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Where Is Jane Hovington?

October 30, 2012

  It is not hard to believe, that in all of the confusion and turmoil that has permeated the race for the 19th state senatorial seat, to understand how the Democrat candidate, Jane Hovington, might find it hard to gain any attention.

   Starting with the GOP primary that was surely contentious, leading to the complete implosion of the Bodenweiser campaign, that has brought us to the point, where after declaring as a write-in candidate, Brian Pettyjohn has now become the official republican candidate whose name will appear on the ballot on election day. This was solidified today as the Democrat appeal was defeated.

  But even considering all of the media attention that the GOP circus attracted, you would think that the Democrat candidate would at least try to get her message out to the voters of the 19th, especially now that she will be facing a serious GOP candidate.

  But what are the people of the 19th getting? Not much.

   There is a radio spot running on the local stations, but these ads are paid for by the Democrat Party of Delaware, and they do not even feature Mrs. Hovington’s voice. In the ad we are told that Mrs. Hovington is “one of us”, do you suppose John Atkins loaned that to her, or is it just the Democrat tag line?Kinda of reminds us of the O’Donnell, “I’m you” line doesn’t it? 

  The ad also make the monumental claim that Mrs. Hovington will go to Dover ad get rid of, “ALL”, the red tape. Not any particular agency, not any particular red tape, but “ALL” the red tape. But again it is a nondescript male voice that delivers this Democrat Party of Delaware claim, and at the end of the spot, not Mrs. Hovington’s voice telling us that she approves of this ad, nope, just some valley girl sounding female voice saying that the ad was paid for by the DPOD.

  The only other sign of Mrs. Hovington in the district that I have seen for myself is a mailer that came to my house. But once again the mailer was paid for by the DPOD. 

  But instead of the mailer really being about Jane Hovington, it is about how Jack Markell needs Jane Hovington in Dover to continue his one party rule. Okay the one party rule was my part.

   Again in this mailer, Mrs. Hovington is nowhere to be seen. There is a picture of Gov. Markell, there is a photo of a young attractive hispanic woman, a photo of a grandfather and his grandson on a farm, that look like any you might meet around Greenwood, and a photo of a shop owner who looks like Wally Cleaver all grown up.

  It has been my experience that when such mailers are done, the kind where a sitting governor endorses the candidate, it is usually done with a photo of the governor and the candidate together. Maybe looking as if they are pondering a serious piece of legislation, or standing talking to a group of people.

  But that isn’t the case here. So does it beg the question, where is Jane Hovington in her own ads? It also begs the question, is Jane Hovington campaigning at all? I haven’t heard any announcements of meet and greets, I haven’t heard of fund-raisers. I haven’t heard anything at all from Mrs. Hovington, except her ill-fated appearance on the Susan Monday Show where she was shown to have little or no  grasp of issues facing a large number of the people living in the 19th district.

  So is the problem that the Democrat Party realizes that Mrs. Hovington has no large-scale appeal in the district? Are they trying to hide this or something else from the voters? Have they decided to concentrate on a small core group of people to solidify her base, and will this be enough to win the district?

 It would seem as if the Democrats in general are actually running the campaign of Mrs. Hovington, and Jack Markell in particular, much in the same way he is running the campaign of Andy Staton for the 6th senate district.

 As a voter in the 19th, I intend to send the message to Gov. Markell that we in the 19th can choose our own senator, and we certainly won’t choose a candidate that the Democrats seem to be ashamed of themselves.



Come Out And Meet Brian Pettyjohn

October 30, 2012

   For any of you who had heard that there was a Brian Pettyjohn (R) meet and greet scheduled for tonight in Bridgeville, it has been rescheduled due to the weather and its impact on the area.

   The meet and greet will now be scheduled for 5:30-7:00pm this Friday, November 2nd, at the Bridgeville Library.

   This is likely to be the last opportunity for many in the 19th state senatorial district to meet the Republican candidate before next Tuesday’s election.

  I would encourage the voters of the 19th district to take advantage of this meet and greet to find out what a great candidate Brian Pettyjohn is, and ask him any questions you may have about his view of what is needed to get the state of Delaware back on track to recovery.


October 26, 2012

Need I say more? The decision has been made, Brian Pettyjohn is no longer a write in candidate, but will be listed as the Republican candidate for the 19th state senatorial district.


Last Chance?

October 26, 2012

 A law suit has been filed to have Brian Pettyjohn’s name placed on the ballot for the 19th state senatorial district seat as the Republican candidate.

  Mr. Pettyjohn is currently running as a write-in candidate for that seat.

   Mr. Pettyjohn, the Delaware GOP and the Sussex County GOP are the complainants seeking the right to have a Republican named on the ballot.

  This is most likely the last chance to have Brain Pettyjohn (R) listed on the ballot.

Is Jane Hovington ready To Be Senator?

