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Two Government Paychecks

August 29, 2012

  So Eric Bodenweiser is spending a lot of money to buy radio ads and to send out mailers to again sing his one and only tune against Joe Booth. And is it just me or is it starting to sound a little off  key?

  The new ads point out once again that Joe Booth now receives two government paychecks. I think by now there is no one in the county, nor the state that is unaware of that fact.

  But I wonder how many people realize that while Joe Booth has two jobs, Eric Bodenweiser has not had a single job since the family business was sold out from under him. And what is the first job he has applied for ? That’s right, a government job, he wants to be elected our 19th district state senator, and if elected his family would then be supported by two government checks, because his wife works for Sussex County, and there is still a question of  whether Eric is on his wife’s insurance policy from the county.

  So when Eric Bodenweiser is out there talking about Joe Booth’s two government paychecks, just remember, if Eric was to have his way, then his family would also be receiving two government paychecks.

   Look I don’t hold anything against a guy who wins the lottery of life by having money fall into his lap after his father was forced to sell the family business because evidently Eric was unable to run it. Actually I have heard from two sources that Eric was never really in charge, that at best he acted as a fill in cashier when others couldn’t make it in. Even though Eric is out there telling everyone that he was a small businessman.

   While Joe Booth has been doing his job, in both positions, Eric has been self unemployed, and how has he spent his days? Well he has been running around the county jumping out in front of parades. He spends his days talking on the local talk radio about how backroom deals are the way we do things in Sussex County, and suggesting that a councilman bribe the sheriff to make charges go away. He suggested that Republicans should take lessons from Democrats. All of which got him voted out of his position within the GOP, a volunteer position no less. He shows up at school board meetings and forces his religious views on everyone attending, whether they share them or not. He shows up at county council meetings and gets down on his knees and begs the council to do as he pleads. The self-professed conservative starts showing up and then joins a group whose only goal is to strip the property rights of land owners away and turn them over to government intervention, but doesn’t stop there, he then recruits one of their members to run a primary against another Republican, he actually drove her to register and went in with her for support, then that person becomes a Democrat and will run in the general.

  So you see while Joe Booth has been earning his two paychecks, Eric Bodenweiser has been out there doing nothing more than being the clown on a string. But now he has decided that he wants some of the government money that he has been condemning Joe Booth for, and with it and his wife’s paycheck, he too will be supported by two government paychecks. There will however be one glaring difference if Eric Bodenweiser replaces Joe Booth, Joe has never recruited anyone to primary a good solid conservative Republican, Joe Booth has never advocated that the rights of land owners be turned over to government intervention, Joe booth has never gotten on his knees to beg to solve a legislative issue, Joe Booth holds his religious beliefs dear, but does not force them upon others, Joe Booth has never suggested that anyone should solve a problem by bribing another person. Joe Booth has never stood on the Greens in Dover with a bullhorn and a music stand, because when you are respected you don’t need a bullhorn.

  Eric’s new ad ends with the tag line, “Eric Bodeweiser, he will always tell you the truth”, well that is a matter of opinion, and from personal experience I have a hard time believing that. And considering that he is on tape talking about sweeping things like drunk driving charges under the carpet, well can we believe anything he says?



Inside Voices, Please !

August 29, 2012

   Inside voices, please !  This is a phrase I am sure many, if not all of us are familiar with, whether we learned it from our mothers or from a teacher in elementary school.

   Most commonly this phrase has been used to settle down rowdy little children who have been playing outside, either on the playground or in the backyard. It is understandable that after being outside shouting across the playground or down the block, that children who have gotten themselves all worked up, can tend to take some time to settle down and again remember to use their inside voices.

  I use this analogy because I have noticed that many newcomers to the GOP have not yet remembered to use their inside voices. Now I am not talking about inside a home or a school, but inside the workings of the Republican party.

  The election cycle of 2010 in particular was a boisterous time for the GOP across the nation and in Delaware, maybe more so here in Sussex County, Delaware. Sussex was the base of the conservative movement here in Delaware, the place where the outsiders fought the hardest to become insiders and to have a voice within the party leadership.

 I count myself among them, and trust me I shouted as loud as I could with my outside voice demanding to be heard. There were quite a few of us and we used phrases like, grass-roots, bottom up politics, rank and file, outsiders. We challenged our counterparts within the party with phrases like, insiders, elitist, establishment and the all time favorite RINOS!

