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How I Became A Liberal

April 29, 2012

   My journey to becoming a liberal began many years ago. Okay, that sounds a bit pretentious, huh?

    I was not born a liberal, I became a liberal. No. That was too dramatic maybe.

   I was once called a right-wing radical and “wing nut”, but now I am labeled a liberal. That’s more like it.

  So how does someone manage to go from being considered ultra right-wing, to being called far left?

  Well in my case it happens by holding to my core values and standing on my principles.

  Some of you have been reading my ramblings for several years now and know where I stand on most of the big issues facing our society and our nation and our families. But I should give a little background on who I am when it comes to political ideology for those who may be reading here for the first time.

   When I first set out on this road that has led me to become the outspoken pain in the butt that I am today, I was still relying on the view points and ideas of others to form my own perception of what conservatism is.  I would call into the local talk radio shows and repeat something that I had heard elsewhere, and every time I came up against an argument that I couldn’t defend against, I would go back and research and read and listen until I had formed my own opinion, and could defend my position.

  I then progressed into commenting on blogs, and in much the same fashion would have to defend my positions and point of view. I have to actually thank those who disagreed with me the most, because of them I was forced to expand my circle of knowledge and to dig deeper to back up my assertions. I have always believed that we learn more by talking to, and sometimes arguing with, those we disagree with, than we  ever learn from simply hanging out with our fellow travelers.

  I was invited to become a contributor to a blog known for being a conservative voice, it was known then as First State Politics and later became Delaware Politics.  I now had creative license to write about any topic or issue that interested me from my own point of view. I no longer had to merely comment on topics that others felt strongly about.

  I soon drew the ire of the many left leaning, or liberals if you will, that came to the sight to defend big government, social decay, and a tax and spend fiscal ideology. I was called a neo-con, a wingnut, a racist, a homophobe, a person who wanted to starve sick children because I was against entitlements, I was said to want to destroy the very planet due to my disbelief in man-made global warming.

  I was considered so radically right-wing, that I was locked out without ceremony from further contributing to this so-called conservative blog, for a post I wrote on abortion.

  I then created my own blog and over time Delaware Politics changed hands and I was again asked to join the team, with complete creative freedom. I continued to write about the issues that were important to me and that I believed were and are important to others. I think I collected a fair amount of followers, some who agreed with me and some who clearly did not. My goal has never been to have everyone agree with me, my goal is to write my opinion and to hopefully challenge others to at least consider what I have written and that some, like myself, will be challenged to go back and research and read and come back and defend their positions with facts as well as opinions. In this way we may not change each others minds, but clearly we will expand each others circle of knowledge.

  Through the many hours, days, months, and now years of debating on the radio and the blogs and in person with people, I began to form a clearer vision of what I considered to be conservatism. I have never demanded that anyone agree with my views on this, but I do believe in what I believe. I hope that over these years I have grown and expanded my own circle of knowledge, because if we fail to grow and to move forward always seeking, then we are little more than a house plant. Though my wife seems to think I am one on the weekends, especially during football season. Something about taking root in that damn chair!

  As my vision of conservatism came more and more into focus I began to realize that conservatism is neither right nor left, it’s not really even a political ideology in my view. It is more a belief in ones own self. I call myself a straight-line conservative.  In my view, conservatism is the center, not of the political ideologies, what some people call “moderate”, but at the very center of  this nation’s value system. I believe that if we apply these core conservative values to solving the troubles that confront us, that we stand our best chances of moving this nation forward.

  So what are these core values? For myself, I see them as first and fore most, personal responsibility for your day-to-day life and needs, which leads into the second core value of conservatism, wanting a limited government overseeing that which the individual cannot achieve, such as national security. I believe we are a nation of laws and we must respect those laws, and work within the frame-work that our  Founders bestowed upon us, to change those laws we do not agree with.  Though we are a nation where much is decided by majority rule, we must have the fore thought to protect the Liberties of the minorities, for some day we may find ourselves in the minority. A conservative will not twist and spin the rule of law to suit their personal situation, to attempt to make the law conform to their needs of the moment.

