Guest Post From Paul Bodenweiser

  What follows is a guest post from Paul Bodenweiser, the brother of GOP primary candidate for the Delaware 19 th State Senatorial District, Eric Bodenweiser.

  Paul Bodenweiser has on occassion posted comments making claims against his brother, I have decided to allow him this forum to once and for all set down his claims. This post is written by him, in his own words and is therefor his responsibility. He has stated that if there are any questions here within the comments that he will attempt to monitor and to answer them. I will most like not be involved, unless I myslef wish to ask more questions.

   “I truly regret that I didn’t do this two years ago but that’s a long story in itself. It is however what I call the legacy of which I had to follow when I did become involved in a particular elder’s life in October of 2004.

Because of a “quid pro quo agreement” made months ago that requires, on my end, to not use two names on my web site I’m writing this without using one particular name. The other side of that agreement was that upon receiving a check, lets say of $600 that a reciprocated check would be written to a campaign fund of my brother (is that campaign finance fraud?). That’s how ‘support’ would be bought. I got wind of it and thought I’d stopped it but then this ‘agreement was forced upon me. It’s a long story but the agreement was passed along and the only reason I’m holding to it is because I’m a man of my word and like the other ‘players’ in this dysfunctional family I’m now willing to play by their rules. Technically I’m not using either of the two ‘names’ and even though this won’t be appreciated it’s important that you know what I do so you can make an informed decision. That said let’s get down to business.

Let’s all keep in mind that my brother, your candidate, started finding his new religion in March of 1996 listening to radio preachers while cleaning out a mobile home that our elder had moved out of and into a new place near the ocean. By October 2002 he had changed in a way that our mother described as “a perversion of what she wanted for us to know as religion”. We were both born and raised as Episcopalians. I still am of that faith.

Below you will read the real truth about my brother as told to me by “the elder” concerning the sale of the business, how he acquired his wealth, and one other rather egregious attempt at taking everything the elder had left. At the end of this I will explain how, and when, I became aware of these incidents.

According to the only one that really knows why, and what, happened the businesses were sold basically for one major reason and a few other issues. The elder retired in the late 1990’s and allowed his son to take control of the business. The son had worked in just about every position and felt he was ready to take on the job of running the daily operations so the elder retires to his new home in another state. In time things aren’t going so well and the elder is still making decisions on an almost daily basis. Not being ‘retired’ he decides to put the business up for sale (I know from the ‘candidate’ when I was still talking with him that one store was losing money) because things weren’t going according to plan.

Let’s all remember that this was all in the time frame of which my brother was carrying on an affair with, known to him, a married woman. No wonder things were going to hell in a hand basket! Your candidate was playing the part of, and I’m quoting your candidate now, “A Captain of Industry”, just not getting the job done because he was involved with other distractions.

The business is quietly for sale for a long time with a few nibbles but along comes this one group and the deal gets serious and the ‘candidate’ starts to see that it might actually happen, so he becomes so uncooperative that he’s out of the negotiations and the deal goes through being done from another state by the elder. The candidate, my brother, has told a lot of people a lot of different reasons for how he got his ‘wealth’. I’ve heard and read ‘inheritance’ well that’s not possible. Apparently he’s told a few people that story. I could go on and on but let’s keep this short and get to the most popular ‘reason’ being that it was his share of the proceeds of the sale of the business? OK…that’s possible but not true according to the elder.

A quick, non legal description of a Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) or less formerly called a Family Limited Partnership (FLP) in real world legal talk but please wiki either, or both, if you wish, is a manner of passing family wealth through generations without really paying any type if inheritance taxes. I’m trying to keep it simple here but I studied these things for about eight months with my estate attorney and it’s very complicated. Only a few states allow it (Florida and Delaware among them) and the IRS really has “issues” with them and looks over them closely. Through the use of a Power Of Attorney (POA) the partnership is actually operated by the younger generation, but the wealth is still held by the older generation. Trust me on this but it’s really a lot more, but the younger generation actually deals with the day to day handling of whatever investments were ‘gifted’ to the newly formed LLLP which has the names of long past generations of grandfathers. DO I really have to give the names? Initials are AE.

