed from her womb? Society!

  It has become socially acceptable to have a child vacuumed from your womb. We have accepted the idea that a woman has the right to kill a child in this manner, yet still hold a mother who smothers her child accountable to the law. Why?

  I truly can’t answer why, because I can’t understand anyone who would murder the most innocent among us.

  Let me return to my original point. Abortion is not a political issue. It is a question of right and wrong. Even the most ardent pro-abortion advocate must understand that abortion is wrong. And should be avoided at all cost. We can talk of education to reduce the number of abortions. We can debate abstinence over birth control. But at the end of the day, it will always be a question of right and wrong.

  Those on the pro-life side of the debate are forced to work within the political system to attempt to turn the ever rising tide of abortion, because we allowed it to become political with the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade . We must attempt to right the wrong.

 So when those within the GOP, who feel that abortion is an issue that does not deserve its equal place at the party table, ask those like myself to compromise. Remember this, it is a matter of right and wrong, and there can be no compromise on right and wrong. For if we compromise right for wrong, what is left for us to live by?



GOP Throws Social Issue Overboard Once Again

April 10, 2011

   We heard a lot about the defunding of Planned Parenthood during the run up to the government shut down that never was.

   The GOP leadership seemed to make it an important point of contention in the negotiations.

   We were told that defunding Planned Parenthood was a fiscal issue. But to many of us it is a social issue. Either way we were happy that the GOP leadership was at least addressing the issue.

   Guess what folks? In my opinion the GOP leadership never had any intention to defund Planned Parenthood. It was little more than a throw away bargaining chip. They used it to fire up their base to get out and call and write their congressman.

  It was theatre for the masses. It was a way to swing public opinion in their favor.

   And it was the one thing they were willing to give up. And for what? They gave up repealing the funding for a private organization, that shouldn’t be funded for that reason alone. And what did they get in exchange? Pittance!!

  So where are all of my good fiscal conservative friends out there? Why are you not outraged? We are continuing to fund a private organization with tax dollars.

  As for those like myself that have great concern about the social aspect of this issue. Well once again we have been used as pawns. We were set out in front and then sacrificed.

What Is The Difference ?

March 2, 2011

   The following is a story that broke just today. I believe it comes from the A.P..  

     Jackson, MS — A Mississippi mother has been arrested in the death of her three-year-old son after authorities say they found the child’s burned body in an oven.

Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson said Wednesday that police found Tristan Robinson’s body inside the electric oven at his mother’s apartment shortly after midnight. Johnson says the child had been burned, but an autopsy was ordered to determine if he died before or after being placed in the oven.

Greenville Police Chief Freddie Cannon says 24-year-old Terrie A. Robinson has been charged with murder. The chief says she’ll be arraigned Thursday in Greenville, a city of about 35,000 residents in the Mississippi Delta.


  First let me say that the mother is presumed innocent at this time.

    But  I need one of our resident pro-abortion experts to inform us why this mother has been arrested. If we assume she  either killed her son and then placed him in the oven, or she killed him by placing him in the oven. Why has she been arrested?

  Clearly she made a choice that she no longer wanted to be a mother. How does this differ from the choice made by millions of mothers every year to end the life of their children? Doesn’t she have the Constitutional right to choose to not be a mother? Why is she held to any higher standard, than the women who have the lives of their children ended in uteri?

  If she had taken her child to a doctor, and had the doctor inject the child with something that would have put the child to sleep, would this have made it okay?

  The question we must ask in this nation is, is it any different to place your child in an oven and kill it, than it is to have its brains sucked out with the equivalent of a shop-vac ?

A Step Towards Life

February 18, 2011

   Several weeks ago I posted an article using abortion as an example of how to bring the two warring factions within the GOP together.

  In that article I explained how we could use the cost of funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood to bring together the fiscal onlies and the more conservative faction of the GOP who care deeply about the rights of the unborn.

  In the article I suggested that we pull together to defund Planned Parenthood, and in so doing we would actually be satisfying both social conservatives,who want to save lives. And the fiscal conservatives, who want to cut federal spending.

  Well, I’m not going to try to take credit for it, but today the House Republicans did just that. They voted to defund Planned Parenthood. The amendment to the continuing resolution  was passed in a 240-185 vote. This cuts (ALL) federal funding for this terrible organization until Sept.30th when the next budget will come due.

  Now of course this hasn’t passed in the Senate yet, and it will surely face a hard fight in that chamber. But at least this is a step in the right direction, a step towards life.

  I applaud the courage of those Republican Representatives that had the strength of their principles and their values to actually dare to take on such a hot button issue.

  As I stated in my previous article, I don’t really care if they voted to defund based on their desire to save lives, or if they are just opposed to the over spending from the federal level. The result is the same. There will be fewer children murdered and the federal government will spend less money.

