Fisker’s Frequent Failures

  I apologize for it taking me so long to address this matter, but life happens.

  It was announced on August 20th that the Finland based automotive company Fisker would be recalling all 2,400 of its model Karma, I hope the irony of that name is not lost on people, especially Delaware Jack Markell. Only one thousand of those have been sold.

  You will remember that Fisker was sold to the citizens of  Delaware by Gov. Markell as being the state’s way out of its unemployment troubles, a jewel in the green energy crown that Gov. Markell seeks to wear.

  Some may remember my previous post about the venture capital woes of Fisker and the relationship between the company Advanced Equities and the Markell and Obama administrations. In that article I laid out the seemingly backroom deals that led to Fisker being funded by both federal and Delaware tax dollars and the fact that the whole deal may have been a planned failure.

  Here is a link to that previous posting,

  The current problems facing Fisker revolve around fires and other mechanical recalls involving the company’s flagship vehicle the Karma, okay am I the only one that laughs everytime I say that?

   The Karma has suffered three recalls since its inception.  One recall involved a hose clamp assembly that forced the recall of 25o cars.

  In March of this year a Karma suffered an electrical problem while being tested by Consumer Report, now that is truly karma. The car was left on the test track as little more than a brick.

  The most recent recall has been brought about due to a fire. Originally the car’s battery pack was suspected, but it has been determined that the fire was caused by a cooling fan near the left front wheel. The fan is not produced by Fisker, well won’t that make you feel better when your expensive car and possibly your home burns down.

  This is the second time Karmas have been involved in a fire that has resulted in an investigation, the first is still under investigation which Fisker spokespersons say may never be settled. Not surprising since the battery pack is again the perceived fault of the fire. Such a determination would severely set back Fisker’s schedule.

  Of course if I was correct in my previous post this may all a part of the planned failure.

 Conspiracies aside, the plan for the old General Motors plant in Delaware to become an employer for Delaware citizens is becoming a long shot at best. It would seem as though the only beneficiaries of the Fisker deal will be Advanced Equities, Fisker, and the politicians who may receive donations from back channel sources, but the tax payers will be the biggest losers, and anyone hoping to get in on the investment at this late date, I would advise against it, you certainly don’t want to be the last sucker in.


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