I Am Not A Criminal

   I am not a criminal, and so I am asking President Obama, Vice President Biden and every state legislator who are now rushing to pass legislation to further restrict gun ownership, to please not make me a criminal.

  There has been a constant battle cry from the anti-gun lobbies since the Sandy Hook shooting, for there to be action taken by law makers to pass laws and restrictions in an attempt to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

  Unfortunately, in my opinion, there is no law, no restriction, that can stop a person from killing another person if they truly want to do so. Let us remember that Abel was murdered with a rock.

  What I find most troubling is the rush to act, to do something, anything, no matter if it is the right thing, or if it will actually do what it is proposed to do.

  The fact is, nothing that I have heard proposed would actually stop even one person from killing another, in my opinion, because all of the laws will do nothing except punish someone after the fact.

 We know that most, if not all, of the recent shooters have broken existing gun laws, yet some believe that if we only pass more laws we can stop future shooters.

  Some think that if we reduce the size of a gun’s magazine capacity, then we will reduce the number of people killed in these types of events. Maybe, but are we saying that to kill only ten people as opposed to thirty is morally acceptable? And even so, if a person goes out and buys an illegal magazine, they are unlikely to be arrested until they use it in some other illegal act. So this means that if they buy it illegally, then they shoot up a school, the people are just as dead, even if the shooter is later charged with owning an illegal magazine. The same goes for banning certain types of guns.

 Now let us talk about another favorite of those who would restrict gun ownership, background checks.

  Some believe that if only every person who buys a gun would go through a background check, then there would be fewer gun crimes. Sorry but I don’t see this either.

  If I buy a gun from a friend or a relative for home protection and never use it, then why should I be a criminal for having bought it? If on the other hand a person buys a gun on the street and then kills ten people with their legal sized magazine, how does charging them after the fact for not having gone through a background check solve anything, or help those murdered?

  This would also do nothing to stop the cases where a person buys a gun and completely follows the letter of the law, is sane, has no criminal background, yet at some point after buying the gun has some mental breakdown and use the legally purchased gun with its legal sized magazine to kill ten people.

  Now let us look to legislation that is being proposed by a Delaware state senator, Sen. Robert Marshall of Wilmington(D). Sen. Marshall has of course jumped onto the Democrat bandwagon of banning so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, but he has gone even further in suggesting that along with any state restriction upon gun owners, that local town and counties within the state be given the authority to also impose even more gun owner restriction such as requiring local licensing laws.

  This could mean that every town in the state could require a gun owner to apply for and of course pay for a separate license, or to totally ban guns from within their limits.

  This is completely absurd. The logistical nightmare alone should be prohibitive of such a law. Under the proposal, the state would be in charge of setting the punishment for breaking these laws and in many cases for enforcing them, since many of these towns do not have their own law enforcement.

 But let us look at this from the view-point of a gun owner. I would have to be aware of possibly thirty to forty different gun laws just to travel through the small state of Delaware, how many laws might I break just going from one side of Sussex County to the other? Not to mention people traveling through the state from other states.

 Even if it was limited to just allowing the three counties to set their own restrictions, is this a good idea? Again I think not. I am a citizen of the state of Delaware, why should I be required to have a law degree just to be able to travel legally through my state with a weapon that I obtained legally and which I have a state permit to carry concealed.

 There is of course much here to be supposed upon. Would this be a case of the stricter law taking precedent, so that if the state law is stricter then that is the law, or if the town law is stricter then that is the law.

  Now before some of my fellow conservatives begin to see this as a way to gain more local control, think this out my friends.

  I feel that of course it will be a case of the stricter laws taking precedent. So what that means is, if one town wants to pass a total ban on guns they will be allowed to do so, however if another town wished to allow gun owners to own high-capacity magazines and assault weapons they would not be allowed to because the state would have already banned them.

 This clearly brings up a question of equal protection under the law. Is it equal protection under the law if one community has the power and authority to make and pass laws that reflect their views and wishes on gun issues, yet another community ten miles down the road is not afforded the same powers and authority?

 Clearly Sen. Marshall is anti-gun, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is in his own mind, acting in the best interest of the citizens of his district. However, I feel that if such legislation as he and others are proposing were to be passed, they would actually be putting the very people they profess to want to protect at the greatest risk. That is the law-abiding citizens, and they would be making criminals of those who would still seek to protect themselves, even at the risk of being made a criminal.

 The final word as always on this topic is that criminals will always be criminals, we do not create fewer criminals when we rush to pass new and expanding laws, we create new criminal, and usually they are what in any other case would be considered law-abiding citizens.

  I would ask the Delaware legislators to slow down, do not take the lead of Washington, please think about what it is you are doing and whether or not it is actually going to change anything, or are you simply acting so that you can say you acted this time, so that the next time, you have cover?

 Don’t make a criminal out of me and my fellow citizens who simply want to protect our families and home. I am not a criminal, so don’t make me one.



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