  I believe that a large segment of this nation, one might even say the majority of this nation, hold most of these views in some form or another. That is why I say conservatism is the center, and that when applied without bias, can, and has and will attract those who may not agree one hundred percent, but who understand that these core values are the basic building blocks of our great nation.

  My vision of conservatism is still evolving, though I keep these core values at the heart of it. The issues change from day-to-day, but the application of these core values are still the solution in my opinion, even though by applying them, I often find myself in my own personal conflict with my human nature.

 On abortion, while I believe that choice is our greatest Liberty, I do not believe that this extends to the killing of another human being. On freedom of religion, while I was appalled by the idea of building a mosque near the site of The World Trade Center, I was aware that if we infringed on the Muslim right to practice their faith, then we would be starting down a road that could lead to the loss of all religious freedoms.

  So we are now at 1,212 words and that is only the background, I hope you are sticking with me, I promise I am getting to the part of how I became a liberal.

  With my vision and belief system of conservatism in place I began to involve myself in party politics. At first it was in the form of commenting on what others were doing within the two major parties. I was highly critical of the Republican party and the direction it was going in, especially in my home state of Delaware.  I again was challenged to do more than just talk about it, to actually get involved, ironically by the same person who had thrown me off of First State Politics, I can never thank Dave Burris enough.

 I took up that challenge and began attending meetings, I found little to change my mind that the party was headed in the wrong direction. As I am wont to do, I was outspoken about the need for the GOP to be more inclusive of the more conservative view points. Of course this was met with much resistance and I was again labeled far right and fringe and radical, not from so-called liberals or Democrats, but from people within the GOP. I was told that my views on the issues would alienate the more moderate among the GOP and would actually help the liberals and Democrats.

  During this time I never suggested that anyone should be run out of the GOP, that was unless they felt so strongly that the party  had moved too far right, too far from that center of conservatism. My goal was not to remove people from the party, maybe from office, but not from the party. My goal was to bring more people into the party by creating an environment that would allow all the varying voices and factions of conservatism to be heard. Because while I believe conservatism is the true center, I recognize that there are actually factions of conservatism and that if the GOP intends to be the standard-bearer of conservatism as a whole, then we must all understand this fact and work together.

  I continued to find ways to become more involved, I showed up to candidate forums, went to county meetings, became involved in campaigns to elect people I thought shared my values, until I finally took the leap and became a member of the GOP, not just as a voter, but actually joined the Sussex County Executive Committee.

  However I am not unique in this journey, at the same time that I was making my way into the party to give voice to my views of conservatism, there were many others doing the same thing, some for the same reasons as myself, others for their own reasons. One could call this a movement I guess. I continued to be myself, to speak out, to write, and to hold to my core values. Again, many times the issues change, but the application of my values never has.

  So, where I had been labeled a right-wing radical before, where I had been called far right, I was now surrounded by people who I believed felt in large part as I did and who shared, if not all of my core values, then many of them, at least enough of them so that we could work together to move the party and the nation forward in a conservative direction.

  This brings us to how I became a liberal. While I continued on my straight line of conservatism, applying my core values to all issues, even when this went against my natural human nature and inclinations to adjust them to suit my desires, others who had come into the party at the same time, for what I thought were the same reasons, decided to turn right and to just keep turning right. The problem is, if you continue turning right you end up back where you started. In this case you end up being intolerant of the views of others.

  This is what has happened to me.  Though I pushed and shoved to get into the party, to make my voice heard, I never wanted to push others out. However, there are some who pushed and shoved to get in and now they are still pushing and shoving, not to get in, but to push and shove others out, and then to lock the door. Some of these people are people who sang high praise for my application of my core values, when such application was in agreement with them. But now, because they are willing to adjust their values to suit their desires and have given into their human nature and inclinations, they now call me a liberal.

  The political reality is that a party made up of a single faction of conservatism is not a party, it is a club. And a very small club. A party that has any chance of success must grow, it must hold to core values while understanding that a core is surrounded by many layers. Much like the core of the earth is surrounded by multiple layers of varying elements that make up the whole.

