Republicans Beware !! The Libertarians !!

  For many Republicans the name Republican has meaning in regards to our values and principles. It is more than the name of our party. And while we share some values and principles with our second cousins, the Libertarians, we do not share them all, and certainly we cannot abide bu their views on some very important social and foreign affairs issues.

  Their seems to be an attempt by libertarians to infiltrate the GOP, be it on the national level by the Paul family, or here on the state level by a young man named Will McVay.

  Now Mr. McVay is very proud of his libertarian views and values, so much so he has chosen to run for the 32nd state Representative District as a “REPUBLICAN”!

  That’s right he hold his libertarian views in such high esteem, that he has chosen to run as a Republican rather than as a Libertarian.

  One has to wonder why?

  I happen to be friended on Facebook with Mr. McVay and I noticed a large number of posting of political cartoons that held Republicans in low regard while praising Libertarians, so I ask Mr. McVay why he was running as a Republican if he held the party in such low regard.

I had this to say to him,

  “Then Will I would suggest you stop with the general condemnation of the name Republican, or run as a Libertarian and show a real difference. Some may feel that you are using the brand Republican because you feel you can’t win under the Libertarian brand.Either way postings like this that tout Libertarians while running down Republicans, by a candidate that is calling themself a Republican is beyond hypocritical. For some of us being a Republican means more than just a name, it has real meaning as to principles and values, some that we do not share with Libertarians, and certainly there are Libertarian “values and principles” that many Republicans can’t abide by. So if you are so proud of your Libertarian views, then run as one, have the courage of your convictions, instead of simply being an agent of destruction.”

 To which his response was,

  “Either you’re wrong, and I’m an agent of renewal, or you’re right, and I WANT to be an agent of destruction. What the Republican Party has become by ignoring libertarians is something that warrants destruction. If it is by the GOP becoming more libertarian, fine. If it is by the GOP becoming irrelevant, fine.”

  So I would say to all Republicans in the 32nd district, if you hold the values and principles of the Grand Old Party as important, then I would caution you against supporting Mr. Will McVay, who has on many occasions stated that he would be glad to see the GOP destroyed.

  I would again suggest to Mr. McVay that if he loathes the GOP so very much, then hold to his Libertarian views and run as one, if those values are as strong as he feels, then he and his like should have no trouble defeating Republicans.

  One last thing, Mr. McVay also said,

  “I’m running as a Republican at the request of Republicans” ,

  well Mr. McVay would you like to name a few of those Republicans for us?

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