OK folks this is how the wealth was “acquired” according to the elder. Once the POA was signed and in the hands of your trusty candidate the “Pillaging and Plundering of the assets” began and when it was finally stopped (I think by a ML assets manager in Dover asking questions of the elder) mass amounts of various assets had been, and I’m quoting again, “My assets had been plundered” and “we ended up with some kind of business interest together” (that being the younger and the elder). Apparently much was taken from the elder because as it has been explained to me for a long time that interest was dealt with between lawyers.

Anyone with any legal knowledge knows that with a valid Power of Attorney over another, you can do just about anything you want to that person. To the best of my knowledge and remembering how this related to me I think this all happened not long after the sale of the business which I think was in 2001, early 2002. I paid little attention to details at the time, as it really was none of my business, or interest.

If this isn’t a description of someone that is willing to do a backroom deal than what is?

Do your really want to ‘trust’ this guy?

If this hasn’t given you the opportunity to sit back and really wonder about why you can’t trust this guy, I’m going to serve up the mother of all the “you’ve got to be kidding me” things that is actually much more than just how things happened above and that I, if needed, can produce documents for proof.

In an envelope, from the elder, that arrived shortly after Christmas, two documents (one dated 11-3-04 and another dated 12-25-04)  made me wonder if something I had been told two years earlier was going to happen, actually had happened. Shortly thereafter another envelope from the elder arrived with a document dated 12-22-04 that made it clear to me that your candidate, and his wife, really did try to get the elder declared incompetent. No kidding readers! It all began to make sense now. The elder had contacted me (we had a limited relationship to this point) in mid-October asking if I would take your candidate’s place on his Board of Directors. I was truly stunned but after being told your candidate was going to be removed from the board, I figured why not? It’s his money and I’ll be his ‘yes’ man. I didn’t know much about the elder’s assets and holdings but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t add to my life if the candidate needed to be replaced. Actually and to perfectly honest I did a little happy dance after the call ended because I knew my brother had finally done something truly stupid and I was vindicated to a point, in my refusal to even consider talking to him again. He’d done it now….only I didn’t know what until later in the year and into the next.

Believe it or not in June of 2005 this was actually all confirmed to me by your candidate’s daughter when I had a spaghetti dinner at her home in Georgetown. She was not happy with her daddy not wanting to pay for her post high school education at Del Tech. There were other things she wasn’t happy about and I just let her talk. To say she was not a fan of the wife as well is putting it nicely. But what she did do, with my asking the right questions, was tell me how the actual attempt of trying to get the elder declared incompetent occurred. Turns out that it was a friend of the elder, having been visited by your candidate called the elder and blew the whistle on your candidate. When I’ve run this past the elder since, it’s never been denied, but made clear it wasn’t something to be discussed. That’s OK…I knew enough to see the picture of the puzzle without all the pieces available. I was sitting at that table truly STUNNED but kept her talking the whole time. OK, I confess, I used her for information. She was pissed off and I was listening.

It’s the real deal readers. When I call my brother EVIL I’m being really serious! If this isn’t a description of someone that is willing to do a backroom deal, then what is?

Do your really want to “trust” this guy? He will stab all of you in the back! He stabbed me in the back for years before the truth came out (as time usually allows to happen) but this was a whole new level for him and I have no doubt that the wife was a source for this, as she had worked in a legal office for many years and no doubt had seen a few “incompetency” cases let alone a probable LLLP formation as well.

  Believe it or not in late May and early June of 2002 my mother in her last month of life told me of the many things my brother and his soon to be wife had been planning for the elder (the back stabbing they were doing on my wife and I was enlightening but that’s not the issue at hand) and for the most part I wondered if it was the morphine and other drugs talking. She begged me to try and be a “good son” to the elder if in any way it became possible. At the time I didn’t have much of a relationship with the elder and we really weren’t on much more than speaking terms with occasional phone calls.

As stated it was in mid October of 2004 when I took a call from the elder asking me to replace my brother on his Board of Directors that I knew something was up. Not even a clue was offered but I said yes and two weeks later your candidate was removed form the board and almost immediately I was installed on that board. It’s his company and I knew my place was to be a ‘yes’ man down the line.