  This is the way forward for the GOP, a way to bring the two largest factions together to defeat liberalism.

  How can any member of the GOP be against this amendment? If you are pro-life, you win. If you are a fiscal conservative, you win. And the best part is, we should all be happy to have pulled together to pass this. There are other such issues out there. We need only put aside our long time disagreements to be able to see them.


February 6, 2011

    World Book Encyclopedia defines life as: living; being alive. People,animals, and plants have life; rocks, dirt, and metals do not. Life is shown by growing and reproducing.

  I think that the important part of this definition in relation to the question of abortion is the part about growing.

  The right to abortion crowd will argue about when does a child become a child, or when does life begin. Well according to this definition, life if growing and reproducing.

  It would seem as if the parents have fulfilled the reproducing part at conception, and the growing part begins immediately after conception.

  Now of course the pro-abortion crowd will tell you that life doesn’t start until much later. This allows them to assuage their consciences about the murder of a child.

  Many of these same people who will tell you that life does not begin with conception, will become extremely excited over news that some single cell amoeba has been found and will call it life. Yet the miracle of human conception is lost on them.

  If we as a society refuse to awaken to the horror that abortion truly is, then we run the risk of the complete break down of society. I say shame on all who would sacrifice a single childs life in the name of political expediency.

 I call on all who support abortion to ask yourselves. Would you stand by while a woman was stoned to death by extremist muslims for a perceived offence of their muslim law? Would you stand by as a parent made the “CHOICE” to beat their child to death? Would you stand by making intellectual arguments as a farmer placed four puppies into a sack with some rocks and then threw it into a pond? Could you remain emotionally detached in any of these scenarios? Or would you intervene to stop the murder of the people. Would you be outraged at the cruelty to animals? Then why or how can you be less enraged at the millions of murders over the years, the hundreds of thousands a years, the thousands a month, the hundreds a day, the tens an hour? How can you justify the single murder of an innocent child?

 These children that have been allowed to be murdered with the blessing of the law cry out to us from the dim annals of our history. Those who have chosen to turn a blind eye towards this crime will some day answer for it. And for what have we sacrificed these innocents for? I say there is nothing worth the cost of the life of a child. If we hold life sacred, then we must hold all life sacred.

 I am a believer in capital punishment. I believe that while it is not a deterrent to crime, I do believe that it is a solution to certain criminals. But as much as I believe that, I would gladly argue for it being abolished, if at the same time abortion were to be abolished.

 We cannot as a society survive, if we are destroying our young. even in the animal world, herds and packs will defend the young first. Are we less than animals?

Fiscal Conservative ?

December 18, 2009

  We hear a lot of people, especially within the GOP establishment talking about their fiscal conservative credentials. They act as if they invented the idea, they make it seem that if you have other concerns about other issues , such as social issues like abortion and traditional marriage, that you have lost your mind.

 Some go as far as telling people such as myself that we are the death knell for the GOP, because we are not all consumed by fiscal issues alone. Their one track minds can’t seem to comprehend that the social issues that they hold in such disdain actually have a very large fiscal cost. (See my articles titled “All Issues Are Relatives”).

 Being fiscally conservative is very important to the nation and the citizens. But to ignore the other issues that are eroding  our social fabric and that are equally important is foolish and dangerous. That is if your concern and, or your priority is the good of the nation and the citizens.

  Far too many times, I get the feeling that many of these so-called fiscal conservatives, are really only interested in lower taxes and smaller government in order to die with as much money in their pocket as possible. And that is fine, they worked for it , and it’s theirs.

 But what good is the money in our pocket if the nation has become nothing more than some cheap whore house , where you can do anything you want? What do we gain by keeping our money if babies are murdered in the womb ? What do we benefit as a nation, from lower taxes if our children are inundated with images of sexual perversion?

 I am concerned with fiscal conservatism also, but my concern is about the freedom that being fiscally conservative gives us. If we allow the government to tax us into the poor house we lose our freedom to choose. To choose where and how we live. To choose what we drive and how we choose to insure our own health.

  I am equally concerned about the direction that we as a nation are heading in, when we talk about social issues. If we allow the left to continue to dominate the conversation on social issues, then our children will be living in a crime ridden world where babies are sucked out of the womb through tubes or have scissors shoved into the base of their skulls.

  Look , I don’t make any attempt to hide the fact that I have very strong feelings against abortion, and I am a believer in traditional marriage. I believe that illegal immigration is the singal most danger to our American culture. All of this being said I have never once said that we should exclude fiscal conservatives from the party. I have never said that fiscal conservatives should just shut up and let us social conservatives run the GOP. Unfortunately many so-called fiscal conservatives do believe that social issues should be hidden away and not talked about. There in lies the trouble we are having within the GOP, people who identify themselves as moderate or fiscally conservative are intolerant of those who feel strongly about moral or social issues.

