Once Your Word has Been Broken, Can It ever Be Trusted?

   I am not sure how many people who read this will know exactly what I am talking about, but I feel the need to write it anyway.

   Many here in Delaware and Sussex County will know the story behind the “Take Back Our State” events, the “Bull Roast” was the first one that I participated in by helping to plan and organize . Others did much more, but I did show up and helped set up and tear down the tables and chairs. I sold a few tickets and did what I could to help.

  The “Take Back Our State” events were put on by, sponsored by, and benefitted a political action committee, or PAC, I will no longer help them by even giving their name, at least not right now, the future may find me being more vocal about this. This PAC’s organizers are fond of saying that they support, “good conservative candidates, or “real conservative candidates”. 

  Let me say that I support the organizer’s rights to form and operate this PAC, they have every right to spend the money they collect in any way they see fit. They can choose to support any candidates that they feel meet their arbitrary definition of “conservative candidate”.  People are free to contribute to this PAC in an effort to move the political world in the direction they feel is best suited to their personal views.

  The problem I now have with this PAC and its organizers, is that they misled myself and through me, others.  Prior to their last event this past summer people were told after asking specific questions about how the money would be used, said question being, “will any of this money be spent during primary races?” The answer was no.  When I was asking others to participate by buying tickets I was asked the same question and gave the same answer.

  Well it would seem as if their word has been broken as of this weekend, when phone calls were made by this PAC in an attempt to influence several primary races, one being a GOP race, something I and others were told would not happen.

  I attempt to always be as honest as possible with even those I oppose, because if I win by lying, then I haven’t really won. I expect the same from those who oppose me, I expect it even more from those who have led me to believe that we are at least moving in the same direction, even if we may not agree 100% on how to get there. Once that has been demonstrated to not be the case, how then do we trust each other in the future?

  One last thing on this issue, there has been either an accidental or deliberate blurring of the lines between this PAC and the GOP. Many who contributed to this PAC may have thought they were actually contributing to the GOP. This was because of the name of the PAC and the fact that when asked about the name it tended to change.

  I state again that the PAC has the right to use the money how they see fit, however when people are led to feel that they are supporting the GOP and that the money will not be used to breed division within the GOP, then they have a responsibility to uphold that trust and to keep their word and to be as open as possible about who they are and what their goals are. In this case I do not feel that they have even tried to do this and I am extremely disappointed by this, and I want to apologize to anyone that I misled by proxy. It will not happen again.



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