  We worked very hard to be heard, we would talk to anyone who would listen, and if they wouldn’t hear, then we would talk louder, we would accuse the party of being set against us, and in many cases the party was, there clearly was a mind-set of insiders v. outsiders. So we outsiders felt vindicated in using our loudest outsider’s voices. And we made some gains and suffered some losses.

   After the 2010 elections were over we kept right on shouting, especially here in Sussex, until we had forced leadership to listen and in some cases forced a change in leadership. Many of the former outsiders became insiders, I again count myself among those as well.

  We took on roles within the party, we became election district chairman, representative district chairman and even chairman and vice-chairman of the county committee, we became, insiders.

  When the election was over I asked someone of whom I had gained a lot of respect for, what now? He said to me, “now it’s up to you guys to rebuild the party”.

  I took this both as instruction and as a challenge and so became a working member of the Sussex County Executive Committee at the lowest level, an E D. I was not alone, many of my fellow outsiders took up the same challenge and answered the call. We were no officially insiders.

  I had been challenged in a similar manner several years previously to become more involved or stop whining, so I started coming to meetings, but did not right away feel I was ready to be a working member. After the elections and after becoming a member I felt I should start at the bottom and gain experience before seeking to move up.

 Others were not so patient, they sought out leadership roles immediately, and in some case seemed to use their positions within the party, simply to position themselves for a run at an elected office.

  However, even though they had become a part of the party, either as a working member or as a candidate, or as both, they still are running around shouting with their outside voices. They are still hyper – critical of all things GOP, they still portray themselves as above and separate from the party. they have no problem using the infrastructure of the party for their own benefit, all the while condemning the party.

  Either they have yet to realize that they have become insiders, the establishment, or they are as shallow and agenda driven as those they sought to run from the party in 2010.

  I hope that no one counts me among these few noisy children. I made a committment when I became a working member of the party, that being, to work for the good of the party, while not compromising my principles and values, but to move the party forward and to lend my voice to the choir, not to seek only the solo. Many do not see it this way. They continue to portray themselves as outsiders, and continue to use their outside voices to condemn and to berate all things Republican.

  In my short time as a working member of the GOP I have attempted to see with open eyes, while others have seen with their eyes wide shut. I have attempted to speak with a conservative voice, but at a level that does not offend or insult those with a less conservative viewpoint. I will continue to work within the party until such time as I feel that I can make no real change, and then I will again step outside, and trust me, I will again use my outside voice.

  There are some good people who simply have not realized that they are still shouting, even though they have come inside, there are others that have no idea what an inside voice sounds like and they never will. I encourage all to try to find their own inside voice, more people will listen to a whisper, than a shout.

 So to all of my fellow, former outsiders, inside voices please.


Fisker’s Frequent Failures

August 26, 2012

  I apologize for it taking me so long to address this matter, but life happens.

  It was announced on August 20th that the Finland based automotive company Fisker would be recalling all 2,400 of its model Karma, I hope the irony of that name is not lost on people, especially Delaware Jack Markell. Only one thousand of those have been sold.

  You will remember that Fisker was sold to the citizens of  Delaware by Gov. Markell as being the state’s way out of its unemployment troubles, a jewel in the green energy crown that Gov. Markell seeks to wear.

  Some may remember my previous post about the venture capital woes of Fisker and the relationship between the company Advanced Equities and the Markell and Obama administrations. In that article I laid out the seemingly backroom deals that led to Fisker being funded by both federal and Delaware tax dollars and the fact that the whole deal may have been a planned failure.

  Here is a link to that previous posting,

  The current problems facing Fisker revolve around fires and other mechanical recalls involving the company’s flagship vehicle the Karma, okay am I the only one that laughs everytime I say that?

   The Karma has suffered three recalls since its inception.  One recall involved a hose clamp assembly that forced the recall of 25o cars.

  In March of this year a Karma suffered an electrical problem while being tested by Consumer Report, now that is truly karma. The car was left on the test track as little more than a brick.

  The most recent recall has been brought about due to a fire. Originally the car’s battery pack was suspected, but it has been determined that the fire was caused by a cooling fan near the left front wheel. The fan is not produced by Fisker, well won’t that make you feel better when your expensive car and possibly your home burns down.

  This is the second time Karmas have been involved in a fire that has resulted in an investigation, the first is still under investigation which Fisker spokespersons say may never be settled. Not surprising since the battery pack is again the perceived fault of the fire. Such a determination would severely set back Fisker’s schedule.

  Of course if I was correct in my previous post this may all a part of the planned failure.

