Credit, When Credit Is Due

   I have in the past been very critical of Rep. John Atkins(D), when I felt he deserved it, and I hope that I have been fair when he deserved that as well.

   I have had conversations with Mr. Atkins that would be described as friendly, and some that would be described as tense.

   I would like to thank Rep. Atkins and encourage him to keep doing what he did yesterday and this morning, and that is to be outspoken in opposition to the five point proposal of Governor Jack Markell to further restrict gun ownership.

  When this issue first came up I was pretty sure that Rep. Atkins would oppose any legislation that restricted gun ownership, he has always been a defender of the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

  Yesterday he was on The Susan Monday Show on 105.9 and took time to explain his concerns about the Governor’s proposals, as well as what might come from the federal government, though he would have little to do with or about that.

  This morning he was on The Bill Colley Show on 92.7, he again attempted to explain his views on how best to combat these proposals. However the audience of the Colley show is quite different from that of Susan Monday.

  Rep. Atkins was presented with call after call decrying the view that the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was under attack and that this was nothing more than a gun grab by the government.

  Rep. Atkins attempted to explain that he could only work against the Delaware proposals based on the Delaware constitution, and that is why he was focussing on hunting and sporting. The callers in my opinion couldn’t or wouldn’t understand the difference, and so Rep. Atkins points were falling on deaf ears and closed minds.

 Let me take just a moment here to say that I feel that if all that heard in opposition of these proposals, both from the Governor and the President, is the battle cry of “UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!”and “CONFISCATION”, then it will make it very easy for those who would restrict our right of gun ownership, to paint all of us as fringe and lunatic. We would be better served to speak reasonably and to point out the flaws in these proposals, and maybe even have some alternatives.

  I hope that Rep. Atkins will continue to speak out for the rights of gun owners here in Delaware, he is bucking the Democrat party line to do so, and is in a unique position to do so, since if Republicans speak out too loudly, they will be accused of not caring if children are murdered.

  Good job Rep. Atkins, and thank you.


6 Responses to “Credit, When Credit Is Due”

  1. stitchinggrandma Says:

    Good article.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Thank you grandma. I hope it’s okay to call you grandma.

  3. Laffter Says:

    Frank- I saw that you can no longer post on Dons page. I am banned again today too…..I really don’t get it. What I said today was completely not offensive at all. I in no way crossed the line. Any line…

    I think I offend him by virtue of the fact I breathe

    Well, even tho we are political opposites- you do think and reason things out and will listen to the opposing side.

    Thanks for that. And it has been good for me to see you reason these things out.

    No one has all the answers but seeing the thought process of the other side and the backgrounds of the folks and the WHY of they way folks think instead of the absolutism that is all too prevelant, is a good thing

    S THANKS again….for allowing that glimpse.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Laffter, thank you. I agree that we learn more when we are willing to discuss issues with those we disagree with, rather than living within an echo chamber. Don chooses to hear only those who agree with him. He is small minded and will never change and never win election to office. He uses his editorial powers at DP to give himself a false since of authority. I am very close to leaving there again, this time of my own choosing. I would like to see my site become a place where we could have the open debate that is now missing from DP.

  5. Laffter Says:

    And I PROMISE you I will TRY to behave- but feel free to call me out if you feel I have crossed the line. I never have an objection to that….and I will do the same for you. 🙂

    Good luck…..God speed….

  6. Laffter Says:

    PS – I do have someone who would like to speak with you…and has wanted to for quite some time… did meet them before but didn’t realize it at the time.

    They are and have been interested in bringing the two sides together , just to talk. Your name came up quite a LNG time ago as a reasonable person, by , believe it or not, someone well placed in Democratic circles….

    So, I will send them your way if its ok……I think you BOTH have a lot to lean….and you Both will enjoy it.

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