  There is currently a faction within the GOP, I believe a small faction, that is attempting to purify the party so that they become the gate keepers. This is exactly the mentality that I fought against as I became more involved, but at that time it was a faction that was of a more moderate ideology who felt they had all the answers and were unwilling to include, let alone listen to the ideas of the more conservative among the party.

  So as I said earlier, if you keep turning right, you come back to where you began, in this case we are now seeing those who kept turning right trying to push out and lock out the more moderate of the party. They have become that which they professed to be against, elitist.

  So that is how I went from being a right-wing radical, to being a liberal. Not by changing my values, but by holding to them. I have to admit, I have been guilty of labeling others, so maybe this is karma. I would hope that while over my life in general, and my political life in particular, that I have been open to new ideas, to learning and expanding my circle of knowledge, and if others are incapable or unwilling to recognize that life is not where you stand, it is where you are headed and that the road has many turns, then I feel sorry for them, because they are missing some mighty pretty scenery.

  In closing, let me say that I believe that the fact that many on the so-called left and also many on the so-called right often both agree with me and disagree with me, tells me that I am exactly where I believe conservatism lives, in the center, at the core, moving forward in a straight line. So I again thank not only those who agree with me, but those who disagree with me, because both have helped me to expand my circle of knowledge.




Mobley! Mobley! Mobley!

April 28, 2012

   Well I attended and survived my first Republican state convention today as a delegate.

    The event was held at the Rehoboth Convention Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

   I am still new enough to the process to have enjoyed the experience.

  Let me dispense with the one moment of drama, this came at the point when a vote was called to seat the delegates to the national convention. In the first voice vote the nays carried and a district by district vote was called in which those in favor of seating the selected delegates won the vote. Let me just say that I truly believe that those who voted aye in the first voice vote did not do so with much enthusiasm because they felt that surely no one would dare to vote against the list of delegates and so the nays were able to send up a louder cry. Clearly by the final district voting, the room was largely in favor of seating the delegates as proposed.

  Okay now let me get to the good stuff. Kevin Wade for U.S. Senator, Jeff Cragg for governor, Sher Valenzuela for lt. governor were un-opposed, and so, were endorsed by acclamation. 

  The endorsement for U.S. House of Representatives was sought by Rose Izzo and Tom Kovach, the endorsement went overwhelmingly to Mr. Kovach in all of the regions.

 Some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, well in my opinion the real rock star of this convention, the person who generated the most enthusiasm was Ben Mobley who along with Jim Van Houton were seeking the party endorsement for the office of insurance commissioner. During the nominating and seconding speeches for Mr. Mobley a chant of “Mobley! Mobley ! Mobley! was raised from around the room.  Again the vote was lopsided for Mr. Mobley.

  This is a young man who understands the great pressure placed upon the families of this state by the cost and concern of  purchasing the many kinds of insurance that have become a necessity of life in the modern world. Not because he is a career politician and that is what he is supposed to say, but because he is a family man, with a lovely wife and two adorable little girls. And as the father of a daughter myself, I say a special prayer for any father of daughters.

  Ben Mobley is a bright young man with a vision for the office of insurance commissioner, but also a young Republican with a vision for the future of the party and a way forward to grow the party. I have had the chance to speak with Mr. Mobley on several occasions and I am thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and his energy to work for the people of  Delaware to reduce not only the cost of buying insurance, but also to reduce the stress of the unknown in buying insurance in Delaware.

  I would also like to acknowledge Jeff Cragg for what can only be described as the  act of a true leader. During his portion of the event where he would normally give an acceptance speech, Mr. Cragg chose to call all candidates in the room to the stage in a show of party unity. I believe this is the type of selflessness and mission first attitude that is exactly what we need in the GOP, but more importantly, it is exactly what we need in Dover in the office of the governor.  Mr. Cragg is very approachable and I recommend that every voter find the chance to speak with him and ask the hard questions, I think most will be pleasantly surprised.