 Conspiracies aside, the plan for the old General Motors plant in Delaware to become an employer for Delaware citizens is becoming a long shot at best. It would seem as though the only beneficiaries of the Fisker deal will be Advanced Equities, Fisker, and the politicians who may receive donations from back channel sources, but the tax payers will be the biggest losers, and anyone hoping to get in on the investment at this late date, I would advise against it, you certainly don’t want to be the last sucker in.


Will Bodenweiser Be The Next Atkins?

August 21, 2012

    Anyone who has lived in Delaware for the last ten or so years is most likely familiar with the trials and tribulations of Rep. John Atkins, currently a Democrat, formerly a Republican.

    Rep. Atkins was considered one of the most conservative Republicans in the state of Delaware. He consistently cast votes that were in line with conservative views and principles. Some considered him a rising star within the GOP.

    However, Mr. Atkins seemed to be unable to stay out of trouble in his personal life. I will not go into all that has gone on concerning Rep. Atkins, other than to say that his personal misjudgments caused the GOP to ask him to step down from his seat in Dover. The party felt that he had so embarrassed the party with his conduct that they could no longer back him, he was encouraged by many, myself included to step down and then to run again and to let the voters decide his fate.

  That is exactly what he chose to do, only one problem, Mr. Atkins also chose to change parties and to run as a Democrat, a run in which he was successful.

  Some might blame the GOP for not backing Mr. Atkins and for allowing him to go over to the Democrats, but considering the problems that he has had since and the negative attention he has again drawn to himself, well one might have to say that the GOP leadership at the time may have done the right thing to distance themselves from that negative attention.

  I can’t tell you if there were signs of things to come that were known by some behind the scenes, things known while Mr. Atkins was still a Republican, things that should have led the leadership to  rein in Mr. Atkins, things that were ignored. But on the surface and to the public eye, all seemed fine and well.

  What this cost the GOP was a consistent conservative vote, though in all honesty his voting hasn’t changed all that much, except when the Dems really need his vote, but it did cost the GOP in the seat count.

  So ? How does this relate to current GOP candidate for the 19 th state senatorial district Eric Bodenweiser?

    First of all, unlike Mr. Atkins, Mr. Bodenweiser’s troubles are on full display for all to see.

   Mr. Bodenweiser has a propensity for saying and doing the most outrageous things, all in an attempt to attract attention to himself .

  Unlike Mr. Atkins who tried to keep a low profile, but who seemed to just make bad decisions, Mr. Bodenweiser seems to make purposefully bad decisions in an attempt to keep anything but a low profile, I’ ll get to the bull horn and music stand later.

  Eric Bodenweiser is so desperate for attention I am told, that he once had a temper tantrum because he was not asked to give an invocation at a function.

   When he shows up at meetings it is not enough for him to be recognised, it is not enough for him to simply stand and be acknowledged, it is not enough for him to stand and be acknowledged and to give a few words from his seat, no not for Eric Bodenweiser, Eric must come to the front of the room and stand at the podium, I’m sorry I ment stand at the pulpit. He then will most likely talk on his favorite topic, himself. He will tell you the tremendous things he has done since the last time he told you how great he is.

  I had said in an earlier post that Eric Bodenweiser is the guy standing on the corner as the parade approaches, he then jumps out in front of the parade and claims to be leading the parade. I still think that is a fair description of Eric Bodenweiser.

  He runs around Sussex County, showing up at meetings, going to the pulpit, and then later claiming to have started some movement, all he starts for me is a bowel movement.

  When Indian River School District was being sued, Bodenweiser started showing up and leading prayers during the public portion of the meeting, some might question if this was the best use of that public time. Some might question the prudence of imposing ones own religious beliefs upon all present at the meeting.  The one thing it did do, was the one thing it was intended to do, draw attention to Eric Bodenweiser.

  Later when the Sussex County Council was also being sued for holding government sanctioned prayers during their meetings, Eric Bodenweiser again showed up and held public prayers during the public portion of the meeting, Though he expressed his displeasure that the public portion of these meetings were held at the end of the meetings. Most likely this bothered him because not many people stayed until the end of the meeting, thus cutting down the number of people in audience for his performance, but never one to be accused of not letting the show go on, he continued to deliver.

  Now it is really not surprising that a person who feels the constant need to introduce themself as, and to describe themself as, even on their campaign website, as a Christian conservative, should be showing up and demonstrating in this manner. However, to constantly be describing oneself in this way, when running for elected office does beg the question, does Eric Bodenweiser see himself as superior in his Christianity to hold elected office? Also does this behaviour mean that Eric Bodenweiser doesn’t want the votes of  Jewish, Muslim and atheist citizens, not to mention those who adhere to Wicca. Does it also mean, if elected,  he would hold some sort of bias against any who did not meet his standard of Christian conservatism?

