Guest Post By Rose Izzo On Obama Care

 The following is an op-ed piece from  Rose Izzo (R), U.S. Congressional candidate on her opposition of Pres. Obama’s health care bill and what she would do about it if elected.


Reasons why I would repeal ObamaCare

March 30, 2012 by Rose Izzo

  As a congressional candidate, I am opposed to ObamaCare. I believe Obama is destroying this country with these new mandated regulations that he is imposing on each citizens’ individual rights.  As a Congresswoman, I would vote to reverse this abomination of a bill. Healthcare should be left to the people of the United States and their doctors to deal with, like it has been for many years. Washington thinks that the health care issue should be solved by politicians and lawyers. However, I think not…Whenever my baby got sick, I never went to a politician or a lawyer, I took my child to a doctor. I believe that the health care issue can be resolved by the patients and their doctors through the free-market. Our government should not stick its nose where it does not belong. This government needs to stay out of our business because it is unconstitutional and steps on the 10th Amendment. We the People are being stripped of our liberties, forcing Americans to buy a product like health care whether they want it or not, and telling us if we don’t, we will have to pay a penalty. This is a violation of the interstate commerce act. Not to mention, but I will, it’s one step toward a government dictatorship. Let’s think about this for a minute. Could you imagine if the government gets away with forcing us to buy health care. That would open the door for government to force you to purchase other things. Obama is ruining American with his Socialistic ways. We need to repeal this 2500 page document before it is too late.

Secondly, as a Catholic, I am disgusted that Obama is mandating that the Catholic church must provide abortion coverage on insurance policies for employees that work for the church. This is wrong. Even the Muslim faithful and other faiths are upset about this too. It is wrong for Obama, or any other President, to be meddling in others’ faiths and Religions. And that’s got to be changed and when I go to Washington, I will change that.  I am not going to have Obama dictating to people of different religious faiths what they are supposed to do or not do. That is their decision that they make on their religious faith. Obama needs to stop telling us what to do, he is destroying and dividing this country and this needs to stop. When I go to Washington, I will vote to reverse all of his horrible policies.

Lastly, Obamacare is a mandate that is infringing on every citizens’ rights. Its main focus is to impose new regulations on the health insurance industry. It is unconstitutional for a government to force individuals to buy health insurance, or anything for that matter. This law will also make it difficult for doctors to care for their patients, forcefully giving them guidelines on how they will have to practice medicine and treat their patients for the future. Over time, these measures that the government is putting in place will ration medical services, limiting the tests that doctors can perform on patients and also limiting patients’ medications. Unfortunately, Obamacare and its effects will leave many sick individuals with diseases left to die. Sounds harsh, well it is… These newly-created bureaucracies are called Death Panels. These Advisory boards will be empowered by the government. These death panels then get to decide if certain procedures and treatments cost too much to treat sick individuals. If it is costly, then the government gets to decide who lives and who dies. If you are on Medicare and you depend on the government for your health benefits, and you are sick, again the government will decide if you will continue to be treated or not. This could be the end of the way we practice medicine as we know it. Under the Obamacare health plan, everyone loses their liberties. When I go to Washington I will vote to repeal this law.


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