Where Is Eric Bodenweiser?

   By now most people in Sussex County have heard some version of the rumor circulating about Eric Bodenweiser, currently the GOP nominee for the 19th state senatorial district of Delaware. Or they have at least heard that there is a rumor circulating.

  I have no intention of adding to that rumor here at this time, and I would ask that everyone please respect my wishes when I ask you to refrain from discussing the rumor. I believe that in the very near future there will be reason to discuss the actual allegations against Mr. Bodenweiser.

  My reason for writing this post is to discuss the fact that Mr. Bodenweiser would seem to have suspended his campaign. He has failed to appear at any number of events that any candidate worth his salt would be attending.

  He had purchased a spot at Wings and Wheels this past Saturday and failed to show up to use it, so I am told. He was not present at the monthly Sussex GOP meeting on Monday night, this would have been the first county GOP meeting since his primary win, one might call it his victory lap, but again he failed to show up, as did notable supporters of Mr. Bodenweiser.

  But I would say that tonight was the realistic end, if not the official end of the Bodenweiser campaign. Tonight Eric Bodenweiser again failed to show up at what would have surely been an important event, one that he was scheduled to attend, that would be the candidate forum at Post 28 of the American Legion.

  Now this is again a group that should have been friendly ground for Mr. Bodenweiser, since he had seen the Long Neck and Oak Orchard area as keenly important to his winning the primary race, and again, would have been a chance to thank supporters and to ask for their further support in the general election. But he did not show up.

  So I ask the question, has Eric Bodenweiser suspended his campaign? Has he decided to concede the race to someone else? It is not hard to figure out that this is most certainly connected to the rumor.

    As a voter in the 19th district I feel I have a right to know whether the nominee of the GOP is intending to mount a vigorous campaign, or whether due to personal problems he is no longer capable of doing so.

   Mr. Bodenweiser owes it to all of the voters of the 19th district, to all of the GOP members, and especially to his supporters to make a public withdrawal from the race if that is the case, so that a viable candidate such as Brian Pettyjohn can have a clear understanding of who he is running against, and so the voters know who they should be voting for.

  If Mr. Bodenweiser remains disconnected from the campaign, he is completely disenfranchising all of the people who voted for him in the primary, he is totally confusing all of the voters who may have voted for him in the general election, and he is showing a total disregard for the process of our elections, and for the people of the 19th district.

  We as members of the GOP have been told by party leadership that we should support the winner of the primary, to support the nominee. Well how can anyone support a missing candidate, who I must say is at the very least, under a cloud of rumor and suspicion.

  I call on the party leadership to demand that Mr. Bodenweiser either address these rumors publicly and restart his campaign, or demand that he withdraw his name from consideration, and  allow Brian Pettyjohn to attempt to save the 19th district seat and a win for the GOP.

  I will add at the end, this is not all politics, there are lives at stake here, including that of Mr. Bodenweiser and his family. I would say considering the severity of the allegations, that for the sake of his family, that he would be better served to step aside at this time and focus on protecting them. And if the allegations prove to be false, then he can always return to politics. Mr. Bodenweiser has often spoken of his faith, I would think that he will need every bit of faith at this time and I would ask that we all pray for all those involved.

40 Responses to “Where Is Eric Bodenweiser?”

  1. Duke Brooks Says:

    The Sussex County Republican Committee does not address or comment upon rumors. Neither the Committee nor the State GOP Committee has the legal authority to “demand” a candidate do one thing or another and, since Mr. Bodenweiser won the nomination of Republican voters in the 19th district, the Committee will stand with him unless he makes a decision to leave the race. There is not now any indication, or any known reason why, he should do so.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Duke, with all due respect, we had no problem demanding that Tom Ross resign, we had no problem demanding that Ron Sams resign, and so why should we be shy about demanding that Mr. Bodenweiser officially resign from the race, since it is clear that he has unofficially resigned from the race.
    As for your final statement above, “There is not now any indication, or any known reason why, he should do so.”
    Well in my opinion under the current situation there is no way he can mount a vigorous campaign, not that he is even trying to.