   Now I know what a Christian is, and I know what a conservative is (according to my own understanding), but what exactly is a Christian conservative? And why would anyone have to go around announcing either? In my opinion if you live a Christian life then people will respect you whether they know your faith or not, and if you are a conservative, then people will know it by the views you hold and the solutions you propose. Those who feel the need to trumpet either most likely doubt both themselves.

   Eric Bodenweiser’s next real foray into the limelight revolved around the issue surrounding the Sussex County Sheriff.  As most know the sheriff was seeking to expand the powers and authority beyond those of the office he was elected to hold. It seemed as if the issue was getting a lot of attention, so of course, enter Eric Bodenweiser.

  Eric chose the side he felt would win in the end, as of now we are still not sure if he chose correctly. He chose to champion the sheriff’s cause by brining a resolution to the Sussex GOP Executive Committee seeking the committee to encourage the County Council to give into the demands of the sheriff. To say the resolution failed would be an understatement. But once again you must remember, with Mr. Bodenweiser it is not about the end results, it is about how much attention can he draw to himself. The resolution was ill-conceived, poorly written, as if written in the parking lot before the meeting, and the concept that the Executive Committee had or should have any influence in the matter was childish, as if running to mommy to tattle on your big brother.

  But it gets better, after this,  another ill-conceived idea was hatched and a meeting was arranged between Councilman Vance Phillips and Sheriff Jeff Christopher, the two main antagonist in this Greek tragedy. At this meeting a fight broke out and charges were brought against Mr. Phillips.

  Once again a real headline grabber, speaking of which, enter Eric Bodenweiser, are you sensing a pattern here?

   Eric had been buying air time on the Dan Gaffney Show on the local radio station on Friday mornings, out of his own pocket, during which he would entertain all with the tremendous things he had done in the past week to promote the GOP. Now he would go through some lame disclaimer that he was stating only his own views, and then spend ten minutes talking about nothing but GOP politics, from GOP events (which he organized alone in his own mind) to talking about issues of the day, all while having been identified as a GOP Representative District Chairman.

  This is when the wheels came off the Bodenweiser train, (toot !, toot! ). When asked how this situation should be handled Mr. Bodenweiser said that these types of unofficial meetings (one might call them backroom deals) that end in fights, “is just how we do things in Sussex County”,  he went on to suggest that the councilman should offer to give into the demands of the sheriff, (one might call this bribery), to make the charges go away.

  Now the host of the show actually gave Mr. Bodenweiser a chance to walk it back, he didn’t, he tried to laugh it off. However on a later show with host Angel Clark he actually suggested that “we” meaning Republicans, should “take lessons from the Democrats” and “learn to sweep things under the carpet”, he went on to use the Brad Bennett (D) drunk driving case as an example. One can only assume that Mr. Bodenweiser, if elected, would be willing to look the other way in the case of an elected official being charged with drunk driving.

  Here is the link to The Angel Clark Show segment,

  These statements on both of these talk radio shows led to Mr. Bodenweiser being called before the Advisory Board of the Sussex Executive Committee, this board is made up of other R D Chairman, during this meeting the board recommended to Mr. Bodenweiser that he quietly step down from his R D Chairmanship for the good of the party, of course Mr. Bodenweiser is not one to give up the spotlight so easily, even after a vote of 6-1, Mr. Bodenweiser being the 1, he refused to step down. He should have taken a lesson from Mr. Atkins.

  Instead the motion was brought to the entire E C to remove Mr. Bodenweiser, now remember this is a volunteer position. Mr. Bodenweiser had the chance to be present and to make his case, but for once he failed to show up and take the stage, I guess he just didn’t have the guts to show up.

  He was voted out of the R D Chairmanship by a vote of  63-7, this shows that there was  no support for Mr. Bodenweiser and that the committee had enough of the antics.

  Now for a while he ran silent, some even began to wonder whether he may have learned a lesson from this event. Would he now tone down the wild rhetoric he had come to be known for? Would he take a more subtle tact when attempting to work on issues?

  Oh heck no!!

  There came another flare up of the sheriff’s issue when the County Council called on the Delaware General Assembly to redefine Delaware code to set strict guidelines as to the powers of the sheriff’s office. These sheriff’s issue flare ups have started to resemble herpes flare ups, you know not deadly, but annoying.

