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My Obsession

July 17, 2012

  In the past when I have written about the state senatorial race for the 19 th district, I have been accused of being obsessed with the issue and of hating Eric Bodenweiser.

   Well, as I have said in the past, I have no reason to hate Mr. Bodenweiser, however, I have decide to embrace my obsession. So yes I am obsessed, I am obsessed with seeing that Eric Bodenweiser never sits his butt in a seat in the Delaware Senate.

   And to that aim, I sit my butt in this chair, to write about my latest encounter with the inglorious Mr. Bodenweiser.

   Last night was the monthly meeting for the 35 th Republican Representative District. This is a meeting open to the public, and so any and all are welcome, and there is no business done that would be considered secret. Though some of what goes on might be best left to the annals of history.

   There were several candidates for offices in attendance and each were given a chance to say a few words.

  Though most of the candidate, if not all, are involved in GOP primaries, they chose to talk about themselves, rather than focus on attacking their opponent.

  That is all but one, can you guess who? Mr. Bodenweiser took his time, somewhere around two hours (okay it only felt like two hours), to go through a campaign letter that was sent out by Sen. Joe Booth, line by line.  Seemed a little defensive to me, but when you have only one play in the game, I guess you have to keep playing it.

  Mr. Bodenweiser seemed especially bothered by being called a one issue candidate, this is in response to Mr. Bodenweiser’s harping on the issue of the state paid job that Sen. Booth announced following the last GOP primary in which Sen. Booth defeated Mr. Bodenweiser, and in doing so, won the general election as well.

  Mr. Bodenweiser was very clear that he was more than a one issue candidate, and then spent quite some time talking about that one issue. And continued to return to that one issue, time and time again throughout the long drawn out time that he spoke.

  But I have to give him credit for coming up with at least one other issue that he is passionate about, that would be what we conservatives call rent control, but what a RINO like Mr. Bodenweiser calls, rent justification.

  For someone who takes up a lot of time constantly telling people how he is such a big conservative, he has taken the most progressive stance on what is clearly a property rights issue.

  The rent control issue centers around S B 205, a bill that would force the legal property owners of trailer parks, OH! I am sorry, I forgot, RINOs like Mr. Bodenweiser like to use the progressive term, “manufactured housing developments”, it would force the owners to ” justify” raising the rent of their own property, they would have to go before a government committee, one that Mr. Bodenweiser would surely love to sit on, and open their books to the government and show that they have a right to do so.

  Now any real conservative would say that those who own the property should be allowed to charge whatever the market would allow, but not a RINO like Eric Bodenweiser, he wants government to step in and to decide how much a private citizen can charge for the use of their own land. Doesn’t sound like a conservative idea to me.

  Now as many may remember, Mr. Bodenweiser made an appearance on the Dan Gaffney Show on local talk radio WGMD, and on that show he was asked how he would vote on rent control, oh there I went and did it again and called it  what it is. Mr. Bodenweiser flatly refused to answer the question, would not so much as give a clue as to how he felt about it, went as far as to say that the voters would have to elect him and send him to Dover to find out how he would vote on rent control. Arrogance thy name is Eric Bodenweiser.

 But last night he announced that he had come to a decision, based on a telephone poll that he had paid to have conducted in the 19 th district. Nothing like having the courage of a poll to help you stand on your principles.

  While Mr. Bodenweiser was adamant that he was not in favor of rent control, he was in favor of rent justification, I have to conclude this since the poll he had taken used those two terms. Now splitting that particular hair might work for a RINO, a real conservative sees no difference between rent control and rent justification.

  So back to the polling data. Mr. Bodenweiser quoted the poll as being taken among 7,500 citizens within the 19 th district, he then said that 62.5% were in favor of rent control, OH! crap, he said they were in favor of rent justification.

  So once Mr. Bodenweiser finally decided to allow someone else to speak, he did allow questions. My question was about the polling. My question was who had been included in the poll, was it heavily skewed with renters? Was it heavily skewed with people who lived in the Long Neck area ? Was it heavily skewed with Democrats? I also asked if the poll was available for public consumption?