    • Duke Brooks Says:

      Frankknotts: Neither Mr. Ross nor Mr. Sams were nominated candidates for public office. As officials in a political party, they were subject to the desires of the membership and the party’s rules, which are completely different from Delaware election law. And although Eric Bodenweiser has now officially suspended his campaign, he remains the nominee of the GOP voters of the 19th Senate district.

      • frankknotts Says:

        Duke we sit here and split hairs all day, you are smart enough to understand the point I was making. As for him remaining the GOP “OFFICIAL” nominee, tell me do you believe anyone is well served by that being the case?

  3. Barry Says:

    Frank, Why won’t ANYBODY say what he’s accused of? I don’t know what he’s accused of and nobody will say, not even WGMD or Delaware 105.9. I must be out of the loop, done a google search, can’t find out!

  4. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Why you folks don’t put him on the first bus OUT OF TOWN is beyond me. I warned you ALL. I tried as best I could. Had no clue about this but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the questions the Detective with the Major Crime Unit of the DSP was beating around the bush about and he’s a smart guy…VERY good at what he does but I heard every word he didn’t say. I’ve been in business too long to not learn how to do that over the years! No wonder the Sussex GOP is nothing more than a clown factory. There is NOTHING that I could be told about my brother that would surprise me. NOTHING. Just when you think you’ve heard it all he takes his EVIL to a whole new level only 25+ years too late.

  5. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    I should post all known contact info for him, the wife, the daughter, the mother in law, her daddy and you folks still wouldn’t try to figure it out. Respect you Frank but why no one has tracked him down is beyond me!! It’ll be in NJ soon…

  6. Susan Muenich Says:

    Eric was seen at the Brick Hotel on Wednesday the 10th at around 4:45 pm. So he is visable.

  7. Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

    Paul I really have to wonder what drives and motivates a “man” a brother who hasn’t lived in Delaware for 30 years to start the rumor mill. While you want to point out the alleged actions of your brother I suggest you take a look in the mirror at your own actions of late. Your actions have absoultely NOTHING to do with the best interest of the citizens of Sussex County or district 19, and if you say they are I will say right here and now and to your face given the opportunity you are a liar. You are motivated by pure hatred for Eric it comes out loud and clear on your so called website. If you knew of these rumored allegations 20 years ago and did nothing that speaks volumes about you. If you take the word of a multiple convicted felon who is making these allegations that too speaks volumestoo. You are correct the DSP detectives are smart enough and they will see right through any and all false statements made. They will also question the motives for this person deciding to come forward at this point in time. I’ve already found several statements made by the person making the allegations that are lies. To bad you are blinded by your hatred for your own brother to be willing to do a bit of checking on details.

    • Susan Muenich Says:

      Why are you so sure that Paul hasa started rumors? Seems to me that there is someone else involved with this and Paul is only trying to substantiate the possibilities. After all Paul does know his brother better than most of us. I really don’t know Eric at all, except from meeting him during his campaign. And no one is guilty until proven guilty. In Eric’s situation, you have a person who is at the extreme side of certain things. And many of us don’t believe in mixing religious beliefs with politics.

      • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

        Susan have you ever read the cesspool that Paul Bodenweiser calls his blog. The blog certainly is an insight into the man who created it. The comments he posts go well beyond normal squables between family members. He has singlehandly posted all kinds of allegations, and innuendos about Eric. By Pauls own admission he hasn’t spoken or interacted with Eric in 10 years. The converse side of who knows Eric better than his brother, one could easily make argument no one knows Paul better than Eric.
        In my opinion from what I have followed in the past and now Paul likes to throw out the bits and pieces of rumors, then he sits back watching as everyone runs with it. I find that to be a desperate cowardly act on Pauls part. I’ve never met Paul, I met Eric 2 years ago this week, while we don’t agree on every issue, I’ve always found Eric to be a man whom you can discuss issues with and he respects opposing views to his.
        I have in the past prayed and worshipped with him as well, at my church. In my lifetime of experiences I’ve found that most people are at the extreme side of at least one if not several issues, whether political or religous. While most of us may not find politics and religion palatable I believe it takes place more than most of us realize.