  So Mr. Bodenweiser took the occasion to again show up at a county council meeting to demonstrate his support of the sheriff, and one can only imagine how grateful the sheriff must be to have Mr. Bodenweiser on his side, because this time he showed up wearing a hard hat and telling the council and the audience how hard he had been working on the issue. He then proceeded to get down on his knees and beg the council to take back their request of the G A. One can only imagine why they were not moved to do so by such a theatrical performance, but they were not.

  Okay, now we have come to the point where Mr. Bodenweiser has again decided to challenge Joe Booth for the 19th senatorial seat. In his first attempt he lost by more than 120 votes.

  Mr. Bodenweiser found a way to stir controversy right from the announcement of his running, again on the Gaffney Show, when he would not answer a direct question about how he would vote on rent control for manufactured housing. He actually said that the people of the district would just have to elect him to find out how he would vote on it, though he had no trouble telling us how he would vote on the sheriff’s issue, another herpes flare up.

  So why do I believe that Eric Bodenweiser will end up like John Atkins? That’s easy, everything Eric does draws negative attention to himself and the GOP, he seeks out every opportunity to do just that. The GOP voters must ask themselves, considering his history of odd behaviour, how long if elected, before Eric Bodenweiser would be hauled before the General Assembly’s Ethics Committee? Not long considering that when asked what he would like to do first if elected, he said he would hold “conservative” press conferences on the Greens in Dover with a bull horn and a music stand(I told you I would get back to the bullhorn). So how long before he puts his foot squarely in his mouth once more, and once more brings shame and ridicule upon the GOP ?

  How long before he is run out of the General Assembly and out of the GOP again? How long before like John Atkins he decides to become a Democrat?

  Oh! Wait, he may have already become a Democrat. He certainly seems to be working for them more than he is working for Republicans.

  He will gladly tell you about the tremendous things he has done for the GOP, but he might not be so ready to tell you all that he has done for the Democrats.

  Let’s list a few. He has gone around Sussex finding any and all who will primary sitting Republicans, it matters not that the people in office may have been doing a good job or not. He has been involved behind the scenes in my opinion in finding someone to primary councilman Sam Wilson, one of the most conservative elected officials we have in the state, even I have run afoul of Sam from time to time. But Sam made the mistake in Eric’s eye to be on the wrong side of the Sheriff’s issue along with Mike Vincent another councilman now facing a primary.

  He even went as far as to dig up some one issue candidate from the rent control issue to run against Ruth Briggs – King in a GOP primary, he actually walked this person into register to run as a Republican. The person has since removed their name as a Republican and will now face Rep. Briggs-King in the general election as a Democrat, thank you Eric Bodenweiser. Also Mr. Bodenweiser has actually taken the Democrat stance on the rent control issue.

  While running an attack campaign against the sitting Republican incumbent Joe Booth, Eric was asked about the Democrat that is running for the 19 th district, Eric Bodenweiser had nothing but high praise for her. Hurt Republicans, help Democrats, seems to be Eric’s way.

  So has Eric Bodenweiser been laying the ground work for his ultimate change to the Democrat Party? Will he be the next John Atkins?

  One can only assume so based on his bizarre behaviour and his total  lack of self-control when in the public eye.

 Now the voters of the 19 th state senatorial district must ask themselves, do we really want to put the district, the state, the county, the party, the community, the people through the calamity of electing Eric Bodenweiser to any office where he would be representing all of us?

  I personally say no! NO! NO! NO! A THOUSAND TIME NO!!!!!!!!!


Endorsement For Ernie Lopez

August 17, 2012

  There is to be an announcement today at the Hopkins Dairy Farm Creamery at 1:00 pm today  Aug. 17, 2012. The address is 18186 Dairy Farm Road, Lewes De.

  At that time State Senators, Colin Bonini and Dave Lawson will be announcing that they are endorsing Ernie Lopez, candidate for the 6 th state senatorial district, in the GOP primary to be held on Sept. 11, 2012.

  The following was a part of a released statement from the Lopez campaign,

  “Ernie Lopez is the endorsed candidate by several members of the Delaware General Assembly who recognize his willingness to fight for less regulation on small business, lower taxes and a complete elimination of the hidden sales tax, the gross receipts tax. Ernie Lopez is the conservative candidate running for election in the new 6th State Senate District in Delaware and he invites you to stop by and have a scoop of ice cream on him.”

