What Is A RINO?

   Recently someone posed the question of what exactly constitutes being a RINO?

   I have thought about this since that question was put forth and it was suggested that a post should be written to answer this question.

  First for anyone who is not aware that RINO is an acronym for “Republican In Name Only”, meaning that while someone may be a registered Republican, in someone elses view they are not a “TRUE” Republican.

   The phrase RINO is most often used by those who have decided that they are the keepers of the conservative flame, and it is used much in the same way that racist use the “N” word “Jew” as a pejorative. It is ment to be-little the person being attacked, to end discussion and to draw a line of degrees between the self-righteous hurler of the phrase and the person be disparaged.

 First let me say that I have in the past used this term RINO, and for the exact reasons that I have listed above. As time has passed I have realized that the term is not accurate to the intended meaning of the user. I believe that what is actually intended, at least in my case is NARC, “Not A Real Conservative”, since it is the matter of degrees of conservatism that we are talking about.

 I will come back to that point a little later. Right now I want to address this idea of Republican in name only idea. If someone is going to judge the republicanism of another person, then they must have a clear and defined definition of “EXACTLY” what a Republican is.
  As I have said, I too used this term, and yet I cannot tell you that there is a strict definition of what constitutes a Republican. We need to remember that Republican is a party, and so it is by definition made up of many differing parts of the conservative ideology.

 I have come to understand that there are differing types of Republicans, there are liberal Republicans, who may see social issues as unimportant, and may even believe that some social entitlements programs are needed, yet on some of the larger fiscal issues they are more in line with the Republican party’s line of thought. Or maybe they are in favor of abortion, but against homosexual marriage. In any case they see themselves more aligned with Republicans and will most times vote for Republican candidates. Yet there is a group of people who would attack them as RINOs and say that they have no business being Republicans. This is no way to grow the GOP!

  There are some people who are registered Republican that are considered “MODERATE” Republicans, these are people who also are labeled RINOs due to the fact that they are not conservative “ENOUGH” for some small group of people who have come to believe that they can see into the heart of others and determine the Republicanism of each individual rank and file voter within the GOP. A moderate Republican is a person who attempts to see both sides of an issue, and may vote for either Democrats or Republicans, though again are more likely to vote for  Republican candidates. The keepers of the gate of Republicanism again would run these people from the GOP, so as to keep the party pure in their view.

  There is a third group within the Republican party, these are the hard right conservatives, these are the people most likely to use the pejorative RINO. They see themselves as the “TRUE” conservatives, as the “TRUE” Republicans, they see it as their duty to point out those who do not meet their standards of Republicanism, they see it as their duty to run all who do not meet these standards from the GOP. They see their form of Republicanism as the “ONLY!” “TRUE!” form of Republicanism.

  The trouble this last group has, is that they have in a large part gone so far right, that they are becoming what they claim to oppose. They have become progressive conservatives. They are fine with growing government in scope and cost, as long as it fits their view of the world, which they can and will change to fit their current desires and wants. Which may actually make them the real RINOs.

 The problem with the term RINO is that it is not possible for any one person or group to determine who is or isn’t a Republican. And really should they?

  Republican is a party, we can only grow the party by being inviting to people, if on the other hand we are uninviting to people, then the party will continue to shrink in size and influence.

  So I hope I have given at least a view of what I see the term RINO to mean. Even though I have used it in the past, I now see it for what it truly is, a word meant to attack that which we cannot refute or that which we dislike.

 I believe that there are many types of Republicans, and we need all of them to defeat Democrats. If we continue to segregate within the party, we will never unify the party. The definition of the word party as it pertains to politics is, “a group of persons with common political opinions and purposes organized for gaining political influence and governmental control and for directing government policy”, notice that it says “common” not “identical” opinions and purposes.



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  1. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    well done Frank. The GOP left me behind long ago for some of the reasons you wrote about…I lost all interest when the tea party people showed up and started bullying anyone that didn’t agree with them. As for Mosely’s comment on the ‘Democrat’ in Tennessee Mark Clayton it shows that he really is CLUELESS. There was a lot more to it than what he wrote about and just shows he writes to see his own words. Personally? I don’t see how the guy can work as a lawyer for all the time he spends typing at DE POL. I check in every once in a while and when I was there a lot it took a lot of valuable time from my other things in life and business and I did very little compared to what Moseley works so hard at being the VA idiot.

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