  So to all of you who identify yourselves as fiscal conservatives and who feel that we should not be talking about abortion, traditional marriage and illegal immigration, ask  yourself, is life , Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness only about money for you ?

All Issues Are Relative Part II

August 15, 2009

 In an attempt to demonstrate that conservatism is the answer to all our problems and that this tendency to moderate on some issues is counter productive, I am writing this series of articles to express my view that all issues are relative to your view point. And that if you take a moment to look at them from another angle that you may see that you are not that far off from those you thought to  have radical ideas on the issue.

  My first article in this series was about the highly controversial topic of abortion. Clearly a social issue, but when you look at the cost of it to the American tax payers it becomes also a fiscal issue.

  This time I would like to talk about the health care plan being debated around the nation . Again this would seem to be a clear cut case of a fiscal policy that fiscal conservatives would rally against and also those opposed to larger government. And it is , but , it is also a social issue .

  We are all becoming aware of the cost to tax payers that this plan would lead to , but also the loss of Liberty that would result.

  Yes this plan would leave a debt for our children beyond imagination , but what will it do to our society as well?

  Those who support health care reform have said it will benefit all Americans by lowering the cost of health care. It is clear to many of us that the only way to lower these cost is through rationing of services. Now to a fiscal conservative , on the surface this may sound like a good thing.

 We must ask ourselves though , at what cost do we save this money?

  We have heard of the “death committees”, these so called , would be committees made up of doctors , scientist,but also of political appointees. These committees would be charged with deciding the amount of health care and what type of treatment patients would receive based on things such as ,cost ,survivability , viability and also age.

  Do we really as a society want government officials deciding life issues for us. Now some will say that there is no difference between government or private companies deciding. Well for me there is , if you are un-happy with a private insurer you have the option to change companies. That option is lost under Obama care. With private insurers if you are dissatisfied or feel you have been treated unfairly you have the government to appeal to, also the government has authority to regulate private insurers to maintain a level of fairness. But under Obama care who will be the check and balance, who will you appeal to if you feel that the government plan is treating you unfairly, how will the government self regulate ?

  This health care plan while it will have a devistating  effect on our economy , it will also have a chilling effect on our society. I believe we will see people suffering from cancer in the latter stages being warehoused until they die as opposed to being allowed to fight for their lives. The elderly will be determined to be non-viable or not worhty of the expense of treatment and again merely given management of their illnesses instead of real treatment. Also imagine those in the latter stages of AIDS , should we be wasting tax dollars to treat those who have no real chance of survival ?

  How will all of this affect our attitudes as a society towards these people, will we start to see them as burdens to be done away with , as lesser people , as a waste of resources ? Will we decide that euthanasia is a better option as the Nazis did in Germany?

 Now also consider the fact that this health care plan also includes a section that would insure that all abortions would be paid for. If you increase the availability of abortions by paying for them , you will increase the number of abortions that will be preformed. Again this is a policy that lessons the value of life . For you fiscal conservatives out there imagine the cost to tax payers as the number of abortions being paid for with tax dollars explodes . But for those of us who are against abortion on moral grounds , the loss of life and the cost to our collective souls as a society is un-measurable.

  So I hope that I have again demonstrated that while the health care plan may seem like a cut and dry fiscal issue , like all issues in my opinion it is both a fiscal and a social issue. And if we apply good core conservative values to the solution of them we can move this nation forward and insure the Liberty of ourselves and our descendants.

  John Adams once said that , ” In politics the middle way is non at all .”

All Issues Are Relative

August 12, 2009

  In 2006 tax payers funded 177,404 abortions at a cost of $89 million .

  In 1977 the Hyde Amendment restricted the amount of federal funding that could be spent on abortions. It required that the abortion be necessary to save the mother’s life or in the case of rape or incest.

  But due to the fact that their are states that have” non- restrictive” policies for funding “medically necessary ” abortions the tax payers are still paying to murder children.

  In 2006 the federal government paid for 191 abortions for low income women costing $0.2 million . While in the same year, states paid for 177,213 abortions at a cost to tax payers of $88.8 million through Medicaid.

 The largest recipient of  tax dollars for preforming abortions of course is Planned Parenthood (that name always drives me nuts).

  In the F.Y. of 2006-07 Planned Parenthood received $336.7 million in government grants and contracts. Tax payers provided 33.1 % of their total revenue of $1.o billion  for the F.Y. 2006-07.

  Planned Parenthood is a not for profit organization and yet they reported $114.8 million in profit for F.Y. 2006-07. And even though they reported profits they continue to ask and lobby for more tax payer funding. In fact Planned Parenthood received $31.4 million more tax dollars in 2006-07 than they did in 2005-06 .