  I would encourage anyone who is in the area today to make an attempt to stop by and show your support. I do apologize for getting this posted so late.

Republicans Beware !! The Libertarians !!

August 16, 2012

  For many Republicans the name Republican has meaning in regards to our values and principles. It is more than the name of our party. And while we share some values and principles with our second cousins, the Libertarians, we do not share them all, and certainly we cannot abide bu their views on some very important social and foreign affairs issues.

  Their seems to be an attempt by libertarians to infiltrate the GOP, be it on the national level by the Paul family, or here on the state level by a young man named Will McVay.

  Now Mr. McVay is very proud of his libertarian views and values, so much so he has chosen to run for the 32nd state Representative District as a “REPUBLICAN”!

  That’s right he hold his libertarian views in such high esteem, that he has chosen to run as a Republican rather than as a Libertarian.

  One has to wonder why?

  I happen to be friended on Facebook with Mr. McVay and I noticed a large number of posting of political cartoons that held Republicans in low regard while praising Libertarians, so I ask Mr. McVay why he was running as a Republican if he held the party in such low regard.

I had this to say to him,

  “Then Will I would suggest you stop with the general condemnation of the name Republican, or run as a Libertarian and show a real difference. Some may feel that you are using the brand Republican because you feel you can’t win under the Libertarian brand.Either way postings like this that tout Libertarians while running down Republicans, by a candidate that is calling themself a Republican is beyond hypocritical. For some of us being a Republican means more than just a name, it has real meaning as to principles and values, some that we do not share with Libertarians, and certainly there are Libertarian “values and principles” that many Republicans can’t abide by. So if you are so proud of your Libertarian views, then run as one, have the courage of your convictions, instead of simply being an agent of destruction.”

 To which his response was,

  “Either you’re wrong, and I’m an agent of renewal, or you’re right, and I WANT to be an agent of destruction. What the Republican Party has become by ignoring libertarians is something that warrants destruction. If it is by the GOP becoming more libertarian, fine. If it is by the GOP becoming irrelevant, fine.”

  So I would say to all Republicans in the 32nd district, if you hold the values and principles of the Grand Old Party as important, then I would caution you against supporting Mr. Will McVay, who has on many occasions stated that he would be glad to see the GOP destroyed.

  I would again suggest to Mr. McVay that if he loathes the GOP so very much, then hold to his Libertarian views and run as one, if those values are as strong as he feels, then he and his like should have no trouble defeating Republicans.

  One last thing, Mr. McVay also said,

  “I’m running as a Republican at the request of Republicans” ,

  well Mr. McVay would you like to name a few of those Republicans for us?

NRA Endorses Joe Booth

August 15, 2012



Markell’s Fisker Folly, Fraud? Or Failure?

August 4, 2012

   Back in 2009 Vice Pres. Joe Biden came back to Delaware to announce that Finland based automotive company, Fisker, would be taking over the former General Motors Boxwood Road Plant near Wilmington, Delaware.

     Of course no announcement such as this by our own “Scranton Joe” could come alone, surely V.P. Biden had bigger news.

  At the announcement of the take over of the plant, an announcement attended by Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D), Republican Alan Levin, head of Delaware’s Department of Economic Developement, it was announced that the federal government would be guaranteeing a loan for $529 million .  Which as of now they have received approximately $193 million, and still not a single car has been produced.

  Not to be out done by the federal government in its attempt to socialize a private industry, our own Gov. Jack Markell, guaranteed another loan of $12 million to Fisker, which becomes a grant, if, Fisker spends $175 million renovating the old GM plant and shows that they created 2,495  jobs over a five-year period.

  In addition to that $12 million, The Governor promised another $9 million of Delaware tax payer’s money in a grant to offset utility bills for Fisker during retrofitting of the plant. As of now Fisker has received around half of that grant. This brings Delaware’s portion of the government funding of this private enterprise to $21 million, and still not a single car has rolled off the assembly line.

 In February 2012 it was announced that Fisker would be laying off around 26 employees at the Boxwood Plant, and even more at their plant in California.  These lay-offs were due to the fact that the federal money had come to a stop, due to the fact that Fisker was unable to meet set sales goals agreed upon to receive the rest of the public funding.

  Fisker stated that if the federal government did not renegotiate the terms of the agreement allowing the company to receive the money without meeting the set goals, then Fisker would be forced to move operations elsewhere.

  In late 2011 Fisker had raised $850 million in private equity, and even after the announced lay-offs, Fisker raised another $392 million which was announced in April of 2012. And still not a single car has rolled off the line in Delaware.

