Sussex County Council Meeting

 It was another Tuesday and the Sussex County Council met for their weekly meeting.

  As always they held the public portion of the meeting at the end of the morning session.

   As many of you are aware last week during the public portion, supporters of the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher, showed up in opposition of HB 290, this is the house bill that was sponsored and signed onto by every Republican legislator in Sussex County. HB 290 would once and for all settle the ongoing dispute over just what authority and powers the sheriff has under Delaware law.

  Last week the parade of sheriff supporters was led by Eric Bodenweiser, or as he may become know, “Bodie the Builder”, for the hard hat that he brought with him as a prop for his part of the public portion of the meeting. Mr. Bodenweiser was followed by a number of other citizens who spoke against HB 290, though none seemed to see the need for props.

  Well this week it would seem as if the parade that Mr. Bodenweiser had jumped out in front of took a wrong turn somewhere. While Bodie the Builder was back with his hard hat in hand once again, he was alone. However there were three persons who had come to speak in favor of HB 290, and one might even say, in opposition to the expansion of the office that Sheriff Christopher has been asking for.

  These were very compelling speakers, they spoke comely, they spoke about facts, and they called on the County Council to continue to support the passage of HB 290. Two of these speakers were Chiefs of police from Selbyville and Georgetown, the third was a correctional officer who came forward to tell of being, in his words, illegally detained by one of the sheriff’s deputies.

  I am putting a link at the bottom to the audio of the public portion of the meeting.

 I would call special attention to Mr. Bodenweiser’s portion at around the  3:52- 4:37 mark. It is this line of reasoning that is dangerous. Mr. Bodenweiser speaks in this time about what a good and honorable man  Jeff Christopher is, and as far as I know no one on the other side of this debate has said any different. It is this inability of the sheriff’s supporters to disengage Jeff Christopher from the issue of the office of sheriff. They seem to believe that Sheriff Christopher will be the last sheriff we ever have in Sussex.

 Please listen to the entire audio, it only last about twenty minutes, but it gives another perspective of the debate.



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