  8. Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

    @ Duke Brooks thank you to you and the other members for not jumping on the rumor mill and/or throwing Eric Bodenweiser “under the bus”. I still believe a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, NOT the Internet court of public opinion.

    • FrankKnotts Says:

      I agree with you, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, my post is about whether under the cloud of suspicion Mr. Bodenweiser was capable of putting forth a vigorous campaign, obviously since he has suspended his, he could not.

      • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

        Suspended does not mean terminated, as Duke Brooks stated Eric Bodenweiser is still the GOP nominated candidate. I will not assume anything at this point nor will I speculate on whether Mr. Bodenweiser is or is not capable of putting forth a vigorous campaign.

  9. Billy Pilgrim Says:

    Suspended his campaign? He has made no statements, or any other form of communication since the “rumor” started. It’s more like abandoned his campaign, and his silence speaks volumes about his character. He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of recovering from this, so it’s time to get behind someone who has a possibility of winning this election.

    You hear that, Mr. Brooks? Stop acting like a closet liberal and get behind us conservatives. Surely he’s communicated with someone in the campaign. If that’s the case, shame on you for keeping the people he purports to represent in the dark, and virtually assuring a Democrat victory. Unless, of course, that is the intended result.

    • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

      He has in fact made a statement to the GOP party leaders which has been on all news media. Eric Bodenweiser suspended his campaign he did not terminate his bid for the senate seat, and he STILL is the legal GOP candidate whose name will appear on the ballot. Had this latest rumor not surfaced Pettyjohn entering the race probably would have the same damaging result of spliting the GOP ticket, resulting in Hovington winning the election.

    • Duke Brooks Says:

      Dear Mr. Billy Pilgrim: The current situation involves many different people, multiple factors and a large number of voters; it is significantly more complex than life on Tralfamadore. The Sussex GOP must carefully contemplate all factors before making any decision. The committee is interested ONLY in electing Republicans to office. YOU, on the other hand, should be interested only in Montana Wildhack, in protecting Edgar Derby from the Germans at Schlachthof fünf, and in avoiding Paul Lazzaro. After all, “Nobody ***** with Paul Lazzaro!”

  10. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent. Either your parents gave you a really weird name or you’re very proud to be a bounty hunter. bodenweiser.com is a web site that I maintain. It is not a ‘blog’. This is a blog and it looks as though I’m getting Mr. Frank Knotts some action!Although my ‘rule’ here I don’t respond to cowardly monikers anymore I’ll part with this and a question to the COWARDLY Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent. ( I have edited this for content, Mr. Bodenweiser please refrain from such language and content. Thank You, Frank Knotts)

    • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

      Mr. Bodenweiser I’ve read all your rants on your page. Your hatred for your brother comes through loud and clear, and that’s all that comes through. Show some shred of respect leave parents (who are both deceased) out of your diatribe. I am proud of the fact I am a Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent why shouldn’t I be, it’s a honest profession. I served my country honorably for better than 25 years in the military, I’m hardly a coward, so I suggest you choose your words wisely before you start attacking me. I choose to use the name I do to protect my children and families identity. For someone that kives in TN and by your own admission left our state 30 years ago you sure claim to know alot. To the best of my knowledge Eric biodenweiser has a grandson I see nothing wrong that. You claim to have known all these things about your brother nearly 40 years ago yet you said nothing, that speaks volumes about you as a person. Now all of a sudden you come forth with this information after he beat Joe Booth in the primary claiming he bought the voters off. You in your own words posted you were going to step up your online attack on your brother. As others have already stated you have some serious issues which will never be resolved on the internet.

