Just in case all of the talk about the end of the world is true, I just wanted to say goodbye.

  Most people have at least heard something about the world ending related to the Mayan calendar. The way it goes is that because the Mayan calendar doesn’t project beyond Dec. 21, 2012, well the world will end today.

  Actually it has come to light, but has not been reported as loudly, because a good end of the world story rocks, the calendar actually does project past 20112, but hey, let’s not ruin their fun.

  I tried to tell my wife I didn’t need to buy Christmas gifts, well because the world would end before Christmas. She wasn’t having any of that and said if there were no gifts, then the world would actually end.

 So let me say that it has been fun knowing you all here in blog land, and if the world doesn’t end, I’ll see you all after Christmas.

 I hope that the holidays finds you all well and safe, may God bless you and your families, and let us all keep the families of  New Town, Conn. in our hearts and our prayers and remember how blessed we are.

 Merry Christmas!


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