  Mr. Bodenweiser assured me and the others present that the poll consisted of all types of people, Republicans, Democrats, people from all over the 19th district and renters and land owners. And that the poll was available on his campaign website.

  So let us look at the poll, shall we?

  First off there is only a single question. That being,

  “Introduction: “Please answer this one question, one-minute survey. There is an idea for a law in Dover that would limit the amount a manufactured home lot rent could be increased through the use of the cost of living index. Any increase in rent above the cost of living index would have to be justified by the landlord having to show adequate cost and expense increases. People in favor of this idea are concerned with ever-increasing lot rents and call the idea Rent Justification. People against the bill are concerned about our government getting involved in the free market price decision process and call the idea Rent Control.”
  Now can someone please tell me how we know anything about the demographics of the poll based on that single question?  We have no idea whether those taking the poll are renters, or land owners, Republican or Democrat, we can assume that by their phone number they are in the district, but how do we know if the majority of those answering are from Greenwood or Long Neck? And when you start wanting to know these things about the “62.5%” these questions become even more important.

  It is the lack of these internal numbers that leaves one skeptical about the findings of such a poll. And one might also say that 7,500 people out of a district the size of the 19 th, with such a large geographical make up, may not be a fair barometer of the entire district.

  But wait it gets better, it seems that Mr. Bodenweiser may have left something out of his presentation last night ( I know! shocking right?).

  It seems that 7,500 phones were called, but only 537  gave answers (7%) this is average, so the web site says.

  Now of the 537 phones that answered the question, 150 had no opinion, so now we are down to the opinions of 387 people in the district.

  Of the 387 that answered, 242 agreed with SB 205 in favor of rent control (OH! hell I am just going to call it what it is), for a percentage of 62.5% of the 387, not 62.5% of 7,500. Doesn’t sound quite so impressive now does it?

 Now if Mr. Bodenweiser has more of the internals of the poll, I welcome them here, I know that many of his supporters read this site, though Mr. Bodenweiser would never lower himself to such a level. And maybe he wasn’t attempting to inflate the poll last night to try to make his point, but in my opinion this poll is little “JUSTIFICATION” for infringing on the property rights of legal land owners. The government should not be interfering in a legal and binding contract between two private citizens.

  A true conservative would not even entertain such a notion, even to pander for votes in the Long Neck area. But a RINO would!

  This is a link to Mr. Bodenweiser’s site for the polling.




Brent Wangen To Make It Official

July 10, 2012

  Many of us have been hearing that Brent Wangen was going to primary Don Ayotte for the GOP slot for the 3rd councilmatic district of Sussex County, the winner will then take on incumbent Joan Deaver (D).

   It has been quietly whispered that Mr. Wangen would join the race and he has chosen to wait until the last moment to jump in. This should be one of the more interesting primary races.

   Mr. Wangen has campaign experience, as he ran as a Libertarian candidate in 2010 for the U.S. Congress and was unsuccessful.

  Mr. Wangen is exceptionally bright and a strict constitutionalist. Due to his libertarian adherence I have often had insightful debates on issues  facing the nation and the state. While we have not always agreed, he brings thoughtful, and insightful arguments to his case, and has always shown an ability to listen to opposing points of view with an open mind, while not sacrificing his own personal principles.

  Brent Wangen would make a powerful addition to the Sussex County Council and the debates leading up to the primary should be well worth showing up for, I know I am looking forward to them.

Anonymous Letter Pt. 2

July 7, 2012

   This is my second post on the anonymous letter that made allegation against Sussex County councilman Vance Phillips. The allegations were that he had an illegal affair with a seventeen year old female in 2010 while both were working on the Glen Urquhart for Senate campaign.

  As of right now, as far as I know, the Delaware State Police are still investigating the allegations, though both parties involved have denied the allegation.

