Cragg For Chairman?

   There has been some quiet talk  about former Republican candidate for governor of Delaware,  Jeff Cragg, as a potential challenger for the GOP state chairmanship.

   It would seem as though many of the party’s members are less than happy with the current party chairman John Sigler, and also less than happy with state-wide election results in this past election cycle. Of course no matter how popular a person is when taking the office of party chairman, the person will soon be blamed for everything that goes wrong and little that goes right.

  That being said there are some who again feel it is time for a change at the top of the party’s leadership.

  One name that has been spoken of as a replacement for Chairman Sigler, is Jeff Cragg. Mr. Cragg ran against Jack Markell for governor of Delaware this year and though he was unsuccessful, he did manage to make Gov. Markell spend a fair amount of campaign funds that might have been used elsewhere.

 One recurring theme in Mr. Cragg’s campaign was that to win state-wide the party must learn to put aside its internal disagreements long enough to defeat the Democrats, because until we win a majority we do not get to govern.

  This is a message that Mr. Sigler may share, but one he has been unable to deliver on, maybe by no fault of his own, but non the less, the party is as fractured, if not more so, than when Mr. Sigler took the seat as chairman. The two main goals of a chairman in my opinion is to promote party unity and to raise money.

  I will leave this as an open thread for all to give their opinions of the idea of Jeff Cragg as state GOP chairman. Please as always be respectful.


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