Endorsement For Ernie Lopez

  There is to be an announcement today at the Hopkins Dairy Farm Creamery at 1:00 pm today  Aug. 17, 2012. The address is 18186 Dairy Farm Road, Lewes De.

  At that time State Senators, Colin Bonini and Dave Lawson will be announcing that they are endorsing Ernie Lopez, candidate for the 6 th state senatorial district, in the GOP primary to be held on Sept. 11, 2012.

  The following was a part of a released statement from the Lopez campaign,

  “Ernie Lopez is the endorsed candidate by several members of the Delaware General Assembly who recognize his willingness to fight for less regulation on small business, lower taxes and a complete elimination of the hidden sales tax, the gross receipts tax. Ernie Lopez is the conservative candidate running for election in the new 6th State Senate District in Delaware and he invites you to stop by and have a scoop of ice cream on him.”

  I would encourage anyone who is in the area today to make an attempt to stop by and show your support. I do apologize for getting this posted so late.


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