October 24, 2012

    Today Jane Hovington, the Democrat candidate for the 19th state senatorial district, was a guest on the Susan Monday Show, on Delaware 105.9.  She will now be facing the Republican, Brian Pettyjohn in the general election on Nov. 6th, Mr. Pettyjohn is running a write-in campaign, so Mrs. Hovington will be the only name on the ballot for the 19th district.

   The host, Susan Monday, allowed Mrs. Hovington to use the first break of the show to tell the audience a little about herself.

   She told of her small business experience which consisted of running a daycare named, Small Wonder Ones Child Care Center. She went on to tell of her community activism, her words not mine, in which she  has been a mentor with the Indian River School District’s Character Academic Motivation Program (CAMP), an intervention program for troubled teens at Sussex Central High School that she co-founded four years ago.

  She also serves as a volunteer program director for Shechinah Empowerment Center, a Georgetown-based community advocacy organization that helps county residents earn their GEDs, operates a food pantry and assists prisoners re-enter the community following their release, among other programs. The center is run by her husband. In addition, Hovington serves as the president of the Lower Sussex County chapter of the NAACP, chairwoman of the Georgetown Board of Adjustments and a member of the Ellendale Civic and Community Association, West Side New Beginnings Inc. in Rehoboth Beach and the Indian River School District’s education coalition.

   None of this is news, since this is the very same bio that has been printed in any number of local newspapers.

  When asked why she wanted to run for the state senate, she again repeated what seems to have become a patented answer, “There are serious issues in the community that I don’t feel are being adequately addressed,” she then said. “I can’t just stand back and see the things that are happening to people in Sussex County and not try to make a change.”

  However, neither in the printed reports of her reasons for running nor this interview did she actually say what those serious issue are that she feels are not being, “adequately addressed”.

  In describing herself  she referred to herself several times as a community activist, Susan Monday asked her directly, ” is that the same thing as a community organizer like Pres. Obama?”, to which Mrs. Hovington answered, “yes”.

  So what are Mrs. Hovington’s qualifications to be a state senator? Well she did run a small business in an industry that is heavily subsidized by the government.

   She has worked in many community organizations, which may also rely heavily on government funding.

   She speaks of making sure that our children get the very best education possible, I am sorry but this has become little more than a nod to the teachers union that if elected the candidate will see to it that more government funding will be poured into  the system.

  So we can see that Mrs. Hovington has experience in seeking government support, but is she ready to work on the other side of the table?

  She has said that, “If elected, her main priorities would be to improve public education, provide more services to senior citizens and veterans, work to create more jobs and find ways to help families stay in their homes.” All laudable goals, but all would increase the size and scope of government.

  Well let’s consider a question that was asked of her by a caller to the show.

  She was asked about the law suit currently being heard in Maryland, where it is being charged that a local chicken grower is responsible for the polluting of a nearby waterway. The caller pointed out that the outcome of that case will have far-reaching ramifications on the Delmarva Peninsula’s poultry and farming industries. She was asked how she would handle such an issue if elected here in Delaware.

   While she stated that she felt that the growers should be protected, she said that Perdue should be held responsible and should suffer the consequences.

  This shows a lack of knowledge of how things work. If Perdue is forced to make even more changes to how they operate, then Perdue will pass the cost of complying to new regulations on to the growers and the consumers.  When coupled with her opposition to lowering the corporate tax, another position that would add both cost and burden to our state’s number one industry, one has to wonder whether Mrs. Hovington has enough understanding of the agricultural community, a community that makes up a large portion of  the 19th district, to represent it successfully in Dover.

  There is more to governing than just handing out money, there is more to governing than just seeing to it that special interest groups are pandered to.

  Governing includes making sure that government does not get in the way of the individual’s right to succeed.

  I am not convinced that Mrs. Hovington understands this.

Eric Bodenweiser Arrested

October 22, 2012

   Former candidate for the 19th state senatorial district, Eric Bodenweiser, has been indicted and arrested.

    Bodenweiser faces 113 felony counts, 39 charges of first-degree rape and 74 charges of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree; all charges involved a minor.

   According to the cape Gazette, Bodenweiser turned himself into the Delaware State Police and was arraigned in Superior Court and was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $250,000 secured bail.

   The alleged crimes took place between October 1987 and August 1990.

   Bodenweiser was the GOP nominee until rumors of these allegations began to circulate, forcing Bodenweiser to first disappear from the campaign trail, then suspending his campaign, then actually officially withdrawing from the race.

  I hope that our many visitors here who were upset that we would not put voice to the allegations now understand that due to the seriousness of the allegations, it would not have been prudent to spread a rumor.
Also remember that charges do not mean guilty, only that there was reason enough to bring charges.
I would also ask that we all remember that there are many lives at stake here.

  Here is a link to the cape Gazette story,

Open Letter In Support Of Brain Pettyjohn

October 19, 2012

  The following is an open letter from Mike Rowe. Mike is a local activist for all things concerning our Veterans. He felt strongly enough about the 19th state senatorial district race to send out this email to people in the district.

