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Narrowing The Message

September 30, 2012

  I have touched on this in the past, but due to recent election results and then an article at  Delaware Online detailing a recent fund-raiser for Eric Bodenweiser that featured former three-time candidate for the U.S. Senate from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, I felt that I needed to address it once again.

    While Mr. Bodenweiser may not be the only candidate out there who has been narrowing the message as I see it, he has been one of the most visible and out spoken candidates who seems in favor of making the conservative/Republican message ever more narrow.

   What I mean by this is that many like Mr. Bodenweiser seem to feel that to win an election, and more importantly if elected, that the best course of action is to carry a message that will have appeal to a select group of people.

  In Mr. Bodenweiser’s case it would seem from statements that he has made, that he wishes only to represent Christians if elected.  Now it is common knowledge that Mr. Bodenweiser has campaigned as a Christian conservative.  In the past I have stated that I am not exactly sure what this means, but I do worry that it will only alienate voters from the GOP and the conservative movement, who do not-self identify as such.

  At his recent fund-raiser in Georgetown,  Mr Bodenweiser put forth his views on how to best serve the people of the 19th Dist. and the state when he said, “In order to turn this nation around, we’re going to have to get the Bible back in our schools” , he went on to say, “When we win in November, it’s going to be because of all of us that hold to the principles and values that founded this great nation. That includes Christianity.”

  Now before anyone accuses me of being anti Christian let me say that I believe that there is nothing in the Christian faith that can be seen as detrimental to society, but that is my personal belief and while I try to live as best I can to the teachings of Christ, I recognize that I will fail to be perfect. As will we all.

  I also realize that this nation was founded by Christians and so it is clear that their faith led them and guided them and sustained them in their struggles for Liberty. However, this nation was not founded, “FOR”, Christians. It was founded for all men, of all faiths, and for all freedom loving people to live free or die.

  This is why as a Christian, and a conservative I am concerned with candidates and officials who seem to feel the need to tie the two together in a way that would exclude other faiths from being conservative, or at least to infer that though they may be conservatives, people of other faiths cannot possibly be as good a conservative as a Christian conservative.

  Let’s look at the statement of Mr. Bodenweiser, where he says he want to get the Bible back into our schools. What exactly does that mean and how exactly do we do that?

  We must first accept the fact, that yes our Founding Fathers did intend for our government and our faith to be separate, anyone who says otherwise is a NARC (not a real conservative). Let us not forget that our public schools are paid for by people of all faiths, and yes even by some of no faith at all. So I would ask Mr. Bodenweiser just how he intends to interject the Christian Bible into our public school systems without establishing a state-run religion? (NARC)

  Would he and those who feel as he does simply force Jewish and Muslim and atheist children to be subjected to teachings that their parents do not agree with, simply because they cannot afford to send their children to private schools? Or maybe we could create some special camps for them to be sent to?NARC

  It is this narrow idea that if you are not a Christian, then you are not conservative enough to be included in decision-making, or even in life choices, that has led to the narrowing of the conservative message, and so also in that message being received by fewer and fewer people.

  Mr. Bodenweiser is not alone in this view that Christians should be the only people in government. Obviously Ms. O’ Donnell shares enough of these views to show up as the headliner of a Bodenweiser fund-raiser and to contribute $600 to the campaign.

  But in the same way that our public schools are made up of a broad spectrum of people of many faiths and views, so is our government, so in the same way that I feel we cannot exclude other faiths from our public schools, or force them to sit quietly while a contradictory belief system to that of their own is taught as the only belief, this goes against the very foundation of this nation’s most sacred tenets. Neither can we say that only this faith or that faith is worthy to be called conservative and to be elected. (NARC)

  If we are to grow as a party, if we are to grow as a conservative movement, if we are to grow as a state and a nation, then the narrow message that Mr. Bodenweiser has put forth and which Ms. O’Donnell has endorsed, in my opinion is the wrong direction.

  In my view conservatism has broad appeal across all lines, be they lines of faith, lines of economic standing, lines of class, or race, but the message must be as broad as that appeal and it must be articulated by people who understand this. If the message of conservatism is delivered in this narrow form that limits it to Christians only, then it will reach only Christians and not all of them will accept it and some will reject it as do I.

  It is when we have NARCs  out there telling the people that they must be this or that, before they can be conservatives, that  we lose, it is when we tell people what conservatism really is,  that we begin to bring more people into the party and the movement.

  Personally I feel that candidates such as Mr. Bodenweiser and those who endorse them, such as Ms. O’ Donnell, are not only narrowing the message, but are limiting the number of people it will reach. I believe that when articulated properly, conservatism will grow and appeal to many people across all faiths.

  I would remind all people to remember, we are all children of Abraham.