      • Paul Bodenweiser Says:

        Cowardly Bounty Hunter takes time off from hunting shoplifters that failed to appear to reply to me? I’m impressed but can’t read the words of a COWARD.

      • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

        Apparently not only can’t you read you can’t spell either, as displayed in your cesspool website and emails you send people. Shoplifters…. no I go after Felons like the guy you admit to admiring. By the way hotshot I have a street legal factory production car that will go 200 MPH so your little hot wheels race car you brag about isn’t all that big a deal. Since your Erics older brother I am guessing you’re in your late 50s possibly early 60’s which is amazing. My grandchildren all under 7 years old display more self control and maturity than you do.

      • Duke Brooks Says:

        The Sussex Republican Committee is now 100% behind Brian Pettyjohn, whose name will appear on Tuesday’s ballot in the 17 election districts that comprise the 19th senate district.

  11. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Susan Muenich: Feel Proud using your real name! Thank you for your words. All I did on my web site was try to tell you folks all I knew that didn’t harm innocent people using names and incidents of a sexual nature. Once the Primary ended I stopped my effort figuring my brother would prove me right in short order by embarrassing all of Sussex as he had when he was voted out by the Sussex GOP only this time as a senator in Dover. Apparently the ‘victim’ went to the DSP and they took him seriously. Sadly…this doesn’t surprise us with all we know about my brother knowing all we’ve known over my lifetime and the 34 years my wife has known him. There are so many that have known him for all the years he’s been there that call me a hero it’s embarrassing at times. I did what I had to do right up to the time he won the primary. I gave it everything I had to offer that I knew as fact without bringing out the really dark side of my brother with no other reason than to protect the names of the victims and the parents. I was open and honest with Detective (Edited out name, Frank Knotts) and he got all the names and incidents I could remember.
    Last but not least it takes a lot of guts to step up and say the things this alleged victim has done. You just don’t do that for kicks and giggles. If true…I admire the guy no matter what his record may be….and maybe that’s because he was abused as a child? Who knows….

    • Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Says:

      You publicly admit you “admire the guy no matter what his record may be” despite the fact the guy is a FELON found guilty of battery strangulation of a female and state witness tampering. I am speechless.

  12. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Thanks Frank Knotts! Just seeing what the limits are here and how easily one can be offended.

  13. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Billy Pilgrimhas my admiration for being man enough to use his name! Didn’t mean to slight you but everyone here seems to use a real name except the Cowardly Bounty Hunter. Man Up COWARDLY Bounty Hunter.

    • Richard Fredricks Says:

      After reading some of your delusional rage filled rants you have sent to people anyone and everyone has good reason not to post using their real names. I apprehend felons while you publicly admire and protect them. Personally I believe you should focus on yourself and the obvious anger issues you have, instead of worrying about someones identity

  14. Richard Fredricks Says:

    I have 3 broithers and 2 sisters no man with any sense of self respect would air their families dirty laundry in the way you have. You disgrace the memory of the woman who gave you life and shame the father who’s surname you have. You should thank GOD everyday that you mother isn’t alive to suffer through the heartache and shame you have created.
    Keep patting yourself on the back as a hero, your actions amount to nothing more than self gratification just like the act you accused your brother of on your blog.

  15. Andrea polite Says:

    Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent- his brothers has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the current accusations. The truth will come out and you all will see that Eric Bodenweiser did this all on his own. His past is finally catching up to him. He has some dark skeletons in his closet.