     I am writing this letter to ask for your help.  During the last several weeks we have all heard the unfounded and unproven allegations surrounding our friend and Republican nominee for the 19th Senate Seat, Eric Bodenweiser.  As a result Eric has officially withdrawn from the race and  needs our support and prayer for him and his family during these trying times.  This also leaves us without a candidate and I am asking that you join me in supporting Brian Pettyjohn, the current write- in candidate, and only Republican in the race.  I realize that some of you have your reservations regarding Brian, and him joining the race, in fact I had my doubts at first.  This past Monday I spoke with Brian and I am convinced that Brian is doing this for the right reasons.  I have known Brian for over 30 years, as we both attended high school together in Georgetown.  Brian has been endorsed by the Sussex GOP and it’s Executive Committee, and as the former mayor of Georgetown he has the experience, leadership, and commitment to serve the voters in his District.   He is a fiscal and social Conservative.  Friends….  We cannot afford to have Jane Hovington as the Senator in the 19th, as she will give even more power to the Democratic agenda in Dover.  She will push for more spending, higher taxes, and on her facebook page she identifies herself as a “Community Organizer” who believes in “financial equality”.  Jane is also the President for the Sussex County Chapter of the NAACP who organized the Trayvon Martin rally in Georgetown.  Friends….We must come together, put aside any differences we have, and rally behind Brian Pettyjohn.  I know there are those who feel that a write- in candidate cannot win, and to those who feel that way I ask you to look back in 2010 in Alaska.  Lisa Markowski won a state wide race as a write- in.  It’s going to be difficult, as we will have to flood the polling places on Election Day, and educate the voters on the write- in process, but we have no choice, unless you’re content in doing nothing while the Democrats gain even more control.  For those who are willing to help I am also asking you to forward this to anyone else who you feel can help.  Those of you who would like to help can reply to this email with your name and contact information.  Also, feel free to respond if you have any questions or concerns that I might be able to answer for you.  Time is not on our side so I’m asking for a swift reply.


Additional information regarding where Brian stands on the issues can be found by clicking these links: BrianPettyjohn


http:// m


Respectfully                                                                                                                                               Mike Rowe

                Greenwood, Delaware     




Bodenweiser Has Officially Withdrawn

October 17, 2012

 It was announced on local talk radio that the Department of Election has confirmed that Eric Bodenweiser has officially withdrawn his name from  consideration as a candidate for the 19th state senatorial district.

  Keep watching for further updates as to the effects that this latest announcement will have concerning the write-in campaign of Brian Pettyjohn(R) for the 19th district.

Sussex GOP Throws Support Behind Brian Pettyjohn

October 16, 2012

   It was announced by Duke Brooks, the official spokes-person for the Sussex County GOP, that due to the suspension of the campaign of the official Republican nominee Eric Bodenweiser, that the Sussex GOP would be throwing their support behind the write-in campaign of former Georgetown Mayer Brian Pettyjohn(R).

   Mr. Brooks announced that there had been an email polling of the Sussex Republican Executive Committee, that had resulted in the decision to now support the only Republican actively campaigning for the 19th state senatorial district.

   I can tell you that the vote was not even close, it was an over-whelming majority of 52-6. This in my opinion shows that the decision is in the view of the majority of the executive committee to be the correct decision under the circumstances.

   It would further simplify the issue if Mr. Bodenwieser would officially terminate his campaign completely, but at this time we must  move forward and  support and work for the election of Brain Pettyjohn(R) who is running against the Democrat, Jane Hovington.

  Mr. Pettyjohn offers a reasonable alternative for even the conservative Democrats who may feel that Mrs. Hovington is too far left for their taste. As for Republicans searching for conservatives to vote for, well I have spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Pettyjohn in recent days, and I find him to have a real grasp of the multiple issues facing the 19th district, from agriculture, the challenges facing small businesses, to property rights.

   I would encourage all voters within the 19th district to take the time to get to know Brian Pettyjohn (R) and to give serious consideration to writing in his name on election day.

  Those supporting Mr. Pettyjohn understand that this will not be an easy task, but intend to give it all they have and are hoping that this latest developement will encourage others to come out and help on election day at the polls to educate voters on exactly how to cast a write-in vote, not a complicated thing to do once it is explained. And we are stressing that voters must be sure to vote their entire ticket before pushing the vote button so as not to hurt other candidates chances of winning.

  Time is short, but this can be done.

Sussex GOP Position

October 16, 2012

  Duke Brooks, press officer for the Sussex County GOP is expected to make an announcement today stating the official position of the Sussex County GOP concerning the suspended campaign of Eric Bodenweiser for the 19th state senatorial district.

   The question is whether the GOP will continue to support Mr. Bodenweiser though he is no longer actively campaigning, or whether they will officially shift their support to Brian Pettyjohn(R) who is running a write-in campaign and is the only Republican who is actively campaigning for the seat in the 19th state senatorial district.

   Mr. Brooks announcement is expected to be delivered on the Susan Monday show on Delaware 105.9 this afternoon around 1:00. I would suggest that all who can tune in do so, and those who can’t, I will post my views here as soon as possible later today.