Republicans Need To Know

September 13, 2012

   I am writing this in order to head off more people contacting me and asking me, as if I have any inside information into this question, who will Eric Bodenweiser support and or endorse in the 37th State Representative district general election race?

   It was made public knowledge during the primary races that Mr. Bodenweiser was instrumental in ushering a life long Democrat, into the GOP primary to challenge conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King for the GOP nomination.

  This Democrat subsequently pulled out of the GOP primary and is now challenging conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs -King in the general election.

  Since Mr. Bodenweiser was successful in defeating his GOP primary opponent and will be running in the general election against Democrat Jane Hovington, and since the 19th state senatorial district which he is seeking, and the 37th state representative district over-lap, and since he ushered the Democrat into the race for the 37th, I think Republicans in both districts want and need to know where Mr. Bodenweiser’s loyalties lie.

  Will Mr. Bodenweiser side with the Democrat he was instrumental in aiding in becoming involved in the race, or will he show GOP unity and support the conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs-King.

  For the sake of the GOP, I would encourage (not that Mr. Bodenweiser is likely to heed my advice) to come out with a clear and definitive declaration of who he supports in that race, since he chose to place himself in the middle of it. No middle ground will exist since Rep. Briggs-King and the Democrat are on opposite ends of the important issue of rent control.

  I know that Mr. Bodenweiser claims never to read my post, so I encourage his supporters who do, to contact him and encourage him to settle this early, if as he says, he is interested in healing the party, after what was a bloody and contentious primary.

  Now I don’t expect Mr. Bodenweiser to come here and comment, I don’t expect a phone call, but maybe one of his supporters who talks to him, could come here and report “officially” his stand on this.

  Or better yet, to reach a much larger audience, maybe Mr. Bodenweiser could take the opportunity of showing up at Jimmy’s Grille tomorrow morning and appear on The Dan Gaffney Show 105.9 and make, as I said, a definitive declaration of support for either the conservative, Republican Ruth Briggs-King or the Democrat.

  I do hope for the sake of party unity, Mr. Bodenweiser settles this once and for all so that we can move forward and look to the business at hand, defeating the opposition, the Democrats.

Thank You To All Of The Voters

September 11, 2012

   Well by now most will know that Joe Booth has been defeated by Eric Bodenweiser in the GOP primary for the 19 th state senatorial district. It was an extremely close race as most of us knew that it would be.

   I would like to thank all the voters who participated today in our democratic process, it is not perfect, but it is close.

   I met many wonderful people as I went door to door with and for Joe Booth.

  I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t terribly disappointed, I would be hypocritical if I didn’t say that I am terribly troubled and concerned by the results, because I am.

  The Joe Booth campaign worked hard to win and we came up short, no one worked harder than the candidate himself knocking doors and meeting people.

  I won’t try to dissect and find blame for why we were unsuccessful, I will only acknowledge that we were.

  Many may now expect me to say I was wrong in my opposition of Mr. Bodenweiser, I will not. I stand by every word written and spoken, I have no regrets for my support and no shame for my participation.  I still believe that  Mr. Bodenweiser, if elected, will be an embarrassment to the GOP, to the citizens of Delaware, and more importantly to Christians.  While I feel strongly that I am correct about the behaviour we could expect if he were to be elected, I would pray that I would be wrong, however, I can’t make myself even consider the possibility that I am.

  If at times during this race I have insulted or offended anyone, I am sorry, it was not my intention, I was and am passionate about this race and now its outcome.

  The citizens of the 19th district have lost a consistent conservative vote in Dover, and the result may be the election of a left-wing Democrat, Jane Hovington. I would like to thank Joe Booth for his many years of faithful conservative public service. While I have not always agreed with every vote or position he has taken, I respect him and have been honored to have supported and worked for him.

  The voters have decided, we will now have to abide by their decision and work harder when the time comes to set this right.


Once Your Word has Been Broken, Can It ever Be Trusted?

September 9, 2012

   I am not sure how many people who read this will know exactly what I am talking about, but I feel the need to write it anyway.

   Many here in Delaware and Sussex County will know the story behind the “Take Back Our State” events, the “Bull Roast” was the first one that I participated in by helping to plan and organize . Others did much more, but I did show up and helped set up and tear down the tables and chairs. I sold a few tickets and did what I could to help.

  The “Take Back Our State” events were put on by, sponsored by, and benefitted a political action committee, or PAC, I will no longer help them by even giving their name, at least not right now, the future may find me being more vocal about this. This PAC’s organizers are fond of saying that they support, “good conservative candidates, or “real conservative candidates”. 

