Brian Pettyjohn Ramping It Up !

  The newly announced write in candidate for Delaware’s 19th state senatorial district, Republican and former mayor of Georgetown, Brian Pettyjohn is wasting no time getting his campaign off the ground.

  Mr. Pettyjohn appeared on The dan Gaffeny Show this morning on Delaware 105.9 live at Jimmy’s Grille in Bridgeville.

   During that interview it was announced that Mr. Pettyjohn would be appearing later this morning at 11:00 on Delaware 105.9 with host Susan Monday. Mr. Pettyjohn also stated that a camera crew would be following him the entire day from WBOC tv as he went door to door getting out the message of his write in campaign.

  That didn’t take long now did it?


2 Responses to “Brian Pettyjohn Ramping It Up !”

  1. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    Personally? I don’t give a damn anymore. I tried and tried but you wahoos didn’t take me seriously. Not I hear all of this crap. It’s called slower lower FOR A REASON!!

  2. Duke Brooks Says:

    Brian Pettyjohn is a serious candidate with proven leadership skills. The Sussex County Republican Committee urges all voters in the 19th Senatorial district to vote for Brian Pettyjohn for State Senator, using the write-in ballot provisions on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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