  This post is not to discuss the guilt or innocence of Vance Phillips, we can do that on my previous post titled, “Anonymous Letter”, this post is to address the sender and or senders of the letter.

   I would like to mention that while we now seek to determine whether the allegations are true or not, the dirty little coward or cowards who sent the letter are sitting back and laughing and enjoying the political storm this has spawned. They were not seeking to protect the young girl, they didn’t care about justice, they sought only to carry out a political hit job, which is what they have done. And while I do believe we need to know the answers here, I am sickened by their cowardly behavior. They are scum for having known about this and for not coming forward, they are lower than low for using it for political gain or vengeance.
 It is not hard to draw a line between the letter and those who would have been motivated to destroy Mr. Phillips, the timing of the letter (following the hearing of the fired county deputy) is also telling in my opinion.
  These same people surely hold themselves up as conservatives and Christians, in my opinion they are neither. They are bottom feeders, they are leaches of society. They seek personal power and no cost is too high to attain it.
  They speak of integrity, of personal responsibility and they show neither in this anonymous letter. Let them come forward with evidence of the crime they alledged. Let them put their personal reputations on the line as they seek to destroy that of Mr. Phillips.

  Since I have no evidence of exactly who sent the gutless letter, I can only go on my intuition.  Since there has been a loud and vocal group of people who have used every carnival trick in the book to move their personal agendas forward, it is not hard to figure out who would seem to have the most reason to seek to destroy Mr. Phillips.

  These same people would have you believe they have the best interest of the people of Sussex at heart, yet they lack the courage to come forth to protect a minor, but would have you believe they would give their very lives for you if need be, to protect you from tyranny.

    They would ask you to support them in their quest for personal glory, while cowering in the dark to write unsigned letters, most likely this was not their first such attack.

   Someone out there knows who sent this piece of political excrement, I would call on them to out this person or persons, so that we can discover whether the allegations they have made are true or false.

   I would challenge the slug or slugs who wrote the letter to grow a set and come forward on their own, but I don’t hold much hope of that if I am correct in my assumptions of who it is, they have never in my view shown either integrity, courage, or the moral courage of their purely agenda driven rhetoric.


When In The Course Of Human Events,

July 4, 2012

  With these words a nation was born. But what had led to this desperate act of courage on the part of the colonist?

   This declaration was the result of years of tyranny under the British Crown. Taxes placed upon  the people who had no say in the governance of their lives, a total disregard for the Liberty of the people.

   At some point all oppressed people will rebel, be that rebellion armed or political, a people who are oppressed will seek Liberty. They will demand the freedom that is endowed upon them by their Creator.

  This great nation was built upon this desire for Liberty, it has lived upon this foundation for its entire time of existence. However, we as a nation, with such a rich heritage of Liberty, now stands on the threshold of another moment that well may decide the future of this nation and its people, possibly the very future of the entire world.

  We stand ready to make a political decision that will tell the world whether the United States of America still holds true to the notion, “That governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”.

   We are now under a political administration that seems to have the  view that the people have neither the knowledge nor the right to make decisions concerning their private lives, be it about something as simple as a light bulb, or as complicated and personal as choosing health insurance.

  Will the people stand silent as this administration continues to erode, nay, as this administration lays waste to the core values that have long been our national heritage. The freedom to choose, the freedom to fail or succeed. Or will the people choose to continue down this road towards a life of servitude to a king known as government?

  I believe that the American people still possess the God born thirst for Liberty that gave life to a nation that has for over two hundred years been the light of Liberty around the world. I believe that the we stand upon the verge of another revolution, however instead of the “shot heard round the world”, we shall cast the vote seen round the world, and instead of the first battle being on the Green of Lexington, we shall begin this revolution at the ballot box.


A 4 th of July Message From Rose Izzo

July 1, 2012

I was contacted by the Rose Izzo campaign requesting that I post this short video, I would like to make it clear that I will consider request from any candidate, for any office.