No Charges For Rep. John Atkins (D-De)

  After further investigation DNREC officials say that there will be no additional charges in the tire burning incident involving Rep. John Atkins (D-De).

   In that incident Rep. John Atkins had been overseeing brush burning on his father in-law’s farm along with two work release prisoners. At some point Rep. Atkins left the two prisoners to attend to some unknown business.

  After a call from a close friend and fire chief, Mr. Atkins returned to the fire and was confronted by two men who had come onto the property without permission. An altercation ensued in which Mr. Atkins was allegedly assaulted.

  When firemen responded to the fire it was determined that there were in fact tires burning on the fire. Rep. Atkins’ father in-law was charged and paid a fine at the time for the illegal burning of tires.

  It was at a later date that one of the men who had allegedly assaulted Rep. Atkins made allegations that there had been a cover-up of Rep. Atkins actual involvement in the burning. It has also come to light that the fire chief who spoke with both the fire call board and DNREC at the time may have made false statements about whether there were tires being burned or not. That is still under investigation.

  Though Rep. Atkins will face no charges in this incident, it was only one in a string of incidents in recent months involving Rep. Atkins which has caused some to question his future in his position as a state representative.


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