Tragedy Or Opportunity

   One has to wonder how some of our political leaders see the recent events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in New Town, Conn..

  Do they truly see it for the tragedy that it is, or do they merely see it as an opportunity to again push for gun legislation?

  I was listening to news reports the day of the shootings and the clamor for gun legislation began immediately from both the media and Washington, including the President himself, who pushed for it in his news conference, even as investigators were trying to piece the crime scene together to discover what may have taken place and why.

  I am not insensitive to those who were murdered, I am not blind to the added emotions that are brought into play when so many of the victims are children. I understand the emotional knee jerk reaction to attempt to find a way to stop this from happening again. But can we?

 I am not sure that anything we do as a nation or as a society, or as the human race can stop this type of evil from finding a way to do evil things.

  What I am sure of, is that gun laws will never stop evil, this type of insanity is beyond the law.

  If this disturbed young man had instead decided to take a car and drive through a playground and had murdered the same number of children, would we be talking about stricter car laws? If he had use some sort of household cleaners to create a chemical bomb to murder these children, would we be talking about banning bleach and ammonia?

  What I think is, far too many of our political leaders will take advantage of this terrible evil to move a political agenda, to use this to push gun control legislation that they have wanted for some time. This in my opinion is low, even as families are reeling from the realization that their child will never hug them again, that they will never know what great things their child may have done, as these families of both adult and child victims of this monster try to come to some understanding of why this has happened, should we be using their suffering to make political points? I say no.

  We all knew that we would be having this conversation, we have it every time one of these shootings take place, but what bothers me most is that the media and those who would use this event for their political gain, seem insensitive to the feelings of the survivors.

  Have we become so jaded by these types of events that we no longer can allow the wounds to heal even a little before we begin to use the event for gain?

 Notice that I have not mentioned any political party, or political ideology, this is not about political affiliation, it is about human decency, I wish only that we as a people could wait to allow the heat of the moment to cool somewhat before we attempt to address the issue. However our political leaders will see this as weakness, they feel that they must get out in front of the issue to beat the drum for their agenda, no matter how this may add to the pain that the survivors of this tragedy are dealing with.

  I imagine in the coming days and weeks that we will be submitted to visions of small caskets with voice overs of newscasters talking about the unspeakable tragedy and the need to reform the gun laws that allowed this to happen. To trade on such a moment is in my opinion lower than low.

  I would suggest that as we lay our heads down at night, that we offer a prayer for the souls of the victims and for their families and for the entire community of  New Town, Conn.. May God watch over them and may God bless us all and keep us from evil such as this.


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