Bill Colley Says!

Bill Colley said on his Facebook page this morning,

“After speaking with Eric Bodenweiser I get the impression he may withdraw from his Senate race.”
  One can only wonder what may have brought this on, but since Colley has been what you would have to describe as friendly to Mr. Bodenweiser, this can’t be waved off as just sour grapes.
  More to come, I am sure!

2 Responses to “Bill Colley Says!”

  1. Kevin Ford Says:

    Where to start with Bill Colley. When he put out this post, I responded with…Pettyjohn the clear choice now. Colley responded with a dig at Petytyjohn. I asked if Governor Brewer in Arizona couldn’t handle illegal aliens, how can a small town Mayor do it. Colley then slandered Brian’s employer. I responded with Brian is guilty by association…sarcastically of course…and want on to ask Bill Colley if he was responsible for Dan Gaffn by ey leaving WGMD. Colley responded by attacking Dan! Then this COWARD deleted my posts and only left his comments and blocked me from his page!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Kevin, I know that others were also blocked from that page, it would seem that mr. Colley is not a true believer in freedom of speech after all. Brian Pettyjohn may end up being the person who saves the 19th for the GOP. Time will tell.

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