  In April 2012 when it was announced that Fisker had raised another $392 million, Fisker spokesman, Roger Ormisher was quoted as saying, “we are always in the market for equity”.

  This brings me to the point of this article. Has the Fisker deal here in Delaware been a failure? Or has it been a fraud played out on the people and tax payers of the state? And what was the original intention of the deal? Was it to actually produce cars and jobs in the state of Delaware? Or was it simply a Ponzi scheme to move both public and private equity around and funnel it back into the pockets of shady equity dealers and politicians?

  For right now I will focus on the way this deal has worked and those who have worked it, attempting to show the connections and the way in which this deal has gone down.

  At the center of this venture would seem to be a company known as Advanced Equities which is located in Chicago, Il. Take note of that for later!

  Advanced Equities (AE) is a late stage investment company.   A late stage investment company works by coming into a venture situation after traditional venture capital companies have invested, and usually after the company has been in start-up for quite some time.  A company like AE will then go out and find individuals to buy into tech companies before they go public.

  These individuals are usually not sophisticated investors, this allows AE to use the names of the known and reputable venture capital companies like Lehman Bros., Oppenheimer and Bear Sterns, to entice these buyers into believing they are getting in on a special deal.

  This allows the start-ups to find public money without going through the IPO process.

  Now some may be saying is any of this illegal?

  Well let’s look at the history of Advanced Equities, which was founded in 1999 by Keith G. Daubenspeck and Dwight Badger. The two met while working as brokers for the securities firm Oppenheimer in 1991.They formed a bond that continued  at Stifel Nicolaus, Lexington Securities and Madison Securities.

   While Daubenspeck was with Stifel Nicolaus the firm was ordered to pay a client $20,000 after she accused Daubenspeck of churning her account and selling her unsuitable investments. In 1993 Oppenheimer fired Daubenspeck for buying client leads stolen from a rival firm, which Daubenspeck blamed on office politics.

  While with the firm of Lexington, Badger and another broker were accused of pumping up stocks and a court ordered the defendants to pay $975,000.

   In AE’s first deal they raised $28 million for Pixelon. The video firm went bankrupt 18 months later after chief executive Michael Fenne blew $11 million on a party. Fenne was actually David Stanley, a con man wanted in two states for fraud. Pixelon’s insurer paid $2.6 million to settle claims.

   In 1999, AE was ordered to pay back  $327,00 of a $330,000 investment made by 73-year-old Constance Kamberos, who had invested in a company Hymarc. When Hymarc could not pay back the investment, Kamberos visited AE and had it out with Keith G. Daubenspeck, co-founder and chairman, who had her arrested. Kamberos accused AE of misrepresentation and arbitrators ordered AE to pay her the $327,000. AE then fired her broker.

  In 2002, eight months after AE put $4.5 million of client money into the video graphics firm Vision Tek, it went bust. AE was sued and, AE, and a supplier paid $3 million to settle the suit.

  Vision Tek investors were offered stock in AE backed Alien Technology if they wouldn’t sue, however they retained the right to sue, if Alien Technology did not go public by 2008, which it was unable to do, even at $6 a share. Former Vision Tek investors have filed arbitration claims against Daubenspeck and Badger claiming that they knew that  Alien’s finances were questionable from the start. AE has dumped over $150 million investor money into Alien and are still collecting more.

  AE’s fortunes seemed to take a turn for the better when in 2003 the company was asked by the firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers (remember this name also for later), to raise money for a storagemaker Agami. AE raised over $45 million for Agami and five months later the company was bust and even its employees couldn’t tell you where the money went.

  So this is how it seems to work with AE, they pump up the value of the investment, one way, by trading on the names of the earlier stage venture capital investors, and also buy these early stage investors selling their shares as part of the investment. The money from these sales would go directly to the earlier investors rather than to the companies. This allows the earlier investors a positive return on their investment, even as the companies go broke. It is the private late stage investors that are left holding the bag, these investors are known as the “last suckers in”.

   Now let us come forward in time to 2010.  Less than a year after V.P. Biden announced the take over of the Boxwood GM plant by Fisker Automotive and the fact that both the federal and state of Delaware governments would be forking over tax payer money to fund it. This is the year that AE established “Clean Tech LLC” to allow clients to invest in not only Fisker, but also Serious Energy and Bloom Energy. That’s right, Bloom Energy, which anyone in Delaware knows is another of Gov. Markell’s pet projects to force green energy down the throats of the citizens and in doing so, costing the tax payers and energy rate payers a small fortune.

