Jeff Cragg In The 35th

   Last night the Republican gubernatorial candidate of Delaware, Jeff Cragg, paid a visit to the monthly meeting of the 35th Representative District.

  Now some believe that the 35th is the most conservative R D, in the most conservative county in Delaware, Sussex. I think that this is a view well-earned.

  I would have to say from my point of view, Mr. Cragg was well received by the majority of those attending, including myself.

   Seeing as it is early on in the campaign, this visit was more about laying out his campaign strategy than it was about addressing specific issues. For all of you Markell supporters hoping that I will now lay out that strategy, sorry, you will have to wait and watch it unfold.

  I will tell you that Mr. Cragg seems to have a good grasp of the whole playing field concerning the political landscape of the state of Delaware. He has surrounded himself with people from a diverse spectrum of political ideologies, and who have been involved in other campaigns. He is open to questions about his views, but seems firm in his convictions, but not to the point of being rigid.

  As Mr. Cragg spoke he received several affirming remarks to statements he was making. He ended with a question and answer segment, again giving the impression that he was truly interested to hear what the people were concerned with and attempting to show how their concerns could play into his campaign’s strategy to win, and explaining how some issues, while important, may not fit the game plan.

  We as Republicans must understand that to govern, we must first win. I think Jeff Cragg understands that very well.

  I don’t think I am giving away any deep dark secret that jobs and the economy will be at the fore of the Cragg campaign, as well we should expect, with the high level of unemployment in the state and the fact that as a state we are doing nothing to encourage new business to come to the state. Unless you consider dumping tax dollars down a rat hole called Fisker, encouraging new business.

  I would encourage all who have the chance to hear Mr. Cragg speak, take advantage of the opportunity, I think you will be impressed as I was, and as I think, many in the 35th were last night.


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