Why Joe Booth ?

 I think I have made it perfectly clear that I oppose Eric Bodenweiser becoming my Delaware state senator for the 19th Senatorial District.

   I also believe that I have made it clear why I oppose him. Since he has no voting record, and since his views are built upon sand, and he is little more than a political parasite, I must judge him based upon his public behaviour.

  Anyone who lives in Sussex County, Delaware has no doubt heard many of Mr. Bodenweiser’s verbal faux pas, the list plays like a gag reel at the end of some 80’s B-movie.

  He has suggested that backroom deals are the way things get done in Sussex County, and endorsed the use of said backroom deals. He suggested that the Republicans  should take lessons from the Democrats, and learn to sweep the dirt under the carpet.

  But I have listed all of this and more in the past to demonstrate my opposition to Mr. Bodenweiser being elected to any office.

  I have chosen to endorse and to work for the re-election of Sen. Joe Booth (R) for the 19th Senatorial District in the GOP primary that Mr. Bodenweiser is challenging Sen. Booth. However I will not support Joe Booth simply to oppose and to defeat Eric Bodenweiser, though it would be tempting, my integrity compels me to seek reasons to support Sen. Joe Booth.

   The following are actual votes that Sen. Joe Booth has casted, pay close attention to the gambling bills since Mr. Bodenweiser is attempting to mislead the voters on Sen. Booth’s record on gambling.

  Considering that Mr. Bodenweiser has refused to answer how he would vote on certain important issues until after he were elected, it is truly helpful to be able to confirm Sen. Booth’s actual votes, especially when they are called into question by his opponent, especially when said opponent has had a tendency to, shall we say, manipulate the truth?

  June 22, 2011 SB 97  Rent control for manufactured housing – voted no

  May 11, 2011  SB 17 Medical marijuana – voted no

  April 7, 2011  SB 30 Same sex civil unions – voted no

   April 5, 2011 HB 19 To reduce punishment for drug possession – voted no

  January 28, 2010  HB 310 To legalize table games – voted no

  June 29, 2009 HB 212 Alcohol tax increase – voted no

 June 29, 2009 HB 210 Liquor license fee – voted no

 June 29, 2009 HB 291 To reinstate the estate tax – voted no,

 June 29, 2009 HB 198  National popular vote – voted no

 June 24, 2009 HB 121 Adding sexual orientation to Delaware anti discrimination laws – voted no

 May 8, 2009 HB 100 re-establishing sport lottery – voted no

 April 2, 2009 HB 107 Manufactured housing rent regulations – voted no

 May 5, 2008 HB 190  Sports betting – voted no

 June 29, 2006 SB 60 Sterile needle syringe exchange pilot program – voted no

  These are but a few of the bills that I have found where I agree with Sen. Booth’s voting, this by no means is to suggest that I agree 100% with his record. I doubt that I would ever find anyone that I could agree 100%. However from his record of actual votes, not just rhetoric from behind a microphone, I feel confident in my support for Joe Booth.

 I would encourage everyone within the 19th state senatorial district to research Sen. Booth’s record for themselves and to not rely on the word of his primary opponent. I am sure like myself you will find much more to agree with him on than to disagree with him on.



5 Responses to “Why Joe Booth ?”

  1. Joe Says:


  2. frankknotts Says:

    Joe don’t know if that was a joke or serious but either way, whatever. you have to look at your choices and choose.

  3. Paul Bodenweiser Says:

    RINO’s are Republican’s that don’t drink tea from the Kool-Aid jug.

  4. Roberta Says:

    Thank you for supporting Joe Booth. As a past 35 yrs resident of Georgetown (on N Bedford St across from the Booths’ home), I can personally tell you that the moral make-up of Mr. Booth far excells that of Eric Bodenweiser. Eric’s use of his FATHER’s nickname is annoying to me; it is a direct effort to use name recognition–he was never called “Bodie” in school. Those voters who want a true conservative, family man, will cast their vote for Joe Booth.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Roberta, thank you for that testimonial. Let me thank you also for your support of Joe Booth. You are not the first person to express your dislike for the use of “Bodie” by Eric. He actually was on the radio complaining that the Dept. of Elections would not let him file under that name. It will be through hard work and good people like yourself that we will re-elect Joe Booth, not simply to defeat Eric Bodenweiser, but because Joe Booth is a good conservative, not because he says so, but because of his voting record.

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