Two Government Paychecks

  So Eric Bodenweiser is spending a lot of money to buy radio ads and to send out mailers to again sing his one and only tune against Joe Booth. And is it just me or is it starting to sound a little off  key?

  The new ads point out once again that Joe Booth now receives two government paychecks. I think by now there is no one in the county, nor the state that is unaware of that fact.

  But I wonder how many people realize that while Joe Booth has two jobs, Eric Bodenweiser has not had a single job since the family business was sold out from under him. And what is the first job he has applied for ? That’s right, a government job, he wants to be elected our 19th district state senator, and if elected his family would then be supported by two government checks, because his wife works for Sussex County, and there is still a question of  whether Eric is on his wife’s insurance policy from the county.

  So when Eric Bodenweiser is out there talking about Joe Booth’s two government paychecks, just remember, if Eric was to have his way, then his family would also be receiving two government paychecks.

   Look I don’t hold anything against a guy who wins the lottery of life by having money fall into his lap after his father was forced to sell the family business because evidently Eric was unable to run it. Actually I have heard from two sources that Eric was never really in charge, that at best he acted as a fill in cashier when others couldn’t make it in. Even though Eric is out there telling everyone that he was a small businessman.

   While Joe Booth has been doing his job, in both positions, Eric has been self unemployed, and how has he spent his days? Well he has been running around the county jumping out in front of parades. He spends his days talking on the local talk radio about how backroom deals are the way we do things in Sussex County, and suggesting that a councilman bribe the sheriff to make charges go away. He suggested that Republicans should take lessons from Democrats. All of which got him voted out of his position within the GOP, a volunteer position no less. He shows up at school board meetings and forces his religious views on everyone attending, whether they share them or not. He shows up at county council meetings and gets down on his knees and begs the council to do as he pleads. The self-professed conservative starts showing up and then joins a group whose only goal is to strip the property rights of land owners away and turn them over to government intervention, but doesn’t stop there, he then recruits one of their members to run a primary against another Republican, he actually drove her to register and went in with her for support, then that person becomes a Democrat and will run in the general.

  So you see while Joe Booth has been earning his two paychecks, Eric Bodenweiser has been out there doing nothing more than being the clown on a string. But now he has decided that he wants some of the government money that he has been condemning Joe Booth for, and with it and his wife’s paycheck, he too will be supported by two government paychecks. There will however be one glaring difference if Eric Bodenweiser replaces Joe Booth, Joe has never recruited anyone to primary a good solid conservative Republican, Joe Booth has never advocated that the rights of land owners be turned over to government intervention, Joe booth has never gotten on his knees to beg to solve a legislative issue, Joe Booth holds his religious beliefs dear, but does not force them upon others, Joe Booth has never suggested that anyone should solve a problem by bribing another person. Joe Booth has never stood on the Greens in Dover with a bullhorn and a music stand, because when you are respected you don’t need a bullhorn.

  Eric’s new ad ends with the tag line, “Eric Bodeweiser, he will always tell you the truth”, well that is a matter of opinion, and from personal experience I have a hard time believing that. And considering that he is on tape talking about sweeping things like drunk driving charges under the carpet, well can we believe anything he says?



2 Responses to “Two Government Paychecks”

  1. David Says:

    Ok, let’s get the facts straight.  Mr. Booth = 2 government paychecks.  Mrs. Booth = 1 government paycheck.  Let’s see 2+1 = 3.  Why do you feel the need to bring Mrs. Bodenweiser into your mudslinging?  Mr. Bodenweiser has had the decency to remain silent on Mrs. Booth’s government job.  And so what if Mr. Bodenweiser has not had to work since the family business was sold.  Isn’t success, what the American Dream is all about?  Frank, you are starting to sound like you have a weird obsession with Eric Bodenweiser.  Let it go man.

  2. FrankKnotts Says:

    David, Mr. Bodenweiser was the one who chose to make this election about paychecks. He chose this rather than talking about issues, if he had chosen to talk about issues, then we would be talking about issues right now. But Mr. Bodenweiser couldn’t talk about issues because he is weak and wishy washy on the issues, while Joe Booth is a solid conservative vote in Dover. So please remember who made this election about paychecks.
    As to the obsession question, I refer you to my post titled Obsession, yes I am obsessed in seeing that Eric Bodenweiser is never elected to any office, not because of any personal event, but because he is a fraud.

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