Where Is Jane Hovington?

  It is not hard to believe, that in all of the confusion and turmoil that has permeated the race for the 19th state senatorial seat, to understand how the Democrat candidate, Jane Hovington, might find it hard to gain any attention.

   Starting with the GOP primary that was surely contentious, leading to the complete implosion of the Bodenweiser campaign, that has brought us to the point, where after declaring as a write-in candidate, Brian Pettyjohn has now become the official republican candidate whose name will appear on the ballot on election day. This was solidified today as the Democrat appeal was defeated.

  But even considering all of the media attention that the GOP circus attracted, you would think that the Democrat candidate would at least try to get her message out to the voters of the 19th, especially now that she will be facing a serious GOP candidate.

  But what are the people of the 19th getting? Not much.

   There is a radio spot running on the local stations, but these ads are paid for by the Democrat Party of Delaware, and they do not even feature Mrs. Hovington’s voice. In the ad we are told that Mrs. Hovington is “one of us”, do you suppose John Atkins loaned that to her, or is it just the Democrat tag line?Kinda of reminds us of the O’Donnell, “I’m you” line doesn’t it? 

  The ad also make the monumental claim that Mrs. Hovington will go to Dover ad get rid of, “ALL”, the red tape. Not any particular agency, not any particular red tape, but “ALL” the red tape. But again it is a nondescript male voice that delivers this Democrat Party of Delaware claim, and at the end of the spot, not Mrs. Hovington’s voice telling us that she approves of this ad, nope, just some valley girl sounding female voice saying that the ad was paid for by the DPOD.

  The only other sign of Mrs. Hovington in the district that I have seen for myself is a mailer that came to my house. But once again the mailer was paid for by the DPOD. 

  But instead of the mailer really being about Jane Hovington, it is about how Jack Markell needs Jane Hovington in Dover to continue his one party rule. Okay the one party rule was my part.

   Again in this mailer, Mrs. Hovington is nowhere to be seen. There is a picture of Gov. Markell, there is a photo of a young attractive hispanic woman, a photo of a grandfather and his grandson on a farm, that look like any you might meet around Greenwood, and a photo of a shop owner who looks like Wally Cleaver all grown up.

  It has been my experience that when such mailers are done, the kind where a sitting governor endorses the candidate, it is usually done with a photo of the governor and the candidate together. Maybe looking as if they are pondering a serious piece of legislation, or standing talking to a group of people.

  But that isn’t the case here. So does it beg the question, where is Jane Hovington in her own ads? It also begs the question, is Jane Hovington campaigning at all? I haven’t heard any announcements of meet and greets, I haven’t heard of fund-raisers. I haven’t heard anything at all from Mrs. Hovington, except her ill-fated appearance on the Susan Monday Show where she was shown to have little or no  grasp of issues facing a large number of the people living in the 19th district.

  So is the problem that the Democrat Party realizes that Mrs. Hovington has no large-scale appeal in the district? Are they trying to hide this or something else from the voters? Have they decided to concentrate on a small core group of people to solidify her base, and will this be enough to win the district?

 It would seem as if the Democrats in general are actually running the campaign of Mrs. Hovington, and Jack Markell in particular, much in the same way he is running the campaign of Andy Staton for the 6th senate district.

 As a voter in the 19th, I intend to send the message to Gov. Markell that we in the 19th can choose our own senator, and we certainly won’t choose a candidate that the Democrats seem to be ashamed of themselves.


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  1. frankknotts Says:

    Okay this is crazy, I just found this at Delaware Online, http://data.delawareonline.com/webapps/Voters_Guide/70/133/

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