  And thanks in large part to the tax dollars they recieved , Planned Parenthood  was able to murder 289,750 babies in 2006.

  Now taking  into consideration that the health care plan being debated in congress  has legislation in it to fund all abortions, and the cost to tax payers for funding abortions will explode.

  Now I challenge all of those fiscal conservatives out there to tell me that abortion is not a fiscal issue!!!!!!

What Have We Lost?

August 9, 2009

   2005 is the most recent year that there is reliable data about abortions.  In 2005 there were approximately 1.21 million abortions preformed in the United States alone. The number of abortions peaked in 1990 and has been declining since.  Unfortunately this trending down in the number of medical abortions may be attributed to the use of emergency contraception, maybe as much as 43% of the decline.

 80% of abortions are unmarried women.

  50% of U.S. women obtaining abortions are younger than 25 years old.

  17% are teenagers.

  1% are adolescents 15years or younger.

  47% of women who have abortions have had at least one previous abortion.

   14% of all abortions in the U.S. are paid for with public funds, this would go up under the Obama Health care plan.

  Black women are 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to abort their babies.

  Hispanics women are 2.7 times as likely to abort.

  The three most common reasons for women having an abortion are , 1.) having a baby would interfere with work , school or other responsibility. 2.) they can’t afford a baby. 3.) they say they don’t want to be a single parent or are having trouble with their husband or partner.

  Since 1970 until 2005 the CDC estimates that approximately 38,365,729 babies have been destroyed. This estimate is lower than the AGI estimate that puts the number as high as 45 million.

  Now compare those estimates to the number of Americans killed in the combined wars of the Revolution, Civil ,WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam, only 1,110,563.

  Now when we look at these statistics we see that abortion is not a choice, it is genocide.

  In far too many cases it is being used as a contraception. It is far too high in minorities and young women. And as it has become more acceptable , it has become more acceptable.

  But the question I always come back to when I look at the number of children murdered by this heinous act is , who was murdered.

  Was it the person who would have cured cancer? Was it the next Martin Luther King Jr. ? Was it the person who would have invented an energy source twenty years ago that would have solved the global energy question?

  We will never know, but what we do know is that every time we abort one of these children we abort a portion of our humanity. How can we dare to say we are civilized , that we fight for the liberty of all men, that we protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  How can we be so concerned about our money if we care so little about the most innocent among us.

   Every time one of these children is vacuumed into medical waste , our collective souls are put in jeopardy, our society is dealt a collective loss, and our nation is weakened.

   We cannot continue to ignore the children that are murdered in this fashion any more than we would ignore a child beaten to death by its parent .

  We must have the courage to stand up for the children who have yet to be born and say that we must change the abominable law that allows this to continue.

Should I Pay To Kill Your Baby ?

July 14, 2009

   House Republicans are proposing  an amendment to the House’s health care reform bill being put together with an August deadline.

   The amendment would add a ban on tax payer money being used to pay for abortions. This comes after a group of nineteen Democrat members sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi saying that they would not support a bill that allowed tax dollars to pay for the killing of babies( okay the killing of babies was my part), but the nineteen Democrat members are opposed to tax dollars being used for abortions.

   Currently there is a ban on Medicaid paying for abortions but that ban must be renewed yearly. The Republicans would like to make it permanent.

  This would seem to be a no brainer. Why should I or anyone who is morally opposed to the killing of babies be forced by tax law to pay for it ?

   What does worry me is that this is the beginning of the GOP folding on health care. This is the type of issue they can stand tough on and get a concession on to take back to their voters and say how hard they fought this health care bill.

  The Democrats can give in on this and since the ban already exist they can say that they really didn’t give up anything. (True DAT!!)

   This is the stage in the game that the GOP starts to look for political gain in a situation where they can’t win.

 I say that if you can’t win then at least stand on principle. If we think that this health care bill is wrong and will hurt the nation then oppose it entirely. Walk away and let the Democrats own it completely. Then use it to your advantage in the up coming election cycle.

  How can the GOP throw stones at this health care bill if they helped build the glass house?

  There has been a lot of criticism about the GOP being the party of “NO”. So what, if no is the right answer then say no. Say no a thousand times over if it means doing what is right for the nation and the people.

  Say no to this health care reform bill if it will mean rationing of health services. So no if it will mean lowering the quality of the services you do receive. Say no if it will mean raising taxes on the working class to pay for the unproductive members of our society. Say no if it will mean lessening the incentive to find and create new drugs and procedures for treating illnesses. And say no to this so called health care reform bill if they dare to allow your tax dollars to kill a child.

  We should all say no because this bill will do all of the above.