Eric Bodenweiser Refuses To Answer Constituent’s Question

  Okay, so I was the constituent, but I am in the district that Mr. Bodenweiser is seeking election within.

   It would seem that Mr. Bodenweiser feels that he need only answer the easy questions, or the ones that he wants to answer.

  Let us not forget that he refused to answer Dan Gaffney on air, when asked how he would vote on rent control, he actually made the statement that the voters would have to elect him to find out how he would vote.

  It has not been a week since I asked him while on the Bill Colley show several questions, to which he attempted to deflect, spin, and avoid to keep from giving direct answers to direct questions. Is this what the citizens of the 19th state senatorial district can expect if Mr. Bodenweiser were to be elected? In my opinion it is exactly what we could expect and more.

   The last time I had the chance to ask Mr. Bodenweiser those questions, my last question was whether or not he had recruited a Democrat to run in the GOP primary against Ruth Briggs-King, one of our more conservative republican incumbents. On that occasion Mr. Bodenweiser said no.

  In hind sight I realized I had asked the question incorrectly. By using the word recruit I allowed Mr. Bodenweiser to obfuscate the issue.

   The question I should have asked was whether or not he was in the office of the Department of Elections with Ms. Beth McGinn(D) when she registered to run against Ruth Briggs-King in the GOP primary.

   Well I got the chance to re-ask the question today when Mr. Bodenweiser was on the Jim Rash Show on WGMD.

  I specifically asked if he, Eric Bodenweiser was with Beth McGinn (D) at the office of the Department of Elections when she registered to run against Ruth Briggs-King (R) in the GOP primary?

  And do you know what he said? That’s right, he said that he was not going to answer that question. He said that he would not respond to me because I was working for his opponent. Okay, I have made no secret of that, but I am still a voter within the district that he is seeking election, and so, do I not deserve answers to questions that I find important?

  Mr. Bodenweiser has made statements that if elected he will always vote on all bills, because “not voting” is a failure to represent the voters. In fact I just received a mailer with that statement on it, when I arrived home tonight. Well how is not voting any different from not answering questions?

  Let’s think about his refusal to answer the question. If he were not in the office of the DOE with Beth McGinn(D) how easy would it have been to just say no? Or if he were there and truly believed that there was no problem being there, then why not just say, “yes I was there”.

  Instead he seems to feel that he can just decide what the voters need or deserve to know.  For someone whose ads are telling the voters that he Eric Bodenweiser “will always tell you the truth”, you would think he would be more forthcoming. Maybe the ads should say, ” I will always tell you the truth when I feel like it”.


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