Mobley! Mobley! Mobley!

   Well I attended and survived my first Republican state convention today as a delegate.

    The event was held at the Rehoboth Convention Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

   I am still new enough to the process to have enjoyed the experience.

  Let me dispense with the one moment of drama, this came at the point when a vote was called to seat the delegates to the national convention. In the first voice vote the nays carried and a district by district vote was called in which those in favor of seating the selected delegates won the vote. Let me just say that I truly believe that those who voted aye in the first voice vote did not do so with much enthusiasm because they felt that surely no one would dare to vote against the list of delegates and so the nays were able to send up a louder cry. Clearly by the final district voting, the room was largely in favor of seating the delegates as proposed.

  Okay now let me get to the good stuff. Kevin Wade for U.S. Senator, Jeff Cragg for governor, Sher Valenzuela for lt. governor were un-opposed, and so, were endorsed by acclamation. 

  The endorsement for U.S. House of Representatives was sought by Rose Izzo and Tom Kovach, the endorsement went overwhelmingly to Mr. Kovach in all of the regions.

 Some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, well in my opinion the real rock star of this convention, the person who generated the most enthusiasm was Ben Mobley who along with Jim Van Houton were seeking the party endorsement for the office of insurance commissioner. During the nominating and seconding speeches for Mr. Mobley a chant of “Mobley! Mobley ! Mobley! was raised from around the room.  Again the vote was lopsided for Mr. Mobley.

  This is a young man who understands the great pressure placed upon the families of this state by the cost and concern of  purchasing the many kinds of insurance that have become a necessity of life in the modern world. Not because he is a career politician and that is what he is supposed to say, but because he is a family man, with a lovely wife and two adorable little girls. And as the father of a daughter myself, I say a special prayer for any father of daughters.

  Ben Mobley is a bright young man with a vision for the office of insurance commissioner, but also a young Republican with a vision for the future of the party and a way forward to grow the party. I have had the chance to speak with Mr. Mobley on several occasions and I am thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and his energy to work for the people of  Delaware to reduce not only the cost of buying insurance, but also to reduce the stress of the unknown in buying insurance in Delaware.

  I would also like to acknowledge Jeff Cragg for what can only be described as the  act of a true leader. During his portion of the event where he would normally give an acceptance speech, Mr. Cragg chose to call all candidates in the room to the stage in a show of party unity. I believe this is the type of selflessness and mission first attitude that is exactly what we need in the GOP, but more importantly, it is exactly what we need in Dover in the office of the governor.  Mr. Cragg is very approachable and I recommend that every voter find the chance to speak with him and ask the hard questions, I think most will be pleasantly surprised.

  Now, just because the convention is over does not mean that  the process is over. Mrs. Izzo and Mr. Van Houton may choose to continue to run a primary. And let me say,  if that is what they choose to do, then they should do so with all of the vigor they can muster. And when the primaries are over,  the person who fails to win the nomination should follow Mr. Cragg’s example, and pull back together within the party and support their former Republican opponent, so that we can then defeat the real opposition, the Democrats.


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