All In Due Time

  I know that many of you have by now heard of the unsigned letter that was sent to every member of the Delaware House of Representatives in which the anonymous writer makes a very serious allegation of a crime involving an elected official from Sussex County. The matter has been turned over to the state police and the Attorney General for investigation.

  I know that I have set myself up as a bit of a voice of Sussex County here, and you may be wondering why I am being silent on this. Well due to the seriousness of the accusation and the effect it will have on many lives if proven to be true, I am waiting for the Delaware State police to run their investigation into the validity of the letter and the accusations within it. If and when charges are actually brought, or if and when I feel the time is appropriate, I will be addressing this, because if the accusations are true then many people will need to be held accountable. I would also add that it is extremely important that the person who sent the letter be discovered, whether the accusations are true  and especially if the y are found to be false.

  I will not be allowing comments on this post since I would rather not have us guessing or pouring gasoline on what will surely be a large fire. I would thank you for not posting comments about this on any other thread here as well.  I will say that since I see this as an extremely serious situation, I will be tracking comments about this issue and will report to the police anything I feel is appropriate.

 Thank you all for your cooperation in this. I promise I will deal with this, all in due time!



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