When In The Course Of Human Events,

  With these words a nation was born. But what had led to this desperate act of courage on the part of the colonist?

   This declaration was the result of years of tyranny under the British Crown. Taxes placed upon  the people who had no say in the governance of their lives, a total disregard for the Liberty of the people.

   At some point all oppressed people will rebel, be that rebellion armed or political, a people who are oppressed will seek Liberty. They will demand the freedom that is endowed upon them by their Creator.

  This great nation was built upon this desire for Liberty, it has lived upon this foundation for its entire time of existence. However, we as a nation, with such a rich heritage of Liberty, now stands on the threshold of another moment that well may decide the future of this nation and its people, possibly the very future of the entire world.

  We stand ready to make a political decision that will tell the world whether the United States of America still holds true to the notion, “That governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”.

   We are now under a political administration that seems to have the  view that the people have neither the knowledge nor the right to make decisions concerning their private lives, be it about something as simple as a light bulb, or as complicated and personal as choosing health insurance.

  Will the people stand silent as this administration continues to erode, nay, as this administration lays waste to the core values that have long been our national heritage. The freedom to choose, the freedom to fail or succeed. Or will the people choose to continue down this road towards a life of servitude to a king known as government?

  I believe that the American people still possess the God born thirst for Liberty that gave life to a nation that has for over two hundred years been the light of Liberty around the world. I believe that the we stand upon the verge of another revolution, however instead of the “shot heard round the world”, we shall cast the vote seen round the world, and instead of the first battle being on the Green of Lexington, we shall begin this revolution at the ballot box.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Hi,Frank! It’s been a while since I posted anything on your website but lately I’ve been more energized into getting involved in whatever capacity I can to try and help change things on a local and even national level!
    How far have we fallen as a nation to let the likes of a President Obama,Harry Reid,Nancy Pelosi and that ilk try and ruin our great country driving it into the ground? As I travel around Sussex County and see certain levels of society I sometimes wonder why those folks on the lower end of income levels that would and perhaps have voted for an Obama candidate? Do they see the “pie in the sky?” Do they think government will care for them for a lifetime at the expense of the working class? Is class warfare the “flavor” of the day so these characters can exploit those that are not up on current events?
    I’ve been watching a series on the History Channel on our Founding Fathers and what they went through to found this great country. It sickens me as I’m sure those that read this see what an abomination this government has become! Man made bureaucracy as a caller to WGMD pointed out is indeed a a form of tyranny!
    As I heard on WGMD today,I am always ready to do what I can to make things right….

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