Sussex GOP Position

  Duke Brooks, press officer for the Sussex County GOP is expected to make an announcement today stating the official position of the Sussex County GOP concerning the suspended campaign of Eric Bodenweiser for the 19th state senatorial district.

   The question is whether the GOP will continue to support Mr. Bodenweiser though he is no longer actively campaigning, or whether they will officially shift their support to Brian Pettyjohn(R) who is running a write-in campaign and is the only Republican who is actively campaigning for the seat in the 19th state senatorial district.

   Mr. Brooks announcement is expected to be delivered on the Susan Monday show on Delaware 105.9 this afternoon around 1:00. I would suggest that all who can tune in do so, and those who can’t, I will post my views here as soon as possible later today.


2 Responses to “Sussex GOP Position”

  1. Richard Fredricks Says:

    Frank I hope that should the GOP announcement be that they are shifting support to Brian Pettyjohn, people don’t immediately assume the move should be viewed as
    1) the GOP believing Eric Bodenweiser is guilty of anything alleged
    2) the GOP is distancing themselves and or hanging Eric Bodenweiser out to dry.

    I think that if that happens it could send negative waves through the party and those people in the diustrict who still support Eric.

    • frankknotts Says:

      Richard, agreed, I feel that their decision should be based on who can best mount a vigorous campaign and the best chance to defeat the democrat.

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