Beware The Background Checks

  As Delaware Governor Jack Markell unveiled his plan for so-called gun control we find that for the most part there is nothing new in the Democrat agenda to oppose the rights of gun owners.

  Gov. Markell announced, with the help of Lt. Gov. Matt Denn and Attorney General Beau Biden, yesterday his five point plan, which includes the usual ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, a mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns, a restriction on possessing a gun within 1000 feet of a school, and finally background checks designed to close the so-called gun show loop-hole.

  I have heard a lot of people voicing their concern over the ban on certain guns and the high-capacity magazines, personally I am more concerned about the background checks and how intrusive they may end up being.

  In Maryland it is being proposed that anyone buying a gun be forced to submit their fingerprints as well as going through a background check.

 One has to wonder whether this will also end up in the final Delaware plan, as well as the federal plan?

  Of course we will now hear from the supporters of these intrusive measures that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

 The problem I see, is that the collection of fingerprints prior to committing a crime may constitute illegal search and seizure. I also am concerned with the collection of such information that may in the future be used if we ever reach the point where the government actually does try to confiscate guns.

 Let me say that I do not believe, as others do, that we are currently at that point, but we certainly are looking down a very dangerous road.

 While I agree that we need to be as concerned about certain weapons being banned, I feel that the larger danger to our freedoms is the intrusion into the private live of law-abiding citizens.


3 Responses to “Beware The Background Checks”

  1. kavips Says:

    Speaking broadly, where the nation needs to go, is to protect the rights of gun owners for the 99% those who will never point their gun at another person and pull the trigger; while making sure the other 1% never gets their hand on a gun……

    The only reason gun bans are even on the table, is because people are dying. Obviously if that were not the case, then the gun bans would not even be an issue.

    Background checks are a tool that can get us to that place. If gun ownership is tied to having to pass a back ground check, then some weapons will not get into the hands of those who are not stable….

    If background checks don’t go forward, then the next step to keep people safe, is to ban the weapons themselves.

    This is not the time to go all or nothing. If you fore go background checks and take your chances with a ban, you may win, But slave owners also assumed the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t have the votes to pass either.

    There are more urban voters than rural. You could be wrong.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Kavips, that background checks would become a tool is exactly what I fear. That they will become a tool of denial of gun ownership. That the current parameters would be broadened to include more and more people who would be denied gun ownership. With the CDC being tasked to study mental health in relation to gun violence we can see the direction we are headed.
    We could be on our way to denying gun ownership to anyone who may have taken Ritalen as a child.
    I agree that there is an issue here concerning gun violence, I do not agree however that creating more people who will be deamed criminal or suspect simply due to attempting to buy a gun is the answer.
    I have tried to come up with an alternative to the broad ideas of Gov. Markell and Pres. Obama, and must admit I have been unable to, however, the absence of an alternative does not mean that the proposals fo the Governor and President should be implemented.

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