  16. Maurice Hendrickson Says:

    hey bodenweiser read your site tonite stop your nonsense an ip tracker does not provide exact locations or actual residential addresses If someone is using a proxy server its nearly impossible if the person uses a wireless router it will only provide an approximate radius the only way that information can be obtained is by a court subpeona the information is only available to law enforcement agencies nice try though

  17. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    The bounty hunter is letting his anger get the better of him. He fell right into a trap. Thanks for the info bounty hunter. $250 is a drop in the bucket compared to what it would’ve cost and we’re rolling on the floor laughing at you now.
    We’re done here Frank. We gotten what we needed/wanted now and it cost me only the time to change my web site. Nice ‘knowing’ you and wish you only the best! You’re the smartest one of that whole bunch. I really do have a great deal of respect for you. For all we can tell Pettyjohn is a great guy and should do well if elected and it may well happen!

    • Maurice Hendrickson Says:

      blah blah blah they spread wat u r writing on da fields here its called chicken****

  18. Maurice Hendrickson Says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged yourself. You take great pleasure calling people liars.

    Now I’m calling you out, you’ve repeatedly stated that everyone supports what you’re doing.


    I’ll give you one thing you have a huge set calling people liars when you are one yourself. I’ve seen pictures of you it’s uncanny how much you and Eric look alike. I wouldn’t put it past you to have said you were Eric, helll you might even be guilty of what you have accused him off. Just sayin.

    • Susan Muenich Says:

      Please end all of this. I do not see any purpose in the current dialogue. Eric is who he is and time will reveal the real truth. No one wants to see a man fall but so many men have fallen. Sometimes these blogs are just a waste of air for people that can’t vent in any other way. Let’s just drop this and let time take its course to reveal whatever the truth is. You keep going at this and you only hurt Eric and his family. Go get some gloves and hammer it out once and for all.

      • Duke Brooks Says:

        I agree 100% with Susan Meunich. Eric has withdrawn from the race. Brian Pettyjohn is now the GOP candidate. Why keep stirring this up? What’s the point? Gossip and calumny serve no purpose whatsoever.

  19. Maurice Hendrickson Says:

    Duke and Susan this goes beyond Eric now. Paul Bodenweiser is attacking everyone and anyone who expresses a view point that differs from his. Fugitive Recovery Agent has said he doesn’t buy into all the rumors and suggests everyone should wait until the real proof evidence comes out. Paul in turn retaliates calling a man who served our country for better than 25 years a coward and a liar. Paul Bodenweiser is the one keeping it going in his website everyday posting more so far unfounded rumors. All I am trying to do is show Paul Bodenweiser for the person he really is. Paul Bodenweiser has threatened to out one of Eric’s friends who is standing beside Eric, whcih one of Eric’s friends will be next.

    A lot of people felt Eric should have stood up, when he didn’t Paul Bodenweiser mistakenly thought he was going to bully everyone else.

  20. Maurice Hendrickson Says:

    Paul Bodenweisers own words from his web site. This is what he thinks of his family his own grandmother who needed his help.

    “Now let’s keep in mind that I’m the president and CEO of TruckFinders International Limited. A GLOBAL concern that I’m rather successful with (I put refrigerated trailers in Siberia once and I consider that kind of like selling Ice to Eskimos kind of thing) and giving up five days of being at my businessto move my grandmother is a bit of a favor. Maybe you don’t feel that way but I did and still do to this day.”

  21. Gary O'Neill Says:

    Talk about Paul not being able to spell? I can’t count the typos in your post and the misuse of the word “too”. For never meeting someone, you seem to know too much about them. I have known the family for all my life, yet I will not get into a pissing contest with you. I know what happened when the stores were sold, and who got what from the proceeds. I know what Eric is capable of, and know how Paul must feel to be left out of the family business, and the monies from the sale of said businesses. All I can say is do your homework before you try to step on toes…you may end up with your foot in your mouth. And I will use MY real name…

  22. ANON Says:

    Everything about Paul Bodenweiser, MaxCal LLC are a matter of public record. Anyone who reads the web site Paul created can see the pure hatred he has for his brother. Thanks for clearing up why Paul’s angry and hates Eric. Paul got cut out of the family business, and didn’t get any of the monies from the sale of the business, life sucks get over it. What you posted sure sounds like a good motive for Paul to destroy Eric.

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