Sen. Joe Booth Makes It Official !


Senator Booth Announces 2012 Campaign


Georgetown — Conservative Republican State Senator Joe Booth announced that he will seek re-election in 2012. Booth has served in the Senate since winning a special election in 2009.

“We need strong conservatives in Dover who have the backbone to stand up for conservative principles, and also have the respect to be heard,” Booth said. “In the past few years, the New Castle County liberals who control state government have gotten even more extreme. They don’t understand the challenges that taxpayers and small business owners face. I’ll continue to fight the liberals in state government and offer common-sense solutions to cut the size and cost of state government and get our economy moving again.”

Booth noted that he and fellow Senators Bonini and Lawson have come to be referred to as the “Row of No” for consistently voting against big-spending proposals.

“I’m proud of my conservative record in the Senate,” Booth said. “I fought against a $200 million budget increase. I fought to stop illegal immigrants from getting free benefits, and when Barack Obama shoved Obamacare down our throats, I was one of the few people in Dover fighting back.”

“As a University of Delaware football player, I learned a lot about blocking and tackling,” Booth said. “I’ve put that experience to good use in Dover, and when I’m re-elected this year, I’ll continue to fight for our conservative values.”

Booth is a life-long resident of Georgetown, where he works in education and is a small-business owner. He previously served as Mayor of Georgetown, Indian River School Board, and as a State Representative. He is active in numerous community organizations including Little League, Beebe Hospital, the Bridgeville Library, and his church, Wesley United Methodist Church in Georgetown.


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