Our Last Line Of Defense Against Tyranny? Really?

  It seems as if  the issue over the office of the sheriff will simply not go away. This may be due in part to the fact that some have decided to ride the issue for all it is worth in hopes of furthering their own political careers.

  Others support the idea of empowering the office of the county sheriffs with arrest authority under some misconception of constitutionality.

  And some have gone as far as to describe an elected sheriff as our last line of defense against tyranny. They  believe that somehow an elected sheriff is above all forms of temptation and corruption, the very same types of temptation and corruption that they believe all other elected officials are destined to fall prey to. They believe that an elected sheriff is somehow more accountable than are other elected officials. They actually believe that an elected sheriff will replace the voters responsibility of holding other elected officials accountable.

  The following are links to stories about sheriffs who have run afoul of the very laws they swore an oath to uphold. My point here is to demonstrate the vacuousness of this idea that elected sheriffs are anymore accountable or anymore above temptation and corruption.






  These are but a few, there are many more examples of corruption within elected sheriff offices. Of course this does not mean that all sheriffs are corrupt, but it does put to lie the idea that an elected sheriff is somehow a defense against tyranny, that my friends is the job of the people, this is why the Founders believed in, “We The People”, not “they the sheriff” !


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