  Now, just because the convention is over does not mean that  the process is over. Mrs. Izzo and Mr. Van Houton may choose to continue to run a primary. And let me say,  if that is what they choose to do, then they should do so with all of the vigor they can muster. And when the primaries are over,  the person who fails to win the nomination should follow Mr. Cragg’s example, and pull back together within the party and support their former Republican opponent, so that we can then defeat the real opposition, the Democrats.

This One Is For My Daughter

April 26, 2012

   I believe it was somewhere around the third grade when my daughter came home from school and informed her mother and I that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.

  Now of course this is most likely not that unique, but what is, is that she has never wavered from wanting to become a teacher. She is now in her second year of college with her major in elementary child education. And if I might say so myself, she is doing quite well.

   My daughter is blessed with a truly caring heart, she is what we need more of in the field of education, a person who wants to teach, not because it pays well or for the benefits, but because they truly want to teach children.

   Today she brought the following link to my attention and asked if I would post it, and like any proud father I couldn’t deny her. I also happen to agree with her. I can only imagine how offended my daughter must be to have people such as the teacher in the article, in the same profession that she has worked so hard to enter.

  Please read the article and watch the video and if you, like us, are offended that such a teacher could still be teaching then click on the second link and sign the petition to have the teacher removed.


Open Letter From Rose Izzo

April 21, 2012

   The following is an open letter from congressional candidate Rose Izzo in response to an incident that occurred during the 38th Dist. Republican dinner on April 12, 2012.

  It seems as if Mrs. Izzo’s opponent Tom Kovach was first to speak and was asked to comment on his opponent Mrs. Izzo.   I was told that Mr. Kovach made the statement that he did not have an opponent, and that Mrs. Izzo  was no competition.

  Mrs. Izzo took offense to these statements and used most of her time to respond to them.

  I was asked to post Mrs. Izzo’s open letter and I will let it speak for itself. I did call Mr. Kovach to allow him to give his view-point on the incident, however at the time of posting this article I had not heard back from him. I will either post in the form of a comment or a separate article when and if he contacts me.

  Since I was not actually at the event I can give no  more background.

  As a side note Mrs. Izzo has officially filed her candidacy on April 20, 2012.





An open letter.


Dear Phil Drew, Chairman & the members of the 38th Republican District.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address the incident that took place at the Republican dinner on April 12, 2012 .


In hindsight my “Real Housewife” reaction to my opponent’s rude attacks could have waited until after this event. If anyone in attendance was offended by my effort to defend myself, women candidates and women in general, I sincerely apologize. As I explained, I am a social and fiscal conservative, a Pro-Life mom and a real housewife. In fending off my opponent’s remarks the ” Brooklyn ” in me just came out.


“This is politics” one of the members of the 38th district pointed out after the exchange with my opponent.


I am not a professional politician. I am a citizen that believes in our country and the message of smaller government, fewer taxes and fewer regulations.  In the future I will not let rude comments distract me off my message of restoring America ’s greatness.


Our government is out of control.  Barak Obama disregards the United States Constitution, digs us deeper into debt and weakens our national defense.  I refuse to allow Mr. Obama to leave our future generations with the wreckage of what was once the greatest country on earth.  Average citizens are over taxed, underemployed and ignored by the lawyers and politicians in Washington . This is why I am stepping up and taking the heat.


Thank you for your time and a lovely dinner.


God Bless,

Rose Izzo

United States House candidate


Jeff Cragg Official Campaign Website

April 21, 2012

  The official Jeff Cragg campaign website is up and running. Check it out.

Newt Gingrich Comes To Harrington

April 19, 2012

 Come out and see former Speaker of the House and current Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich in Harrington, De on Saturday April 21st at the Harrington Volunteer Fire Company starting at 4:00pm.

  Even if you are not a supporter I would encourage all to come and hear the man speak. I had the chance to attend one of his speeches in Millsboro and was very impressed. I think we can all learn something from a person with as much experience in the field of politics and policies as Speaker Gingrich.

  The address is :

20 Clark Street, Harrington, DE 19952
  And there is an event page on facebook at this link if it helps and you can see all of your friends who will be going too. Pass the word!
  See you there.

Our Last Line Of Defense Against Tyranny? Really?

