Have you noticed the amount of fear in the world today? It seems that people are afraid of just about everything.

   Of course we have the usual fears of being killed in a car accident, or dying of some disease.

   We now add to these, the fear of wars and world destruction, and people are in a constant state of fear.

   There is also the fear of opposition. The fear, that to stand for something in the  face of opposition is just to trying for some. Even though some people tout their own great ability to stand for their principles, they seem incapable of actually defending their opinions, beyond stating them and then saying something smart like, “oh yeah!”.

   These people, when challenged, will without doubt first attack with insults, and when that has no effect, they will simply decide to terminate contact and state that they are above those they disagree with, and will not sully themselves by defending their so-called principles and ideas.

  This is most likely the most incapacitating fear of all, because it causes people to look inward, to ask themselves do they truly believe in what it is they say they believe, or are they simply repeating talking points from others.

 Personally I enjoy defending my principles and ideas, I welcome a debate, it allows me to demonstrate that I have more than a passing understanding of that which I am speaking of, rather than the person who reads an article and then professes to be expert on the topic.

  Instead of cowering from opposition, I would suggest that these people face their fear, they should actually take the time to learn about that which they profess to be expert upon, so that they can defend the positions they take on issues. Instead of fearing the people who oppose them, attempt to demonstrate that they are wrong or at least mis-informed. Instead of being afraid to tackle a debate, welcome it. It is through the free exchange of ideas that we are able to learn from others, even from those we most fear and disagree with.



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  1. Maira Says:

    Helping one another builds everyone up and helps everyone
    improve. Aren’t they too busy doing what they do to maintain another website.

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