  Let me say that I support the organizer’s rights to form and operate this PAC, they have every right to spend the money they collect in any way they see fit. They can choose to support any candidates that they feel meet their arbitrary definition of “conservative candidate”.  People are free to contribute to this PAC in an effort to move the political world in the direction they feel is best suited to their personal views.

  The problem I now have with this PAC and its organizers, is that they misled myself and through me, others.  Prior to their last event this past summer people were told after asking specific questions about how the money would be used, said question being, “will any of this money be spent during primary races?” The answer was no.  When I was asking others to participate by buying tickets I was asked the same question and gave the same answer.

  Well it would seem as if their word has been broken as of this weekend, when phone calls were made by this PAC in an attempt to influence several primary races, one being a GOP race, something I and others were told would not happen.

  I attempt to always be as honest as possible with even those I oppose, because if I win by lying, then I haven’t really won. I expect the same from those who oppose me, I expect it even more from those who have led me to believe that we are at least moving in the same direction, even if we may not agree 100% on how to get there. Once that has been demonstrated to not be the case, how then do we trust each other in the future?

  One last thing on this issue, there has been either an accidental or deliberate blurring of the lines between this PAC and the GOP. Many who contributed to this PAC may have thought they were actually contributing to the GOP. This was because of the name of the PAC and the fact that when asked about the name it tended to change.

  I state again that the PAC has the right to use the money how they see fit, however when people are led to feel that they are supporting the GOP and that the money will not be used to breed division within the GOP, then they have a responsibility to uphold that trust and to keep their word and to be as open as possible about who they are and what their goals are. In this case I do not feel that they have even tried to do this and I am extremely disappointed by this, and I want to apologize to anyone that I misled by proxy. It will not happen again.


Eric Bodenweiser Refuses To Answer Constituent’s Question

September 5, 2012

  Okay, so I was the constituent, but I am in the district that Mr. Bodenweiser is seeking election within.

   It would seem that Mr. Bodenweiser feels that he need only answer the easy questions, or the ones that he wants to answer.

  Let us not forget that he refused to answer Dan Gaffney on air, when asked how he would vote on rent control, he actually made the statement that the voters would have to elect him to find out how he would vote.

  It has not been a week since I asked him while on the Bill Colley show several questions, to which he attempted to deflect, spin, and avoid to keep from giving direct answers to direct questions. Is this what the citizens of the 19th state senatorial district can expect if Mr. Bodenweiser were to be elected? In my opinion it is exactly what we could expect and more.

   The last time I had the chance to ask Mr. Bodenweiser those questions, my last question was whether or not he had recruited a Democrat to run in the GOP primary against Ruth Briggs-King, one of our more conservative republican incumbents. On that occasion Mr. Bodenweiser said no.

  In hind sight I realized I had asked the question incorrectly. By using the word recruit I allowed Mr. Bodenweiser to obfuscate the issue.

   The question I should have asked was whether or not he was in the office of the Department of Elections with Ms. Beth McGinn(D) when she registered to run against Ruth Briggs-King in the GOP primary.

   Well I got the chance to re-ask the question today when Mr. Bodenweiser was on the Jim Rash Show on WGMD.

  I specifically asked if he, Eric Bodenweiser was with Beth McGinn (D) at the office of the Department of Elections when she registered to run against Ruth Briggs-King (R) in the GOP primary?

  And do you know what he said? That’s right, he said that he was not going to answer that question. He said that he would not respond to me because I was working for his opponent. Okay, I have made no secret of that, but I am still a voter within the district that he is seeking election, and so, do I not deserve answers to questions that I find important?

  Mr. Bodenweiser has made statements that if elected he will always vote on all bills, because “not voting” is a failure to represent the voters. In fact I just received a mailer with that statement on it, when I arrived home tonight. Well how is not voting any different from not answering questions?

  Let’s think about his refusal to answer the question. If he were not in the office of the DOE with Beth McGinn(D) how easy would it have been to just say no? Or if he were there and truly believed that there was no problem being there, then why not just say, “yes I was there”.

  Instead he seems to feel that he can just decide what the voters need or deserve to know.  For someone whose ads are telling the voters that he Eric Bodenweiser “will always tell you the truth”, you would think he would be more forthcoming. Maybe the ads should say, ” I will always tell you the truth when I feel like it”.

Guest Post From Paul Bodenweiser

September 4, 2012

  What follows is a guest post from Paul Bodenweiser, the brother of GOP primary candidate for the Delaware 19 th State Senatorial District, Eric Bodenweiser.

  Paul Bodenweiser has on occassion posted comments making claims against his brother, I have decided to allow him this forum to once and for all set down his claims. This post is written by him, in his own words and is therefor his responsibility. He has stated that if there are any questions here within the comments that he will attempt to monitor and to answer them. I will most like not be involved, unless I myslef wish to ask more questions. (more…)