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Another New Direction

February 10, 2013

   Recently I made the decision to leave my long time position as contributing blogger at Delaware Politics due to changes at that site that I could not abide.

   I asked those who were loyal followers of my writings and rantings to follow me here at my own site Politically Frank, and it would seem that many did just that. I would like to thank all who did, for that loyalty.

   I come here today, to again ask you to follow me as I again make a change. After leaving D P,  I was approached by a group of people who I have come, over time, to respect, both for their personal integrity and their political knowledge. They have asked me to come on board a new project intended to find a new way to deliver the conservative message, and to move the political discussion within the state of  Delaware in a more reasonable direction, one that doesn’t  necessarily include angry rhetoric.

 This project will include a website,  and a Facebook page as well  .

  I have been asked to contribute to this project as a blogger, and I am humbled to have been included in this project, that I see as having the potential to actually build a bridge between the varying factions within, not just the Republican Party, but also the conservative movement, and the entire political landscape of Delaware, rather than building walls as has been the goals and intentions and the result of many others who have placed themselves as the voice and the face of conservatism.

  The website is up and running and the blog has several of my past articles, I hope to be adding to them soon as time allows. I come here today to ask you to join us in this venture, we are asking people of all political affiliations and ideologies to join us, to debate, discuss and decide how best to work together to move Delaware forward, not just as Republicans and conservatives, but as citizens of the great state of Delaware.

  Please like us on Facebook and share with your friends, we at  Delaware Right welcome all to join the discussion.

 Thank you.

  P.S.  I will continue to post from time to time here at Politically Frank, there will be times that I have things to say that are not of a political nature that will fit better here, so I hope that you will keep an eye out for those as well as my postings at Delaware Right.