Brent Wangen To Make It Official

  Many of us have been hearing that Brent Wangen was going to primary Don Ayotte for the GOP slot for the 3rd councilmatic district of Sussex County, the winner will then take on incumbent Joan Deaver (D).

   It has been quietly whispered that Mr. Wangen would join the race and he has chosen to wait until the last moment to jump in. This should be one of the more interesting primary races.

   Mr. Wangen has campaign experience, as he ran as a Libertarian candidate in 2010 for the U.S. Congress and was unsuccessful.

  Mr. Wangen is exceptionally bright and a strict constitutionalist. Due to his libertarian adherence I have often had insightful debates on issues  facing the nation and the state. While we have not always agreed, he brings thoughtful, and insightful arguments to his case, and has always shown an ability to listen to opposing points of view with an open mind, while not sacrificing his own personal principles.

  Brent Wangen would make a powerful addition to the Sussex County Council and the debates leading up to the primary should be well worth showing up for, I know I am looking forward to them.


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