I have to move forward in years now and then go back in time. In late April or early May of 2009 the elder called and asked if I would be interested in becoming a partner in what he called a Family Limited Partnership (FLP) he wanted to go through a lawyer in Florida. To be honest I didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about, but I told him I’d look into it and get back with him. I called my estate attorney and when he returned my call we discussed it at length and he explained the pros and cons (mostly the IRS going over them with an intensity just short of an audit and it didn’t take much for them to open and audit) of what said was, in legal terms, a Limited Liability Limited Partnership. He offered me a book to borrow entitled “The Family Limited Partnership Desk Book” to read for a better understanding. I got started reading and it’s not an easy read by any means. I read and re-read most of the chapters and occasionally booked time with my estate attorney to go over things for a better understanding of what I was learning. He even tested me on two occasions! Time went on and I grasped everything except the accounting chapter and to be honest that just wasn’t going to happen for me. I don’t do accounting as it’s not my strong point.

By November I felt I had a good enough grip on it and time was closing on the end of the year and the FLP had to be formed by years end or everything my father had set in motion was going to be wasted. I went to Florida, I worked for days on end. We meet with the lawyer and she’s happy that I had a good grip on what needed to be done. We sign the papers and I head back to Tennessee and got started. All of a sudden the elder wants to pull the plug on the whole thing because of what my brother, your candidate, had done years before! I had done nothing but try to make this work and if he was pulling the plug I wanted to know WHY and what the hell my brother had done and literally forced the elder to tell me as much of the story as I could get him to explain. I wasn’t happy. My brother, your candidate, had left a legacy that there was nothing I could do to undo or allow the trust to make the FLP, or LLLP, whatever you want to call it happen. The elder repaid the funds I’d spent with my estate attorney (about $2000) but there was no way he could compensate me for the time I’d invested learning how to do it the right way. I learned a valuable lesson and from that point on being able to trust the elder started a downward slide.

Just a few months later I get the first of many emails and other communications about my brother, your candidate, going to primary Joe Booth for his Senate seat! It then became my duty to do all I could, on my own, to keep that from happening. Two years later I’m doing what I should have done then.

Let’s go back in time again. In June of 2005 while having dinner with your candidate’s daughter (discussed earlier) I learned about the attempt to get the elder declared incompetent by your candidate and his wife. When I had the elder explaining why he was pulling the plug on the FLP I brought up the matter of how they attempted the incompetency and this caught him completely off guard and he admitted it had happened but didn’t want to talk of it for long. But now I’d heard it from the elder’s mouth that it had all happened. Sad but true.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks. It all happened and if it didn’t the elder lied to me, as did many others and I just can’t believe that happened because it was all those pieces of the puzzle falling together over time that allowed the truth to be easily seen and admitted to by the elder one in December of 2009.

I apologize for not doing this in 2010. I should have and I regret it because the voters truly deserved to know the TRUTH about the candidate Eric Bodenweiser. Amazingly my brother, your candidate, and the elder speak on the phone a lot but as I stated earlier this is a truly dysfunctional family and that I’m in Tennessee with my own life and happiness that involves none of the back stabbing, double dealing and just plain old mean and evil stuff that involves being around my brother that I’m glad this is it for me. I’ve written the truth as it was told to me and it’s up to all of you to make your own decisions now.

If you have questions or comments feel free to write an email and I will reply at least once. Give me a contact number, and a convenient time, and I WILL CALL YOU to help better explain. If you’re with the homeowners group BEWARE of putting your faith in my brother the candidate, and his wife, as behind all he says, and sometimes does, he really likes living the high life and playing with the big dogs.

As I get ready to press the ‘publish’ button on this page a sense of relief is coming over me. I really should have done this two years ago and I apologize to ALL that read this now for not doing this in 2010. When I write that Joe Booth is a better man than my brother, the candidate, will ever hope to be, I’m really serious. This all really did happen and if you think he won’t do something similar if he ever gets elected to anything, I gave you all fair warning.”

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  1. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    I stand by it. I’d swear on a stack of as many versions of the bible you can stack. If he wins the primary just go to the first barrel you see and get ready for ‘it’.

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