   AE’s involvement should have been a big red flag to all involved, including the Obama administration and Gov. Jack Markell. By this time AE had a reputation within the equity industry that gave pause to traditional established investors.  Between 1999 and 2008 AE’s track record was around a 3.9% rate of success. In that time only six out of sixty-five of AE’s investments had been sold or gone public.

  Also in a 2008 Forbes article it was pointed out that at that time,  eighteen former AE clients, had filed arbitration complaints and separately, six brokers had alleged that AE had failed to pay them millions that they were owed.

  One has to ask how the federal Department of Energy and the state of Delaware could have missed all of this and could allow such a company to participate. I mean if you put Advanced Equities into a search engine the majority of what you get is about law suits and failures.

  In 2012 co-founder Dwight Badger was removed as CEO of AE due to a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) and a Security and Exchange Commission finding. AE was also ordered to pay a former broker $4.5 million.

   This decision involved Fisker, it also involved Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, a firm with close ties to the Obama administration. (Told you to remember that name, but wait there is more)

   The complainant in the case sought relief for commissions he was owed after raising funds for Bloom Energy among others. Bloom was Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers first green tech investment and the two remain close even now.

  Again in 2012 an investor sued AE and Fisker for failure to perform fiduciary duties and for fraud.

   The suit alleged that after buying $210,00 of preferred stock between 2009-2011, that in January of 2011, Fisker and AE demanded more than $83,000, “due to Fisker’s urgent need for equity capital”, or else the investor would lose privileges that came with his purchase of earlier stock.

   Now remember that this is right around the time that Fisker was about to lose the funding from the federal loan due to failing to meet set goals for raising capital.

  Now pay attention because we are getting close to the payoff, (pun intended).

   Fisker may be just the tip of the iceberg.  It seems as though the law firm of Debevoise and Plimpton that was  charged with oversight of the Fisker loan and another $5.9 million guarantee to Ford Motor Co. by the Dept. of Energy, well it seems as if that firm and its employees have a long history of support for Pres. Obama and Democrats.

  According to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, employees of the law firm gave $199,994 to Sen. Obama for his 2008 presidential campaign.  Over the last three congressional cycles (two-cycles for president including this year), the firm has donated $746,535 to Democrats and PACs, including $284,420 to Pres. Obama.

  The firms media relations manager is a former DNC fundraiser. One of the firm’s top lawyers served on Pres. Obama’s National Finance Committee, even hosted a fund-raiser for Obama at his home.

  Also over time Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers have donated $2.6 million to candidates, favoring Democrats by a wide margin.

   So I ask again, is the Fisker deal a failure or a fraud? Or both? Was it an intended failure which constitutes a fraud?

  Advanced Equities seems to be the hub of a Ponzi scheme that in the end has nothing to do with successful investments, but is more about sending money to the pockets of the political power bosses that create the demand for a green tech industry that would not exist without the legislation that they pass.

  I will be researching further in the future to see just who received donations from who and for how much. But I can tell you right now in my opinion there seems to be quite a few questionable ties between quite a few questionable people.

  We have an investment company, Advanced Equities, who has ties with a law firm Debeviose and Plimpton which has ties to the Obama administration,charged with overseeing the money that they raise. You have another VC firm Kleiner, Perkins,that has ties to the Obama administration which includes V.P. Biden, and Bloom Energy, which our Senator, Chris Coons is involved with through family relations. Kleiner, Perkins is also tied to Fisker.

  And while Advanced Equities seems to be the vehicle to launder private money back to the politicians and their cronies, the common factor here really is Delaware and Gov. Jack Markell.

  As governor, Mr. Markell is tasked with being the executive that should have his eye on the entire field of play. Gov. Markell has held up both Fisker and Bloom as shining jewels of both his administration and his goal of turning green tech jobs into the job creators that will move Delaware forward.

  When in reality they are neither. So it is up to the voters of the state of Delaware to ask this question. Was Gov. Markell a part of a con game to bilk private investors out of millions ? Just to have it end up in the campaign war chest of Democrats? Or was he asleep at the wheel as the investors and the tax payers were robbed of millions?

  Either way, Gov. Jack Markell has not earned a return trip to the state capital. He has either participated in one of the biggest shell games ever played on the citizens of Delaware, or he is completely incompetent. The one should earn him a trip to jail, the other should earn him a trip back to private life.

  And still, not a single Fisker car has rolled off of the assembly line!!