Sussex GOP Throws Support Behind Brian Pettyjohn

   It was announced by Duke Brooks, the official spokes-person for the Sussex County GOP, that due to the suspension of the campaign of the official Republican nominee Eric Bodenweiser, that the Sussex GOP would be throwing their support behind the write-in campaign of former Georgetown Mayer Brian Pettyjohn(R).

   Mr. Brooks announced that there had been an email polling of the Sussex Republican Executive Committee, that had resulted in the decision to now support the only Republican actively campaigning for the 19th state senatorial district.

   I can tell you that the vote was not even close, it was an over-whelming majority of 52-6. This in my opinion shows that the decision is in the view of the majority of the executive committee to be the correct decision under the circumstances.

   It would further simplify the issue if Mr. Bodenwieser would officially terminate his campaign completely, but at this time we must  move forward and  support and work for the election of Brain Pettyjohn(R) who is running against the Democrat, Jane Hovington.

  Mr. Pettyjohn offers a reasonable alternative for even the conservative Democrats who may feel that Mrs. Hovington is too far left for their taste. As for Republicans searching for conservatives to vote for, well I have spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Pettyjohn in recent days, and I find him to have a real grasp of the multiple issues facing the 19th district, from agriculture, the challenges facing small businesses, to property rights.

   I would encourage all voters within the 19th district to take the time to get to know Brian Pettyjohn (R) and to give serious consideration to writing in his name on election day.

  Those supporting Mr. Pettyjohn understand that this will not be an easy task, but intend to give it all they have and are hoping that this latest developement will encourage others to come out and help on election day at the polls to educate voters on exactly how to cast a write-in vote, not a complicated thing to do once it is explained. And we are stressing that voters must be sure to vote their entire ticket before pushing the vote button so as not to hurt other candidates chances of winning.

  Time is short, but this can be done.


5 Responses to “Sussex GOP Throws Support Behind Brian Pettyjohn”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank I listened to the whole interview I heard your call and if you were listening I’m sure you heard mine. Although I am not in the 19th district I agree party unity is needed if the expectation is to beat Ms. Hovington.

    Another caller asked what would happen if the district voters voted for Bodie despite his announcement to suspend his campaign. Duke said he couldn’t answer that question.

    When asked if he felt Bodie had a chance before the recent events and his decision to suspend his campain he said a resounding yes.

    I was all over the 19th district today I still see alot of Bodie signs on peoples front lawns and properties. I also believe unless there is a definative answer given people who were going to vote for Bodie before the recent events will still vote for Bodie.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, as for whether Bodenweiser would ahve won or not? Who knows? I still believe that the worse thing that can happen to the people of the 18th district is that Bodenweiser would be elected under any circumstances. The game now is to inform the voters that the party has thrown the party’s support behind Brian Pettyjohn(R) and that he is the only Republican in the race who is actively campaigning. I think it is in the best interest of all citizens of the 19th to spread that message. Bill if you can lend a hand let me know and I will put you in touch with someone. We are going to need every hand to make this happen.

    • Bill Says:

      Frank is there a way we can communicate outside of this page. I can help and will be happy to, I’d also like to run some thoughts I have by you but not in here. i have had it with Pauls delusional rants and do not want him getting my personal contact info any further than the email address he has been writing me at..

      • frankknotts Says:

        Bill, I have access to your email that you use to comment here. I will contact you tonight with some ideas of how you can help. Thank you.

  3. Bill Says:

    Frank please get in cntact with me so I can help out. I am pretty much free everyday during the week from 8:30 am -2:00 pm and at least 1 day on the weekends.

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