Why Write-In Brian Pettyjohn ?

  There will be many people in the coming days and weeks that will be asking others and theirselves, “why should I do a write-in vote for Brian Pettyjohn (R)?”.

   I am not sure I can answer that questions for others, I can only answer it for myself and relate that to others. Every voter in the 19th state senatorial district must come to their own conclutions.

   As many of you know I had decided to support and to do a write-in vote for Brian Pettyjohn (R) shortly after he announced his intentions to run as a write-in candidate against the Democrat Jane Hovington and the GOP nominee Eric Bodenweiser. Mr. Bodenweiser has since suspended his campaign so as to deal with serious personal issues, of which I am sure most of you are aware of by now, and which have been discussed at length in other post, I have no intention at this time to rehash those here.

  So it would seem as if Brian Pettyjohn (R) is the only Republican now actively campaigning for the 19th state senatorial district seat, more over he is the only conservative running.

   That alone might be enough to sway some to vote by writing in his name on election day. However as I have spent more time with him and discovered more about his past history and where he is on important issue that face the citizens of the 19th state senatorial district, I realize there are even more reasons to write his name in on election day.

  I spent the entire day, yesterday, with Brian Pettyjohn(R) at the Apple/Scrapple festival in Bridgeville, along with his lovely mother and his equally lovely step-mother who were there supporting him and helping out in the booth.  What I saw was a man who was willing to work hard to get out the meassage that he is attempting to do something that many will say is impossible, that is, win a write-in campaign. Let me tell you as someone who has stood the polls on election day and also worked booths at this festival in the past, to stand on your feet for most of twelve or more hours and to shake hands and talk to anyone and everyone who passes by, makes for an extremely long and tiring day.

  Brian Pettyjohn(R) was there sitting up his booth when I arrived at around 6:45 or so, we didn’t break the booth down until about five. In that time Brian Pettyjohn(R) greeted every person with a smile and answered any and all questions, the most asked of course, “why are you doing this?”.  His answer has been and was, “to give all voters, Democrats and Republicans, in the 19th district an alternative to vote for”.

  I have to say that in being there and seeing how well Brian Pettyjohn(R) interacted with people of all kinds, be it party officials, or rank and file voters, be it Democrats coming by out of curiosity to see what their candidate might be up against, to Republicans coming by to see if he were up to the challenge, I saw a man who is able to relate to and have conversations with all types of people, and making them feel that he can understand their views, even if he may not share them and that he can work with them to come to conclusions that are mutually beneficial to all involved. In short Brian Pettyjohn (R) is a candidate that will bring people to him, not one that will drive people away by being uncompromising.

  Brian Pettyjohn(R) is a life-long resident of Delaware, he is a graduate of the University of Delaware, he has worked within his community, he is a former Town Councilman and also former Mayor of Georgetown, De.  In his short 38 years he has shown a desire to serve the people around him.

  Many have said that this is the wrong time for Brian Pettyjohn (R) to run for this office, especially a write-in campaign, which we all must admit is a tough battle to fight under any circumstances, and under these? Well at best a long shot.

   But consider this, Brian Pettyjohn is clearly a man that is drawn to serve the people of his community, be it as a member of his Homeowners Board, or as a Town Councilman and Mayor of Georgetown, he is clearly someone who will continue to seek ways to serve the citizens of the community, the county, the state and in doing so the nation as a whole.

  So why would a man who will surely seek office of some kind in the future, risk his political future in such a risky and controversal race? Many have made accusations about the why?, but personally I feel that the why is clear to anyone who take the time to get to know Brian Pettyjohn (R) and his views about the role of government and how an over-reaching government restricts both private businesses and personal Liberties. I believe some people are drawn to political office for the notoriety of the postion, the perks of office, to have a title infront of their name, others are drawn to run for political office out of a strong desire to serve the citizens and to help make things better for all citizens, not a selct few who happen to agree with them.

  I believe that Brian Pettyjohn(R) is the latter and I have no problem endorsing him as the best choice to be my next state senator in the 19th district and I encourage all of the voters in the 19th state senatorial district to take the short amount of time there is before the election, and get to know Brian Pettyjohn(R) and to write-in his name on election day.

  This is a link to his website  http://brianpettyjohn.com/

   And Please like him on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/#!/BrianGPettyjohn?fref=ts



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