Sen. Tom Carper Doesn’t Get Debt

  Delaware’s U. S. Senator Tom Carper (D-De) was on the Bill Collie Show on Friday March 3o th and I had the chance to call in a ask him a question.

  I had heard news reports of legislation that Se. Carper was supporting and possibly sponsoring that would retrofit older diesel engines with emissions devices to reduce pollutants.

  My question to the Senator was how in these current economic times could he support such legislation, considering that each retro fit would cost around ten thousand dollars. My concern was that this would affect small business the most, since small operators are forced to hold onto their vehicles longer than larger operations.

 Well Sen. Carper certainly set me straight. He made it clear that this would not be a mandated policy, and that the federal government would most likely subsidize the cost of retro fitting, he was also hopeful that states would also kick in subsidies, lowering the cost to the individuals that “Chose to take advantage of this program.

  First let me state my usual concern for voluntary programs, they are often precursors to mandated programs. If the number of volunteers for the program is not up to th level that the government had hoped for, it is often thought the next logical step is to mandate for the good of the all.

 Of course the subsidies would still be available, and that leads me to the real point here. Sen. Carper obviously doesn’t get that we as a nation are in severe debt. He is still willing to spend even more of “TAX PAYER DOLLARS” to fund his pet environmental policies. Can we really afford to pay for such things at this time? Should we not be focussed on cutting spending, instead of this same old green spending.

  Of course the Senator and others will tell us of the jobs that can be created through this program. But how many really? And for how long?

 We can expect that the parts are most likely manufactured outside the U.S., so it will be install jobs and these cannot last, since newer truck are already mandated to have the higher emissions standards.

 This is just more of what we have received from Senator Carper over the many, many years of his being in office. He has no understanding of the current state that states and the nation are in. He is insulated for the cost of daily life and spends tax dollars as if they are his own.

 Also consider that higher emission standards lead to lower fuel mileage and the cost of $4 plus diesel fuel and we can expect higher prices for products and services that rely on trucks.

  It is time to remove the princes from their ivory towers!

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