No Gaffe, But Lots Of Laughs

  Just watched the V.P. debate. I have to admit I was so looking forward to some classic Joe Biden gaffes, but there were none.

  What there was however was a lot of joe Biden smirks, mugging, laughing, head shaking and humphing. He made Al Gore look good.

   If I had to pick a so-called winner I would be hard pressed to say that one was any better than the other. They were both about what we would have expected.

  Paul Ryan was knowledgeable and had the facts, leaving V.P. Biden to deny, deny, deny and of course laugh off the accusations.

  The liberals on cable tv were in heaven trying to make it seem as if Mr. Biden had somehow rolled back the perception that Pres. Obama had lost the previous debate. Not sure that is the case.

  All in all I was disappointed in the debate, there were no good zingers, other than when mr. Ryan turned to Mr. Biden and said, “I am sure you can understand that sometimes thing just come out of your mouth the wrong way”.

  The real story from this debate may be yet to come, that is the ongoing story of the murder of our ambassador to Libya and the Obama administrations apparent cover-up of what led up to the sacking of the embassy and the murder of American citizens.

   V.P. Biden seemed to throw the intelligence community under the bus on this by saying the administration didn’t have the information that something was coming.

   So I missed what seems to have been a good game between the Steelers and the Titans for what was a so, so debate.


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