Republicans Need To Know

   I am writing this in order to head off more people contacting me and asking me, as if I have any inside information into this question, who will Eric Bodenweiser support and or endorse in the 37th State Representative district general election race?

   It was made public knowledge during the primary races that Mr. Bodenweiser was instrumental in ushering a life long Democrat, into the GOP primary to challenge conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King for the GOP nomination.

  This Democrat subsequently pulled out of the GOP primary and is now challenging conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King in the general election.

  Since Mr. Bodenweiser was successful in defeating his GOP primary opponent and will be running in the general election against Democrat Jane Hovington, and since the 19th state senatorial district which he is seeking, and the 37th state representative district over-lap, and since he ushered the Democrat into the race for the 37th, I think Republicans in both districts want and need to know where Mr. Bodenweiser’s loyalties lie.

  Will Mr. Bodenweiser side with the Democrat he was instrumental in aiding in becoming involved in the race, or will he show GOP unity and support the conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs-King.

  For the sake of the GOP, I would encourage (not that Mr. Bodenweiser is likely to heed my advice) to come out with a clear and definitive declaration of who he supports in that race, since he chose to place himself in the middle of it. No middle ground will exist since Rep. Briggs-King and the Democrat are on opposite ends of the important issue of rent control.

  I know that Mr. Bodenweiser claims never to read my post, so I encourage his supporters who do, to contact him and encourage him to settle this early, if as he says, he is interested in healing the party, after what was a bloody and contentious primary.

  Now I don’t expect Mr. Bodenweiser to come here and comment, I don’t expect a phone call, but maybe one of his supporters who talks to him, could come here and report “officially” his stand on this.

  Or better yet, to reach a much larger audience, maybe Mr. Bodenweiser could take the opportunity of showing up at Jimmy’s Grille tomorrow morning and appear on The Dan Gaffney Show 105.9 and make, as I said, a definitive declaration of support for either the conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs-King or the Democrat.

  I do hope for the sake of party unity, Mr. Bodenweiser settles this once and for all so that we can move forward and look to the business at hand, defeating the opposition, the Democrats.


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