Anonymous Letter Pt. 2

   This is my second post on the anonymous letter that made allegation against Sussex County councilman Vance Phillips. The allegations were that he had an illegal affair with a seventeen year old female in 2010 while both were working on the Glen Urquhart for Senate campaign.

  As of right now, as far as I know, the Delaware State Police are still investigating the allegations, though both parties involved have denied the allegation.

  This post is not to discuss the guilt or innocence of Vance Phillips, we can do that on my previous post titled, “Anonymous Letter”, this post is to address the sender and or senders of the letter.

   I would like to mention that while we now seek to determine whether the allegations are true or not, the dirty little coward or cowards who sent the letter are sitting back and laughing and enjoying the political storm this has spawned. They were not seeking to protect the young girl, they didn’t care about justice, they sought only to carry out a political hit job, which is what they have done. And while I do believe we need to know the answers here, I am sickened by their cowardly behavior. They are scum for having known about this and for not coming forward, they are lower than low for using it for political gain or vengeance.
 It is not hard to draw a line between the letter and those who would have been motivated to destroy Mr. Phillips, the timing of the letter (following the hearing of the fired county deputy) is also telling in my opinion.
  These same people surely hold themselves up as conservatives and Christians, in my opinion they are neither. They are bottom feeders, they are leaches of society. They seek personal power and no cost is too high to attain it.
  They speak of integrity, of personal responsibility and they show neither in this anonymous letter. Let them come forward with evidence of the crime they alledged. Let them put their personal reputations on the line as they seek to destroy that of Mr. Phillips.

  Since I have no evidence of exactly who sent the gutless letter, I can only go on my intuition.  Since there has been a loud and vocal group of people who have used every carnival trick in the book to move their personal agendas forward, it is not hard to figure out who would seem to have the most reason to seek to destroy Mr. Phillips.

  These same people would have you believe they have the best interest of the people of Sussex at heart, yet they lack the courage to come forth to protect a minor, but would have you believe they would give their very lives for you if need be, to protect you from tyranny.

    They would ask you to support them in their quest for personal glory, while cowering in the dark to write unsigned letters, most likely this was not their first such attack.

   Someone out there knows who sent this piece of political excrement, I would call on them to out this person or persons, so that we can discover whether the allegations they have made are true or false.

   I would challenge the slug or slugs who wrote the letter to grow a set and come forward on their own, but I don’t hold much hope of that if I am correct in my assumptions of who it is, they have never in my view shown either integrity, courage, or the moral courage of their purely agenda driven rhetoric.



2 Responses to “Anonymous Letter Pt. 2”

  1. Jeff Christopher Says:

    Hello Frank, why dont you just come right out and say my name. Brother before you go spouting off, why dont you get facts, thats what people deserve RIGHT?. The FACTS are, I didnt have anything to do with the letter about Vance Phillips. There are many people who have motivations to do so. Vance made his own bed, now it appears he has to lay in it. Dont you think any public official who has made poor decisions will be publicly judged?? what makes Vance any different?? you have a motive to cover something up here?? public judement will always come as it has here. You and others like you are willing to throw whatever lie you can conjure up to create negative influence upon anyone who DARE go against your broken agendas, and glle over you own actions. Why dont you bring these things up when you see me face to face. Since I just learned of your comment about this issue this morning, Im responding to you here,now. Had I known it last night at the meeting, I would have addressed it then in front of everyone so they could here the crap you are spreading. Why dont you stop spreading rumor and stop making false accusations to cover for Vance Phillips. He had these issues before I was even Sheriff, so dont involve me into his fouled up life or the aftermath. As far as the letter is concerned, it appears it sheds light on something that may have been a crime, so its the responsibility of the authorities to investigate if indeed there was a crime. Stop pointing your finger at the writer, whoever it may be. Stop blaming people who are not responsible for Vances misbehavior. The attention should be on what may have happened to a child, not your stinking political agenda.

    Jeff Christopher

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Christopher I see that your comment was posted on the 17th of July, I hope that you find this response. I have been rather busy with family matters and have had to let my blogging go for a time.
    First let me point you to the fact that this post is titled Anonymous Letter Pt. 2, if you will go back and read Anonymous Letter, you will see that I addressed Mr. Phillips and the accusations made against him. This post was about the letter writer.
    I can understand why you might feel I am speaking of you. Also there are quite a few people in the county who have taken up your cause in order to move their own agenda forward, possibly I am speaking of them. In writing this post I was hoping to force out the letter writer, or someone who knows them.
    As for bringing this up publically, well I have no problem with that, since that is exactly what I have done here under my own name, which I give you credit for responding under yours.
    I think we both can agree that the letter writer did not have the safety of the girl in mind, that letter was clearly ment to ruin mr. Phillips.
    I owe no allegiance to anyone, but my God and my family and my nation. If you have read my other post surely you can see that protecting Mr. Phillips is not on my priority list.

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