Ayotte Loses Again

   Well I haven’t written about a monthly Sussex GOP meeting in quite some time, but I felt tonight was worth relating.

   At last months meeting there were several names put into nomination to become Election District Chairs. One of the more notable names was Ron Sams, former county chairman. Mr. Sams has always been a person who has worked to elect Republicans and I guess he feels that it is time for him to step back into the fray.

  Ron Sams was run out of his position as chairman after the elections of 2010 because some felt that he had not supported certain candidates as forcefully as he could have.  There was also a lot of criticism about how he chaired the monthly meetings.

  Well it would seem as if some people are still holding a grudge against Mr. Sams, in this case that would be former councilmatic candidate who was defeated by Democrat Joan Deaver, Don Ayotte.

 As Mr. Sams’ name was read so that he could be voted on for confirmation, Don Ayotte sprang to his feet (as he is want to do) clutching what seemed to be a prepared statement and a copy of the rules for nominating and voting on nominees. His complaint was that Mr. Sams had not been nominated properly according to the rules, and I must state that according to the rules, technology he was correct. As usual Mr. Ayotte presented his case with an angry tone, at one point he told another person to “shut up” and another to “kiss my ass”. One can only wonder why he didn’t win his election.

 Unfortunately for Mr. Ayotte, due to another attempt to block other nominations from being confirmed in the 35th District the rules were suspended and not only were the nominees in the 35th district confirmed, but so was Ron Sams.

  It would seem as if some people believe that we need no new volunteers, that we can afford to push people away.

  Thank goodness that once again Don Ayotte lost, come to think of it, thank goodness Don Ayotte lost.


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