2013 Cut Backs

  It has been announced that due to rising healthcare cost that will be imposed on small business owners as the health care plan now known as Obama-care is implemented, some small businesses will be forced to make deep cuts into their work forces and to make changes to the full-time status of many employees.

  Unfortunately this will include the small business known as North Pole Enterprises, also know as Santa Claus.

  Santa has announced that in the coming year of 2013 he will be forced to cut his elf force in half, and the remaining elves will be cut to only 38 hours a week and no longer considered full-time employees due benefits.

  This of course will put a great burden upon the remaining elves to fill the growing demand for toys. It is believed that Santa will most likely have to pick up a hammer himself and possibly even Mrs. Claus will be forced out of the kitchen and into the work shop to help save the struggling business.

  Of course these changes will affect the amount of toys that can be produced and delivered, it is believed that the Chinese are already ramping up to fill the gap left by the declining production numbers from the North Pole.

  Pres. Obama in a statement assured the people of the world that he and his administration would do everything possible to see that the elves who are laid off will be able to receive unemployment benefits forever. He also has called on the remaining elves to unionize and force Santa to keep them at any cost, even if it means completely destroying the business.

  Pres. Obama went even further and said that if all else fails, he is willing to nationalize North Pole Enterprises, he believes that by combining GM and NPE he could revitalize the failing union system.

  This announcement by Santa is merely the leading edge of what is to come in the coming years of Obama-care. We can expect similar announcements from the Easter Bunny, and I have heard that the Tooth fairy is borrowing 90% of the money she is leaving for children and cannot sustain this for more than another two years and will be turning over operations to a family in West Virginia who have great experience with the loss of teeth.

  Are we looking towards a future that sees small businesses disappearing only to be replaced by nationally subsidized quasi private ownership? I fear so.


2 Responses to “2013 Cut Backs”

  1. Frank Says:

    You have to get something for lying to your readers. It seems like you are defending O care but financially know nothing about it.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    To my fellow “Frank”, you will have to show me where it seems as if I am “defending” Ocare as you call it. I was pointing out the absurd with the absurd. Not sure what you are reading that seems like a defense of Obama care please enlighten me.

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