Have You Met Beth McGinn ?

  The following is an announcement for Beth McGinn, the announcement comes from Delaware Right To Marry PAC. This is a group that supports candidates that support the movement by the radical homosexual community’s push to redefine marriage away from the traditional definition of one man one woman.

   Their support for Beth Mcginn is clear and they state that they see her as a friend of their movement and express their willingness to support Ms. McGinn’s pet issue of rent control.

  This message demonstrates the willingness of the  radical factions of  leftist within the Democrat party to unite to defeat all conservative candidates, in this case they are targeting Rep. Ruth Briggs-King.

  Let us not forget that Ms. McGinn was originally brought into this election cycle by “Republican” Eric Bodenweiser.

  I recommend that you click the one link I left in the announcement that takes you to the website for Delaware Right To Marry and see the people they support and who they will choose to target.

 It is because of this type of liberal collusion to move all of their liberal agendas, that we conservatives of all degrees must learn to get past the 100% idea, the idea that we will find a candidate that we agree with 100% of the time on 100% of the issues.

 Have you met Beth McGinn? 

 From: Bill Humphrey, DE Right to Marry
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3:35 PM
Subject: Have you met Beth McGinn?




Beth McGinn, Candidate for State Representative

Dear 37th Representative District Voter —

Have you met Beth McGinn yet? She’s the Democratic candidate challenging anti-gay State Rep. Ruth Briggs-King (R-Georgetown), and she has a real shot at winning this year. As an added bonus, she’s committed to opposing discrimination against all Delawareans, including the LGBT community. 


The redrawn 37th District runs from Georgetown to Long Neck, and Beth lives in one of the manufactured homes in Long Neck with her husband, a veteran of the armed forces. Her father is also a veteran who lives in a manufactured home. Beth advocates for veterans to get them their benefits and find affordable temporary housing in vacant homes after returning from combat tours, and her husband delivers Meals-on-Wheels to those who need that help.


Like many in the district, Beth was very frustrated when Rep. Briggs-King refused to vote at all this year on a bill that would have enforced homeowner protections for residents of manufactured homes and compelled monopoly landowners to maintain the properties properly and justify lease increases. Many residents of manufactured homes will be forced out of the homes they bought at the end of this year, because of excessive lease increases on the land underneath them or because of expensive “mandated repairs” that are worth more than the cost of the homes. The state still treats these A-Frame houses as motor vehicles registered at the DMV, even though they are often more expensive to move than they cost to install. Thousands of residents of the 37th District, including combat veterans and low-income Delawareans, depend on the affordability of manufactured homes to have a place to live and Rep. Briggs-King decided she didn’t need to vote on the issue. 


Beth McGinn will continue to advocate for these homeowners and for veterans. In addition to working on the manufactured homes issue in the legislature, Beth is committed to making sure veterans can find jobs and affordable housing, and that they have access to public transit to get between the two. She has a vision for a stronger community from Georgetown to Long Neck, in which veterans and low-income families can rise together to reach the American Dream. Everyone will succeed if the community prospers. 


Our nation’s heroes in uniform deserve better representation than someone who won’t stand up to monopoly landowners who sell people manufactured homes and then jack up the rents on the land under them. Beth McGinn decided enough was enough and decided to run against Rep. Briggs-King. Beth will stand up for the interests of regular Delawareans like you at Legislative Hall. 


I met Beth earlier this month and I was blown away. She’s a fantastic candidate and she’ll be a great representative of your interests as well as an ally to other marginalized communities. Please consider voting for Beth McGinn for State Representative on November 6th. 

  Bill Humphrey

Statewide Director

Delaware Right to Marry PAC

Paid for by Delaware Right to Marry PAC

Not authorized by any candidate


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