This One Is For My Daughter

   I believe it was somewhere around the third grade when my daughter came home from school and informed her mother and I that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.

  Now of course this is most likely not that unique, but what is, is that she has never wavered from wanting to become a teacher. She is now in her second year of college with her major in elementary child education. And if I might say so myself, she is doing quite well.

   My daughter is blessed with a truly caring heart, she is what we need more of in the field of education, a person who wants to teach, not because it pays well or for the benefits, but because they truly want to teach children.

   Today she brought the following link to my attention and asked if I would post it, and like any proud father I couldn’t deny her. I also happen to agree with her. I can only imagine how offended my daughter must be to have people such as the teacher in the article, in the same profession that she has worked so hard to enter.

  Please read the article and watch the video and if you, like us, are offended that such a teacher could still be teaching then click on the second link and sign the petition to have the teacher removed.



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