April 17, 2012

  It seems as if  the issue over the office of the sheriff will simply not go away. This may be due in part to the fact that some have decided to ride the issue for all it is worth in hopes of furthering their own political careers.

  Others support the idea of empowering the office of the county sheriffs with arrest authority under some misconception of constitutionality.

  And some have gone as far as to describe an elected sheriff as our last line of defense against tyranny. They  believe that somehow an elected sheriff is above all forms of temptation and corruption, the very same types of temptation and corruption that they believe all other elected officials are destined to fall prey to. They believe that an elected sheriff is somehow more accountable than are other elected officials. They actually believe that an elected sheriff will replace the voters responsibility of holding other elected officials accountable.

  The following are links to stories about sheriffs who have run afoul of the very laws they swore an oath to uphold. My point here is to demonstrate the vacuousness of this idea that elected sheriffs are anymore accountable or anymore above temptation and corruption.

  These are but a few, there are many more examples of corruption within elected sheriff offices. Of course this does not mean that all sheriffs are corrupt, but it does put to lie the idea that an elected sheriff is somehow a defense against tyranny, that my friends is the job of the people, this is why the Founders believed in, “We The People”, not “they the sheriff” !

Jeff Cragg In The 35th

April 17, 2012

   Last night the Republican gubernatorial candidate of Delaware, Jeff Cragg, paid a visit to the monthly meeting of the 35th Representative District.

  Now some believe that the 35th is the most conservative R D, in the most conservative county in Delaware, Sussex. I think that this is a view well-earned.

  I would have to say from my point of view, Mr. Cragg was well received by the majority of those attending, including myself.

   Seeing as it is early on in the campaign, this visit was more about laying out his campaign strategy than it was about addressing specific issues. For all of you Markell supporters hoping that I will now lay out that strategy, sorry, you will have to wait and watch it unfold.

  I will tell you that Mr. Cragg seems to have a good grasp of the whole playing field concerning the political landscape of the state of Delaware. He has surrounded himself with people from a diverse spectrum of political ideologies, and who have been involved in other campaigns. He is open to questions about his views, but seems firm in his convictions, but not to the point of being rigid.

  As Mr. Cragg spoke he received several affirming remarks to statements he was making. He ended with a question and answer segment, again giving the impression that he was truly interested to hear what the people were concerned with and attempting to show how their concerns could play into his campaign’s strategy to win, and explaining how some issues, while important, may not fit the game plan.

  We as Republicans must understand that to govern, we must first win. I think Jeff Cragg understands that very well.

  I don’t think I am giving away any deep dark secret that jobs and the economy will be at the fore of the Cragg campaign, as well we should expect, with the high level of unemployment in the state and the fact that as a state we are doing nothing to encourage new business to come to the state. Unless you consider dumping tax dollars down a rat hole called Fisker, encouraging new business.

  I would encourage all who have the chance to hear Mr. Cragg speak, take advantage of the opportunity, I think you will be impressed as I was, and as I think, many in the 35th were last night.

Guest Post By Rose Izzo On Obama Care

April 10, 2012

 The following is an op-ed piece from  Rose Izzo (R), U.S. Congressional candidate on her opposition of Pres. Obama’s health care bill and what she would do about it if elected.


Reasons why I would repeal ObamaCare

March 30, 2012 by Rose Izzo

  As a congressional candidate, I am opposed to ObamaCare. I believe Obama is destroying this country with these new mandated regulations that he is imposing on each citizens’ individual rights.  As a Congresswoman, I would vote to reverse this abomination of a bill. Healthcare should be left to the people of the United States and their doctors to deal with, like it has been for many years. Washington thinks that the health care issue should be solved by politicians and lawyers. However, I think not…Whenever my baby got sick, I never went to a politician or a lawyer, I took my child to a doctor. I believe that the health care issue can be resolved by the patients and their doctors through the free-market. Our government should not stick its nose where it does not belong. This government needs to stay out of our business because it is unconstitutional and steps on the 10th Amendment. We the People are being stripped of our liberties, forcing Americans to buy a product like health care whether they want it or not, and telling us if we don’t, we will have to pay a penalty. This is a violation of the interstate commerce act. Not to mention, but I will, it’s one step toward a government dictatorship. Let’s think about this for a minute. Could you imagine if the government gets away with forcing us to buy health care. That would open the door for government to force you to purchase other things. Obama is ruining American with his Socialistic ways. We need to repeal this 2500 page document before it is too late.

