Open Letter In Support Of Brain Pettyjohn

  The following is an open letter from Mike Rowe. Mike is a local activist for all things concerning our Veterans. He felt strongly enough about the 19th state senatorial district race to send out this email to people in the district.

     I am writing this letter to ask for your help.  During the last several weeks we have all heard the unfounded and unproven allegations surrounding our friend and Republican nominee for the 19th Senate Seat, Eric Bodenweiser.  As a result Eric has officially withdrawn from the race and  needs our support and prayer for him and his family during these trying times.  This also leaves us without a candidate and I am asking that you join me in supporting Brian Pettyjohn, the current write- in candidate, and only Republican in the race.  I realize that some of you have your reservations regarding Brian, and him joining the race, in fact I had my doubts at first.  This past Monday I spoke with Brian and I am convinced that Brian is doing this for the right reasons.  I have known Brian for over 30 years, as we both attended high school together in Georgetown.  Brian has been endorsed by the Sussex GOP and it’s Executive Committee, and as the former mayor of Georgetown he has the experience, leadership, and commitment to serve the voters in his District.   He is a fiscal and social Conservative.  Friends….  We cannot afford to have Jane Hovington as the Senator in the 19th, as she will give even more power to the Democratic agenda in Dover.  She will push for more spending, higher taxes, and on her facebook page she identifies herself as a “Community Organizer” who believes in “financial equality”.  Jane is also the President for the Sussex County Chapter of the NAACP who organized the Trayvon Martin rally in Georgetown.  Friends….We must come together, put aside any differences we have, and rally behind Brian Pettyjohn.  I know there are those who feel that a write- in candidate cannot win, and to those who feel that way I ask you to look back in 2010 in Alaska.  Lisa Markowski won a state wide race as a write- in.  It’s going to be difficult, as we will have to flood the polling places on Election Day, and educate the voters on the write- in process, but we have no choice, unless you’re content in doing nothing while the Democrats gain even more control.  For those who are willing to help I am also asking you to forward this to anyone else who you feel can help.  Those of you who would like to help can reply to this email with your name and contact information.  Also, feel free to respond if you have any questions or concerns that I might be able to answer for you.  Time is not on our side so I’m asking for a swift reply.


Additional information regarding where Brian stands on the issues can be found by clicking these links: BrianPettyjohn


http:// m


Respectfully                                                                                                                                               Mike Rowe

                Greenwood, Delaware     




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  1. Ken Towers Says:

    Mike:Thank you for taking the time to write what needed to be said in this time of uncertainty.We need to be united as a party to retain the seat in the19th Senatorial District. As a member of the party who lives in the 19th,my efforts will be to help elect Brian Pettyjohn, who is the Republican candidate and will undoubtedly provide the district with positive representation.

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