Secondly, as a Catholic, I am disgusted that Obama is mandating that the Catholic church must provide abortion coverage on insurance policies for employees that work for the church. This is wrong. Even the Muslim faithful and other faiths are upset about this too. It is wrong for Obama, or any other President, to be meddling in others’ faiths and Religions. And that’s got to be changed and when I go to Washington, I will change that.  I am not going to have Obama dictating to people of different religious faiths what they are supposed to do or not do. That is their decision that they make on their religious faith. Obama needs to stop telling us what to do, he is destroying and dividing this country and this needs to stop. When I go to Washington, I will vote to reverse all of his horrible policies.

Lastly, Obamacare is a mandate that is infringing on every citizens’ rights. Its main focus is to impose new regulations on the health insurance industry. It is unconstitutional for a government to force individuals to buy health insurance, or anything for that matter. This law will also make it difficult for doctors to care for their patients, forcefully giving them guidelines on how they will have to practice medicine and treat their patients for the future. Over time, these measures that the government is putting in place will ration medical services, limiting the tests that doctors can perform on patients and also limiting patients’ medications. Unfortunately, Obamacare and its effects will leave many sick individuals with diseases left to die. Sounds harsh, well it is… These newly-created bureaucracies are called Death Panels. These Advisory boards will be empowered by the government. These death panels then get to decide if certain procedures and treatments cost too much to treat sick individuals. If it is costly, then the government gets to decide who lives and who dies. If you are on Medicare and you depend on the government for your health benefits, and you are sick, again the government will decide if you will continue to be treated or not. This could be the end of the way we practice medicine as we know it. Under the Obamacare health plan, everyone loses their liberties. When I go to Washington I will vote to repeal this law.

Sussex County Council Meeting

April 4, 2012

 It was another Tuesday and the Sussex County Council met for their weekly meeting.

  As always they held the public portion of the meeting at the end of the morning session.

   As many of you are aware last week during the public portion, supporters of the Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher, showed up in opposition of HB 290, this is the house bill that was sponsored and signed onto by every Republican legislator in Sussex County. HB 290 would once and for all settle the ongoing dispute over just what authority and powers the sheriff has under Delaware law.

  Last week the parade of sheriff supporters was led by Eric Bodenweiser, or as he may become know, “Bodie the Builder”, for the hard hat that he brought with him as a prop for his part of the public portion of the meeting. Mr. Bodenweiser was followed by a number of other citizens who spoke against HB 290, though none seemed to see the need for props.

  Well this week it would seem as if the parade that Mr. Bodenweiser had jumped out in front of took a wrong turn somewhere. While Bodie the Builder was back with his hard hat in hand once again, he was alone. However there were three persons who had come to speak in favor of HB 290, and one might even say, in opposition to the expansion of the office that Sheriff Christopher has been asking for.

  These were very compelling speakers, they spoke comely, they spoke about facts, and they called on the County Council to continue to support the passage of HB 290. Two of these speakers were Chiefs of police from Selbyville and Georgetown, the third was a correctional officer who came forward to tell of being, in his words, illegally detained by one of the sheriff’s deputies.

  I am putting a link at the bottom to the audio of the public portion of the meeting.

 I would call special attention to Mr. Bodenweiser’s portion at around the  3:52- 4:37 mark. It is this line of reasoning that is dangerous. Mr. Bodenweiser speaks in this time about what a good and honorable man  Jeff Christopher is, and as far as I know no one on the other side of this debate has said any different. It is this inability of the sheriff’s supporters to disengage Jeff Christopher from the issue of the office of sheriff. They seem to believe that Sheriff Christopher will be the last sheriff we ever have in Sussex.

 Please listen to the entire audio, it only last about twenty minutes, but it gives another perspective of the debate.